8 Best Ghost Type Pokemon Go – List Of All Ghost Type Pokemon Go

Ghost Type Pokemon are Dark and Mysterious beings that Choose to be Reclusive. What are all the Ghost Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Best of Pokémon types with the power to fight in every generation:-

The ghost types are one of the eighteen types of Pokémon which are Japanese and are quite active and aggressive in every kind. They vary depending on the special kind of attack they do. But these are with the prior changes made in generation IV with all damaging ghost types moves being physical.

But they might also be now special depending on the attack.  In the first generation, the ghost type pokemon go are affected by Bide, counter, seismic, toss, sonic boom and even by the super fang. Even though they have immunity. The ghost type move nightshade affect psychic and normal type pokemon despite their immunity.

But in the IVth generation the ghost type pokemon go are immune to affect that would prevent any kind of recall or escape and they also guarantee to flee from any wild battle regardless of their speed. Most of the ghost type pokemon go can learn the will-o-wisp and other status conditions including the moves.  

These are unique kind of ghost pokemon that have a specific type of attack. These work differently for the ghost type pokemon that it does for the other kind of pokemon. The best thing is the trick-or-treat that adds the ghost type to the types of the target. They are numerous but are memorable. As of the second rarest kind of franchise after Ice. The ghosts rank as one of the most inaccessible pokemon in the games. Despite that, they represent ghost type specialists present in every region even as a gym leader of the elite four members.

Coolest of the ghost type pokemon

The ghost type pokemon go can be sweet and cute as any other pokemon types. But at the same time, they can also be fierce, scary and even absolutely cool in both premise and execution. This kind of ghost pokemon shares the same color scheme of dark and neutral colors, even though some dare to step out of it. With often unique and disturbing inspirations behind them, these creatures haunt the pokemon world with singular glee enjoying the mayhem that they provoke.


This got introduced in Generation IV being an evolution for gen II forgotten and underrated misdreavus, mismagius that are quickly made a name of itself. This seems to be quite inspiring by the concepts of witches and wizards that are represented in the form of a pointy hat. The mismagius is said to cause misery or happiness to others, depending on its own mood and power. People hear its cries that will suffer headaches or hallucinations indicating a possible connection to the banshee. The special attacker, mismagius if fast but is quite frail.


The dusknoir is another that got its evolution introduced in generation IV. This is the final stage of gen III duskull. The dusknoir is designed based on mythological Cyclops.  In the world of pokemon world, dusknoir functions like a grim reaper figure which guides the pokemon to the spirit world based on indications that are transmitted to its antennae. It bears a belly mouth that is capable of swallowing its target completely. As like mismagius, it is quite frail and slow. Although it bears high-class defence both physically or especially, it would make itself an ideal tank.


However, This ghost type pokemon go first appeared in the hoenn games and is one of the purest ghost types that evolved from the shuppet at level 37. It’s a former doll that possessed by pure hatred, Banette is bought into life by the powerful grudge, an enduring concept which is inspired by the horror movies like “the ring and the grudge”.

It has a zipper on its mouth which keeps its life force safely hidden within. Also, This uses its own body like a voodoo doll and inflicts powerful curses on others. This lives on garbage dumps and dark alleys in search of a person that discarded. This is said that the trainer would treat it with respect and care and it will turn back to being a lifeless toy. This is capable of mega evolving, the brunette becomes a vindictive force and would also curse its own trainer.

Mimikyu ghost type pokemon go

This is unique and bears true appearances which are unknown and it is said that anyone who looks into it will be inflicted by a mysterious illness and is sure to die. This is a lonely pokemon which starved for care and attention leading to disguise itself as a Pikachu being in an attempt to seem more appealing to others. This backfires as the disguise makes it look even creepier.


 This is the alola’s grass starter, decidueye which is the final form of Rowlett. This is cool and cautious by nature and will overreact when surprised. The most capable archer in the pokemon world, decidueye’s signature move; spirit shackle and can be enhanced through the Z Crystal becoming the Z- move sinister allow raid. Also, This is based on an owl and an archer including some depictions of the classic English hero of legend, Robin Hood. Its grass and ghost typing is giving five different weaknesses. But it is also providing two immunities and four resistances with creating a nice balance.

Gengar Ghost type pokemon go

This is rare and belongs to the lower evolution of Pokémon which is preferred by fans. The raid to get mega Gengar can be challenging due to high HP stats, defence and attack. Two of the best countries for this are the mew tow and the other Pokémon on this list. But the regular Gengar is a great counter for its mega version. These feature the most powerful moves lick and shadow balls on the paper. This should outrank the gear and is hence called the mega Gengar.

Spirit tomb

This sits squarely within the range of the “B” tier when it is about the ghost Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Though this might be a little terrifying with its style, the Pokémon moves the set; stats don’t stack up to some other ghost competitors like the brunette. I hope after reading this you will get all information about ghost type pokemon go.

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