Aiming for Excellence: How to Enhance Your Gameplay in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter game released in 2012, with an updated version to be available in the summer of 2023. As part of a popular series, the upcoming CS:GO Source 2 anticipates a lot of interesting features and upgrades. While waiting for the full release, let’s reexamine some methods to improve your gameplay in CS:GO!

Learn the Maps

CS:GO offers rich map pools called Active Duty and Reverse. The Active Duty has a total of eleven maps, specially designed for professional gamers to compete in esports tournaments. The Reverse is the common set of maps available to casual players, containing four maps that once belonged to the Active Duty. It is crucial to learn the maps for improved CS:GO gameplay. Start with the most popular ones like Mirage, Inferno, and Dust II before moving to more complex maps. There is no better way to learn a map than practicing it over and over again. Be patient and give it some time, you’ll get better daily!

Practice and Analyze Your Gameplay

Practice and review your gameplay with online services like most pro players do. Check out Insights Capture for a reliable cloud-based platform for storing and sharing your gameplay with others. It offers outstanding VOD reviews with collaborative, organizing, and admin control features, making it incredibly easy to upload and manage your game footage.

Master the Angles

Holding angles is an important aspect of CS:GO, and mastering it will give you an upper hand. There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to a good angle. First, you have an advantage if you’re further away from a corner than your enemy while you’re both standing on either side of the same corner. Hold your guns up and shoot them down without hesitation. Make sure you have a cover to hide from gunfire. A cover also offers you a good spot to shoot. Another thing that makes you the winner in a fight is your weapon — a sniper rifle lets you peek at your enemy and react faster. Lastly, have a good crossfire with teammates to take out the enemy by surprise.

Practice Your Aim Daily

To improve your gameplay, you simply have to practice and perfect your aim daily. Access available resources like aim trainers and practice maps for flicking, accuracy, and speed training to warm up before entering a real match. You’ll need to develop a daily routine for the best results.

Practice Crosshair Placement

Let’s first define a crosshair placement. Crosshair placement is a visualization of where your enemy should appear. In other words, you peek around the corner and pre-aim your enemy as if they’re already there. With the same thought process, if you’re holding an angle and the enemy is peeking at you, you can visualize and prepare to shoot them without the need to readjust. For most players, crosshair placement practice involves muscle training over time and usually takes place in Deathmatch mode and other aim training maps like CSGOHUB.

Use A Throw Bind

A throw bind is a technique that allows you to combine throwing with another action using the same key. For instance, a jump-throw bind allows you to jump and release a smoke grenade at the same time by pressing the bind key. You’ll find the script for the bind key online with the option to make the bind permanent by copying it into your autoexec configuration. Using a throw bind is legal in matchmaking, only except in some pro tournaments.

Develop Counter Strafing

To counter-strafe in this game, you have to hold the opposite direction control keys at the same time to make a full stop. For example, if you’re going to the right by holding D, you need to press A, which is the opposite movement key, to make your character stop fast and steadily. Without this counter-strafing technique, you won’t be able to aim accurately since your character hasn’t reached a full stop.

Peek Like A Pro

A peek in CS:GO refers to when you’re taking a look around the corner at your enemy from a cover. Peeking is crucial as you can spot your target and kill them or get peeked and destroyed in a fraction of a second. There are several types of peeking, the most typical ones are jingle peek, wide peek, and crouch peek. Each of them serves a different purpose, whether it is getting information, spotting enemies, or making headshots. That’s why you need to have this peeking technique under your belt for improved gameplay.

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