How to do the smile dating test? A Viral Dating Test on TikTok 2023

Are you a lover? Or do you want to fall in love with anyone? Because falling in love with anyone is the best feeling in this world. If you have a lover or you have a full crashed on your partner, lover, or your beloved husband, then you must take this Korean Smile dating test. This is crazy for everyone. Do we know what our smile says about our love life? If not, then we might want to take the Smile dating test seriously. This is a viral TikTok trend. This is also known as the Viral TikTok test for everyone. We can also avail of this test from a Korean website. This test will reveal our dating personality with smileys. This is all about a load of fun. Moreover, this dating test has proved some honest quizzes. You can also help to discover your compatibility with others and your loved one. It sounds intriguing and sometimes crazy to us. In this article, we are ready to describe and dig out all the detail of this crazy and funny dating test. This test will spice up our relationship. We are also trying to cover all the single detail of this dating test and will also cover its cons and pros completely. So, let’s get started here:

What is the Smile dating test?

The smile dating test is a fun and easy online quiz. This viral test has comprised of 12 questions about your habits, hobbies, feelings, and opinions. This test will be based on your answers. Of course, this viral test assigns you to one of 16 smiley-face characters. Also, this test consisted of a different color and expression. We will later explain the smiley color and characters. All smiley characters represent different dating personalities and moods. All these smileys such as giving the passionate red smile, the loyal navy smile, or the adventurous green smile. This Smile dating test is easily available on the Korean website and its name is Ktestone. This website has created a dating test. However, this dating test was originally in Korean. But this test soon gained popularity among English-speaking users also. You can easily translate this test and shared it on your social media with your loved one.

Smile dating test and Ktestone website:

This Smile dating test seems many people love to take quizzes. This dating test has related to their personality and their love life. This dating quiz has comprised 16 different and colored smileys. These color smileys are symbolizing 16 distinct personalities. Otherwise, we are telling you one more important thing is that this is a new smiley dating test and Ktestone. It has become the new and favorite quiz to take for many people currently. This test tells you what kind of dating personality you are. And what dating personality of your loved one have? This test is entirely based on the answers that you and your partner provide.

Its popularity on social media platforms:

This smile dating test will have almost 12 questions to answer for its users. This will also use with your loved one. They are done with them nicely. This test will generate a result that tells you about your personality and also tells about your loved one personality. It is a fun and time passing activity on TikTok. The popularity of using different social media platforms is increasing day by day. Most of us are also surfing on TikTok. Which is a good thing for everyone. This test is easily found on TikTok and you can easily attempt it at various times. This TikTok test has given the result with many users attempting and sharing the result with catchy captions. Many users are sharing their answers and they can also be sharing their answers through videos. Many of the videos are shared by users and they have a decent viewing. As we all know, this test is viral on the TikTok platform these days. This Smile dating test is available on the ktestone website. Also, we just need to go there to find what sort of dating person we are. The content of this Korean website is mentioned in the Korean language. If we don’t understand Korean then we have to translate the page first given the language option there. In this case, if we don’t know how to translate this webpage then we should follow the listed instructions given below.

How we can translate the page of Ktestone’s?

Well, there are several ways to translate web pages. We can also Google these web pages. But this Korean website gives you the best option of translating the page if the content is not in your default language as well. Google is interpreting the website for you according to what language you want to use and then asks you whether you want to translate it or not. We can also choose English when that message pops us on our screen. We can also translate a page by clicking the left button on our mouse or keypad and then choosing the translate to English option there. The user will notice a Google symbol with the letter “G” in the search box. This shows the URL of this website. By clicking on it, we can select English.

#Hashtag Smile dating test:

This Smile dating test also tells you and your loved one that, these smiley faces are most and least compatible with based on you and your personality type. A user can use this information to find his ideal match or improve their relationship. User can also share their results on social media platforms and then compare them with their friends and followers. This quiz went viral on TikTok after many users started sharing their results on this app. Many users are using hashtags like #smiledatingtest, #smileyfacequiz, #datingpersonalitytest, and #tiktoktrends2023. Soon, this dating test has become viral and a fun challenge for all. Many users of TikTok were surprised by learning their results and they were also amazed to learn how accurate their answers were. Some users even found their perfect match or they can learn something new about themselves. As of January 2023, the hashtag #smiledatetest had more crossed over than 464,000 views on TikTok. Many users said they liked taking this quiz and they are learning about themselves and many others.

What are the 16 personalities of the Smile Dating Faces or Smileys?

This dating test is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This is a popular personality assessment tool. This tool categorizes people into 16 types and this tool is based on four dimensions also. They are the following: Extraversion or introversion, Sensing or intuition, Thinking/feeling, and Judging or perceiving. The MBTI is widely used in various fields, like psychology, education, business, and counseling. The Smile dating test adapts the MBTI framework to the context of dating and relationships. This is also using some smiley-face characters instead of letters. These smiley characters are representing the personality types and their nature. The Smile dating test is also simplifying some concepts and terms to make them more accessible and relatable to the general public. The 16 smiley types and their corresponding MBTI types are following here. Red Smile: The red smile is representing ESTP (Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving) Orange Smile: Orange smile is showing ESFP (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) Yellow Smile: Yellow color smile is showing ENFP (Extraverted Intuition Feeling Perceiving). Green Smile: Green color smile is describing ENTP (Extraverted Intuition Thinking Perceiving). Sky Smile: The sky is showing ESTJ (Extraverted Thinking Sensing Judging) Blue Smile: The blue color is showing the effect of ESFJ (Extraverted Feeling Sensing Judging) Purple Smile: The purple color is showing the emotions of ENFJ (Extraverted Feeling Intuition Judging) Pink Smile: The pink color is showing the emotions of ENTJ (Extraverted Thinking Intuition Judging) Navy Smile: The Navy color is showing the emotions of ISTP (Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving) Brown Smile: The brown color is showing the emotions of ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) Beige Smile: The beige color is showing the emotions of INFP (Introverted Intuition Feeling Perceiving) Gray Smile: The gray color is showing the emotions of INTP (Introverted Intuition Thinking Perceiving) Black Smile: Black color is showing the emotions of ISTJ (Introverted Thinking Sensing Judging) White Smile: White color is showing the emotions of ISFJ (Introverted Feeling Sensing Judging) Silver Smile: The silver color is showing the emotions of INFJ (Introverted Feeling Intuition Judging) Gold Smile: The gold color is showing the emotions of INTJ (Introverted Thinking Intuition Judging)

What are those crazy Questions of the Smile Dating Test?

Several users are evaluated during the test which is based on how they are responding to questions. On the test, there are given several questions, such as: Q 1: When you have no plan for the weekend, what will you do? Q 2: What will you do if you have an unexpected appointment suddenly? Q 3: What will you do when a friend takes you on a blind date? Q 4: What do you think when you get on a plane for a trip? Q 5: What are your concerns when you eat out? Q 6: After you see a music contest, what can be your response? Q 7: How will you react when your friend tells you that he/she went shopping because he/she was depressed? Q 8: A friend suddenly said that he had just passed an exam. What can be your reaction? Q 9: When your girlfriend suddenly loses something important, what can be your reaction? Q 10: What will you do when going to a restaurant with your lover? Q 11: How do you choose a date dress? Q 12: What will you do if you decide to go on a trip with your lover?

How we do take the Smile dating test?

So, how do we do the Smile dating test? It is very simple and more fun indeed. Here are what we need to do: You should sit facing each other. Then look into each other’s eyes and start smiling. Afterward, you should try to hold your smile for as long as possible. At this moment, you have to stop smiling and then compare your smiles. If your smiles is matching up, then congratulations! You’re a good match for each other. If they don’t match up, then this time you have also don’t worry. It is just a fun activity and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about your relationship or love life. So, be relaxed and chill.

What are the benefits of taking the dating test?

The purpose and benefits of taking this smile dating test are only to have fun. This is not a serious test to check the abilities of you and your partner. Probably, this dating quiz gain insight into your own and others’ dating personalities. The main purpose to make this test or quiz is to improve your communication and compatibility with your partner or potential partner. All you need is only knowing your smiley type, and then you can understand your strengths and weaknesses as a lover. You may also learn and know your needs, and your expectations in a love relationship. We can also use the test to discover which smiley types are more or less compatible with ours and why. This test can help us to avoid conflicts, and misunderstandings and enhance harmony and intimacy. We can also use the test to learn how to attract and impress our crush or date based on their smiley type. Every smiley type has a unique dating personality. It can be described by four keywords. When these keywords come to love and relationships, then these words have summed up the main traits and preferences of each type and nature.

Smiles and their color qualities:

Red Smile: Passionate / Adventurous / Impulsive / Playful Orange Smile: Affectionate / Generous / Spontaneous / Optimistic Yellow Smile: Enthusiastic / Creative / Sociable / Curious Green Smile: Smart / Energetic / Perceptive / Witty Sky Smile: Organized / Decisive / Assertive / Confident Blue Smile: Caring / Helpful / Conscientious / Loyal Purple Smile: Charismatic / Inspiring / Warm / Idealistic Pink Smile: Ambitious / Strategic / Bold / Leader Navy Smile: Independent / Practical / Analytical / Adventurer Brown Smile: Flexible / Kind / Artistic / Peaceful Beige Smile: Poetic / Altruistic / Dreamy / Romantic Gray Smile: Innovative / Logical / Skeptical / Inventor Black Smile: Reliable / Thorough / Responsible / Traditional White Smile: Gentle / Considerate / Protective / Nurturer Silver Smile: Mystical / Insightful / Visionary / Counselor

Is it accurate?

This Smile dating test is not scientifically validated. This dating quiz method is also not for determining any romantic relationship or compatibility. This test is also not determining the attraction between two people. This test is simply a subjective assessment. Also, this test takes how a person’s smile makes another person feel. While these smiling can be an indication of positive and energetic emotions. This quiz does not necessarily reflect any deeper levels of compatibility or connection as well between two people. It is really important to know and keep in mind that attraction and compatibility are complex and multifaceted. And we cannot be reduced to a single test or measure also. It is best to approach any dating app or option with an open mind. We should also focus on getting to know someone on a deeper level. We should try to know each other through meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

Why is the Smile dating test so popular or trending these days?

The Smile dating test has become so popular and trending these days on TikTok. More people try this dating quiz form. And this is not practically done for us. We have no more reasons to take this quiz for a few reasons. First of all, this test is pure fun and we can get a very easy way to test our compatibility with our significant other. This dating tests a lighthearted activity and it can bring couples closer together. Also, this Smile dating test gives them something fun to do together in this hustle life. Second, this test is a great way to connect with people on TikTok and many other platforms. By participating in this dating quiz, because it is trending, and sharing our results so speedily. We can also connect with other couples and then see how our results are comparing to each other. It is a great way to feel like part of a community. And it is sharing our love with others. Finally, it is just interesting and fun! Who doesn’t love smiling and laughing with their partner or loved one? This activity is a great way to bring some joy and laughter into our relationship and then we have a good time together.

What are the pieces of advice on how to improve your dating skills based on your smiley type?

We can be dating and it is challenging. But we are also rewarding and fun. Whether we are also looking for a casual fling or in a serious relationship. We can also improve our dating skills with the help of the smile test. We can narrow down our options and look for people. Who may have compatible or complementary smiley types with our love and nature? The smile test is a viral trend and it may reveal our dating personality with many smileys. This test can also help us to discover our musical taste. And it can compatibility with others. By taking this crazy test, we can learn more about ourselves and our smiley type. Then we can find our musical soul mate, and we have fun with music. If we are curious about what our smiles then these smiles may say about our love life. We can easily find the test online or on the TikTok app. Also, We are taking this test by using the hashtags #smiledatingtest, #smileycolorquiz, and #datingpersonalityquiz. We are also allowing these quizzes to share with our partners.

Here are some tips on how to improve our dating skills based on our smiley type:

There are some dating features here: Be yourself: You don’t pretend to be someone if you are not or try to impress your date with these false claims or exaggerated stories. So, you should be honest and authentic with him. Moreover, you should show your personality and values to each other. People are attracted to confidence and sincerity, and they do not have deception and insecurity. Be respectful: You should treat your date with kindness and courtesy. You should expect the same thing from them. Also, You won’t be rude, arrogant, or pushy. You should try to respect their boundaries, opinions, and preferences. Also, pYou should don’t make assumptions or judgments. You should respect them based on their appearance, background, or smiley type. So, we should listen to what they have to say and show interest and curiosity to them. Be flexible: So, don’t be too rigid or attached to your expectations or plans. So, you should be open to new experiences and possibilities. You don’t dismiss their feelings just because they don’t fit your ideal type or criteria. Also, You should give them a chance to surprise you and your partner. You should show your unique qualities. You won’t be afraid to try something different or spontaneous as well. Be positive: You don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. You should focus on the present moment and then enjoy it. Also, You don’t complain or criticize too much. You don’t compare your date to your ex or anyone else. Especially if you don’t let your insecurities or fears get in the way of having fun. You should Smile, laugh, and have a good time with your loved ones. Be proactive: You don’t wait for someone else to make the first move or you should decide everything for yourself and your loved one. You should take the initiative and then show interest in your date. You should ask them out, and you must suggest a place or activity with them. Also, You try to compliment them. You should touch them gently, and then kiss them. If we may feel the chemistry. You don’t play games or send mixed signals to each other. So, you should be clear and then direct about what you may want and how you may feel.

Some additional tips for a successful dating test

If we may want to get the most accurate results from our Smile test, then we may have some extra and additional tips and they are following here: 1: You should make sure that you both are in a good mood. If one of you is feeling down or grumpy, then it might affect your smiles and make them not match up with the results. 2: You both take your time. You don’t rush through the test – take your time to really have a smile and then enjoy the real moment. 3: You don’t take things over you keep everything lighthearted. Remember, it is just for fun for everyone! You don’t take it too seriously and then you don’t let it affect your relationship in any negative way. 4: You should film it and then share it on your TikTok account! This is a part of the fun of sharing our results with others on the TikTok platform. You should film or reel yourselves doing the test and then post it on your account with the hashtag #SmileDatingTest.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is the TikTok Smile dating test?

Ans: The Smile Test is the newest and trendiest quiz to become more popular on TikTok. This test may claim that it is surprisingly accurate not for everyone.

2: Where can be found?

Ans: The Smile dating test can be found on a website and its name is This is a Korean website and this site also offers some other specialized personality tests. This also includes the Water Dating Test. This means that it may identify your dating preferences in a way that is “recognized as water.”

3: When did the smile dating test go viral?

Ans: This dating test went viral in January 2023.

4: How do you take the smile dating test?

Ans: You should go to the ktestone website to access the test. Then Click on ‘Going to do a test. Then you should answer the twelve questions by clicking on the options that we most relate to loved ones. Once a user has answered the questions, then you will be able and taken to a results page that tells you what smile you are. Moreover, this test will explain. If a user is scrolling down, then he can also see which smiles fit and you would and wouldn’t be compatible with this test.

5: How many questions are there in it?

Ans: There are 12 questions in this smile test.

The Final Words:

Smile dating test is trending from the start of this current 2023 year. This dating test is amazing and everyone can enjoy and take this test. So, we are recommending all of you, you should take this dating test at least once and enjoy these smiles with your beloved one.

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