What gaming devices should be purchased for online shooters

Online shooters are a special kind of games, the competitive mode takes the excitement and thirst for victory to a new level. Although it is believed that gaming devices do not guarantee a high level of play and you can drag even the worst mice; keyboards and computers, professional devices will give certain bonuses. Let’s talk about them.

Gaming mouse pad

The first thing to buy is to detect changes in the level of your game.

The gaming mouse pad made of quality materials is very smooth; and it is advisable to take a large size so that the hand always has somewhere to slide even on big jerks.

Smoothness and accuracy in the movement of the hand depends on both the mouse and the pad. This will help you aim more accurately, especially in games like CS:GO; where it is important to quickly aim at the head and shoot.

Gaming mouse

Mice have an important parameter for shooters – DPI, it is responsible for the speed and smoothness of cursor movement.

For accurate shooting and aiming at the enemy’s head when in Destiny 2 boosting, or matchmaking in CS:GO, the mouse sensitivity should be minimal, then the crosshair will not sharply fly past the enemy model, and it will be easier to aim.

Most modern mice are equipped with an automatic DPI effect; which will accelerate depending on the sharpness of the hand movement and do 70% of the work of aiming; the player will only have to get used to the mouse and its features.

You can learn how to play comfortably and well on an outdated and simple mouse, but a gaming; modern mouse is created taking into account the advice and wishes of esport and is designed to simplify the life of the game.

An additional bonus will be additional buttons, usually there are three of them, but there are mice with more

You can set up grenades in cs go on the buttons, or register a macro to immediately throw a flash drive; or smoke without the animation of pulling the checks and holding – the grenade immediately flies to the target. This technique is often used by professional players.

When shopping for a monitor for your online shooter game, there are several things to consider. The size is the most important factor in these games, so plan on spending much of your budget on that. You’ll want to ensure the monitor’s performance meets or exceeds the general requirements set by your game. You can consider a high-quality refurbished monitor if you’re on a budget. There are also many different features that you will want to consider when shopping around, including refresh rates and response time monitors.

Gaming keyboard

A regular keyboard is not as different from a professional one as a mouse; but there are a number of important bonuses:

  • Brightly colored keys to suit the mood and theme of the room
  • The ability to reassign keys and write macros to activate several actions with one button.
  • Additional buttons that can be programmed for the desired actions.

So in shooters, you can set up a double jump, auto-throw a grenade, defusing without holding a key in CS:GO, and even register a macro for automatic pumping in online games.

Gaming Headphones

One of the most important aspects of a successful online shooter game. The sound does not have to be the most expensive on the market, but it must be of high quality.

Sound options – Stereo, 5.1, 7.1.

  • Stereo sound creates an atmosphere to the left and right of the player.
  • 5.1 uses five virtual speakers to surround the player and cover more space.
  • 7.1 uses seven virtual speakers and gives the player a 360 effect.

Headphones with 7.1 sound are preferable – there is a virtual one created by software and a real one – supported by the headphones themselves.

Real 7.1 cost a lot of money, but are definitely worth it. The player will hear sounds from all directions with realistic distance depending on the distance.

Also, Virtual 7.1 is much cheaper and widely available on the market. The sound will be more artificial, but high enough quality and comfortable to play.

The option will help the player to clearly hear the steps and their direction, the noise of grenades; reloading and other game moments important for making decisions.


Of course, gaming devices do not determine your gaming skill; and you can win with a cheap mouse, keyboard and a weak computer.

But gaming devices, created with the assistance of professional players, are designed to make your game more enjoyable and accelerate the progress of gaming skills.

However, A mouse will help you shoot better, a mouse pad will add precision, a keyboard will expand your gaming experience and bring decor to the room, and headphones will add orientation on the map and help you better understand the game and its basic mechanics. Enemies are heard better, no one sneaks up with a knife unnoticed.

For ardent fans, you can find devices in the theme of your favorite games.

Be a good player and have fun!

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