Stardew Valley Professions Complete Guide – Which Professions is Best

Best Stardew Valley Professions Guide. Tiller, Fisher, Gatherer, Geologist, Scout, Rancher Which one is best. Ranked Worst to Best

Confuse about choosing the profession? Here is the complete guide about all the professions related to the stardew game. The game offering many profession in each its level. One player can choose the profession according to their abilities. How to choose the right and the best profession, you are right here in my article. Today I am giving you the whole detail about the right profession and the career in the stardew game. This article will tell you everything in detail about what you want to know.

Skills of Stardew valley game:

The main five skills are offering in this game. Let us discuss all the skills in every detail. When you are levelling these skills then you can upgrade your abilities and can also improve their professions. In another word, we can say as use less energy for more work out. All the professions are unlocked at level 5 in this game and most professions can also be unlocked at level 10. When you are at level 5, then you can select further two more branches of the profession. Here is a detail about some of the Stardew valley best professions.

1: Farming:

In the farming profession, we can do farming. Farming is one of the most popular profession from Stardew valley professions. We can crop and harvest the fields and can grow many kinds of crops and keeping the animals in your farmhouse. It is the skill associated set of profession which are crops and animals. When you increased the level, you can grow more fields which means increase the farming and increase your abilities. You can do the hoe and watering the fields. Also, You can grow trees and can also make a beautiful garden in your farmhouses and front of your house.

You can use less energy for growing the fields and watering the plants and the trees. When you are at a higher level of the game then you can grow and get the best quality crops in time. The farming profession can do more of one’s ability. The player can be harvesting the crops, petting the animals, milking the cows and goats. You can select the animal products (except the truffle) and can also do the shearing of the sheep.

Stardew valley Best professions at Level 5 Farming:

Now we are discussing some of the Stardew valley professions which are open at level 5. At level 5, when you select the farming profession for your character then you have to make choices between Rancher or Tiller profession. 

What is the Rancher profession?

The rancher profession at level 5, is making the animals products and then selling them out against 20% more good profit.

What is Tiller’s profession?

The tiller profession can be cropping the fields and fruits. This profession can allows the selling of crops 10% more gold.

Stardew valley professions at Level 10 Farming:

Now we will see other stardew valley professions guide at level 10.


Rancher can offer the two more option which is 1 Coopmaster and Shepherd.

When you are at level 10 in this game then you can see the more two subcategories of the farming profession. On this, you can select between the Coopmaster and Shepherd.

Who is Coopmaster?

The coop master is who trained the animals and dwelling them friendly behavior in a little time. He can cut the incubation in time and can increase the quality of crop products.

Who is Shepherd?

The shepherd is one of those professions in this game who can be dwelling the more quickly the animals and can do the wool quantity more quickly. He can do the many tasks in this game. He can produce more wool from the sheep and dwelled the pet animals more native for the player.

Farming Stardew valley professions at level 10:

The farming at level 10 can also offer two more subcategories. One is Artisan and other is Agriculturalist

The Artisan:

The artisan can do the task of selling their goods and items with 40% more profit of gold.

The Agriculturalist:

The agriculturalist can offer the task of cropping all the fields at the rate of 10% faster and quickly.

2: Fishing:

Fishing is the profession in which one can do catching the fishes by fishing the rods and some kind of fishing net. Fishing can level up the Stardew valley professions in the Stardew game. The fishing profession can allow the player for harvesting the crabs, crabs pots, catching the trash, and reeling in seaweed and algae.

When the level up in this game, you can increase the proficiency of fishing increase. There are no rewards offered by the fishing profession. When your level increases in the fishing profession you can also increase the proficiency of fishing like bobber bar, decrease the amount of time and the player can increase the minimum size of fish for catching purposes. When you are at levels 1, 4, and 8th you can increase the distance in which you can cast by tile.

At level 5 in fishing:

At this time and this level, you can make some choices of choosing the profession. What you want to make, a fisher and the trapper?

1: The Fisher:

When you are at level 5. And you want to become a fisherman then you can catch the Fishes 25% more bonus of selling the good quality of fishes.

2: The trapper:

The trapper can need fewer resources for crafting the crab’s pots.

3: Foraging:

Foraging is one of the interesting profession from Stardew valley professions in which you can cut and chop down trees. Also, It is a set of skills related to foraging items in this game. You can be chopping down the trees, removing the stumps, removing the large stumps and logs, harvesting the spring onions, picking up the forage goods from the ground, and collecting the fruits.

4: Mining:

Mining is the most popular skill of this game. It doesn’t involve the treasure elements but also increases the ability of your mining. The miner can do a lot of things like destroy the rock, picking an axe, or by a monster. You can be selling the metal bars at this level. You have to double the chance of mining the coal.

5: Combat:

Combat is the type of profession in which you can kill a monster. Also, there are many types of rewards for killing the many kinds of monsters. There are no tools offered for improving your combat abilities. Combat also offers two more subcategories which are the fighter and the scouts and the fighter or the brute one. I hope you will get Stardew valley best professions guide.

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