How to Create Concept Art for Video Games?

Do you get inspired by the realistic elements of video games? Have you ever thought about who is behind such creativity? Here a concept artist comes in. A concept artist can bring life to different characters with innovation and artistic skills. You are here means you want to create concept art instead of relying on game art outsourcing. The article will answer all your queries in the following while enabling you to make the best use of your creativity. Keep reading and know what concept art is and how to create a concept art without any experience.

What Is Concept Art?

Concept art builds the bridge between the initial idea and the final product. You can get ideas from a movie or other sources and work on them to create your art. A concept artist can get inspiration from anywhere, including location, building, vehicle, or character, and then the professional uses his imagination to give an art form to that idea. The artist creates an artistic vision and presents it uniquely. It is possible with a deep understanding of elements and a constant flow of ideas. The artist works from every angle to create an inspiring art piece.

Steps to Create a Concept Art

The concept artist works on a visual design to give it a form. The process will require patience, imagination, and a lot of creativity. Here your tutor is your brain that has the idea, and you need to work on it. You might not get perfection if you lose the direction. You might find it challenging since you will need a constant flow of ideas to get the best one for your project. However, here are a few steps that can help you in perfection.

Step One: Develop a Plan

In concept art, you have to work on ideas, and then you can focus on other elements. First, get the vision and then know what you want to achieve. There are different genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Find the right genre and then plan the next step. You can create a list to know what to follow and avoid while working on that art. You can think more purposefully once you have the vision of the final product. There should not be any confusion in this step.

Step Two: Get the Right Tools

You cannot create concept art without the right tools. More importantly, all the concept arts will require specific attention. You can use a Wacom tablet or pencil and paper based on your convenience. You might take time to get perfection while using digital tools. But the benefit is that you can get better options with digital tools and can give the best possible form to any vision. You can also use some available platforms to get more flexibility and advanced tools to improve your artwork. Options will be many when it comes to digital art tools. But you can start with basic ones and then move gradually. Patience is a must if you want the best outcome.

Step Three: Give a Form to Your Vision

Get the right tools, and then give a form to your idea. In this stage, you can focus on designing the concept sketch. You can explore and communicate ideas and create an informal visual form. Since it is the first step to art creation, you do not need to bother about the final product. Give a shape to your ideas, and then you can work on them. You can start concept sketching with some online platforms to get endless ideas. You might need to change and improve your design until you do not find it perfect. You can use different tones, locations, shapes, and features to find the best form. You can also follow your fellow artists and ask for feedback.

Step Four: Refine Your Art

First, collect all your ideas and experiment with different options to develop the best form for your concept art. Once you have your art piece, you can start refining it. You do not need to add all the detailing immediately. Instead, you can research different elements and shapes to make your concept art more realistic. Focus on every possible aspect, including costumes and character shapes. You can refine your art based on the character. Every character will have some specific requirements. Hence, it is a must to research your particular character before planning the next step. You can use different types of elements to find the best fit. This step will require constant re-evaluation and more effort. You can try new things and fix whatever you do not find suitable for your character. Keep working and get the final concept art.

Step Five: Give the Final Touch

Now, you are in the final stage of your concept art. Since your art is ready, you can start finishing while adding all the details to make it unique and storytelling. During this phase, you can focus on the color and other detailing. You can take the help of online tools if you have any confusion. It is worth mentioning that the final art piece should include more details. You can work on the value to add more essence to your artwork. Besides, check the texture and lighting of your artwork since both can define the usefulness and make your art piece real. You can cover all the aspects of your artwork in this stage to add life and value to the final product.

Wrapping It Up

Every art piece will require focus and a constant flow of ideas. Concept art is no exception. An art piece reflects your imagination and creativity, and you can refine it with improved focus. You will have to improve consistently when the objective is to grab the most attention. While creating the art, you should not focus on the steps. Instead, focus on the final product and plan accordingly. It might take more time and effort than your estimation. However, it is worth spending since you cannot achieve perfection within a fixed time. Let your mind work, use the right tools, and get available online support. You will master this art and create a perfect piece with practice. Bio: Yuriy Denisyuk is Game Production Lead at Pingle Studio. He’s responsible for successfully managing the Game Production pipeline. Yuriy is this lucky person who plays the best games for work in order to keep up with trends and create new ones. He likes writing, reading Manga, fantasy and professional literature in his free time.

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