6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Crypto Casinos In Canada

Gambling in casinos has been present in Canada for a long while, with the presence of countless physical casinos in the country. However, with the advancement of technology, casino gambling is now mostly done online. How to Get Started on Crypto Casinos in Canada? A large population of young Canadians and adult gamblers flock to these online casinos. Furthermore, with the popularity of these online platforms, the aged Canadians still prefer going to these traditional Casinos. Since the widespread fame of cryptocurrencies and their eventual prosperity, many gambling platforms and businesses now see the value of digital currencies. Nonetheless, Crypto casinos in Canada have been the latest addition to the Cryptocurrency rush. Therefore, this article will discuss why you should switch to crypto casinos in Canada.

The Popularity of Cryptocurrency in Canada

Cryptocurrencies in Canada today are owned mainly by men, but millennials are the highest percentage of crypto owners.  Also, with Canada among the countries leading the race in crypto technology, it is now among the means of making payments in the country, with top companies now accepting it.

Are Bitcoin Casinos in Canada Trustworthy?

The operation of crypto casinos in Canada is relatively new, so many Canadians will question it. Moreover, gambling with crypto in Canada considered legal in all provinces. The primary way of knowing whether a casino is trustworthy is if it has a working gaming license. For example, most crypto casinos in Canada carry the Curacao Gambling license, but others may offer the Malta Gaming License or the United kingdom gambling authority License.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted by These Casinos

The digital currencies accepted vary, with each site accepting only bitcoin while others take the various coins in the market. The goto coin for most Canadian gamblers is Bitcoin which is why all crypto casinos accept it in Canada. However, apart from bitcoin, most casinos accept the most popular coins in Canada besides Bitcoin, which are Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin.

Reasons To Switch to Crypto Casinos in Canada

Many gamblers may be privy to staking on sports betting sites as it is one of the most popular gambling platforms. However, many are unaware of the benefits of crypto casinos, with some needing a little push before switching to gambling on crypto casinos. Therefore, below are the reasons we feel you should change bitcoin casinos in Canada.

1. High Degree of Security Offered

The degree of security offered by crypto casinos is very high, and the sites are well encrypted to protect them from hackers. Also, when analyzed, the degree of protection offered by crypto casinos is higher than that provided by traditional sports bookies and fiat currency sites.

2. They are Decentralized

Gambling in Crypto Casinos in Canada eliminates any third-party authority or software involvement. Therefore, any transactions do not involve banks or fiat currency payment platforms. The decentralized nature of these platforms grants the gambler the benefit of total anonymity while betting. Therefore, with cryptocurrency transactions, no trail left on bank statements.

3. High Probability of Making Profits

Compared to most online sportsbooks, the probability of winning in crypto casinos is relatively high. For example, in sports betting, for the gambler to make significant profits, thorough research needed. On the other hand, in Casino gambling, players usually end up going on a roll of wins, leading to huge profits.

4. Quality Bonuses Offered.

Most crypto casinos’ bonuses unique compared to traditional online casinos. Furthermore, the value of crypto casino bonuses is way higher, and their customers rewarded regularly. Crypto casinos in Canada usually reward gamblers who use bitcoin for their transactions. Also, many free spins offered, which can be used on different casino games. Therefore, the top bonuses provided by these casinos include: ● Welcome Bonus New customers who join crypto casinos get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 1 BTC. However, each casino has its required deposit amount to activate this bonus. ● VIP Bonus Bitcoin casinos in Canada have VIP offers for customers who gamble and make deposits regularly. ● Second Deposit Bonus After making your first deposit, you also get a 50% to reload bonus on your second deposit bonus. Although the amount of crypto offered varies between casinos, it is wise to check the value of their double deposit bonus.

5. Easy Access to a Large Variety of Games

Games offered on crypto casinos are vast, leaving the gambler spoiled for choice. Furthermore, they are well arranged and categorized, allowing easy access to any game or slots you are looking for. Gamblers can switch between live table games like Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat to playing on slot machines provided by top software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt.

6. Accessible Worldwide

With bitcoin being accepted as a means of payment worldwide, you can now use any coin of your choice to gamble in casinos in Canada and other countries.

How to Get Started on Crypto Casinos in Canada

Crypto casinos work almost the same way as traditional online casinos, and the main difference is that they are tailored to working with Cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of Bitcoin casinos in Canada so before joining, always look at the bonuses offered and the level of security provided. Then if all these mentioned, you can register on the platform.

How to Fund your Crypto Casino Account

Funding your crypto casino is quite different from regular fiat currency casinos. The procedures vary from casino to casino, but this is the general procedure these sites follow. 1. Click on your profile from the site’s homepage after completing your registration. 2. Click on deposit and select the option of using cryptocurrencies. 3. Copy the site’s wallet address that pops up. 4. Go to your crypto wallet app and click on send. 5. Paste the site’s wallet address, input the amount, and send.

How to Withdraw From your Crypto Casino Account

The procedure is almost the same as when making deposits with just a few changes. Here are the straightforward steps of withdrawing from crypto casinos: 1. From your profile, click on the withdrawal option. 2. Select the payment via cryptocurrency option. 3. Input the amount you want to withdraw. 4. Type your crypto wallet address in the pop-up and click send.

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