Norstrat – Important facts, campaign strategies, clients, projects

What Norstrat exactly does? All details about campaign strategies, valuable clients, management support, facts, vital infrastructure, special training etc.. Introduction of Norstrat: Welcome to NORSTRAT world  As the name mentions here, this is NORSTRAT Consulting Inc., and this real estate business has been created for expressing the purpose of helping their clients and consumers. However, […]

VXX Trading: An Overview

What is VXX Trading? According to tasty trade, “The VXX is an Exchange Traded Note (ETN) that tracks the VIX short-term futures. There’s an excellent strategy for forex traders that want to diversify their portfolios and don’t have enough time to do in-depth research on individual stocks. We will cover how it works, what factors […]

Exposing Consumer Fraud: What to Watch Out For

Consumer fraud is when a company or business decides to deceptively ensnare consumers by making false promises, selling shady products and services, and other malicious business practices. That certainly doesn’t make shopping fun or easy nowadays. Fraudsters and scammers are everywhere, especially in these times. As if there haven’t been enough reports of questionable products […]