What is online piracy and how does it work?

Have you ever wondered what online piracy is? Chances are that you are thinking about a geeky glass-wearing human being surrounded by screens and flickering lights. However, in practice, there is more to online piracy than meets the eye. Think of large offices, all trying to scam their way into your private data. Do you want to know more about online piracy or are you curious about the way you can protect yourself from such practices? Find the answers here.

What is online piracy?

To dive deeper into this interesting topic, it is important to paint a clear picture about what online piracy actually is. In online piracy you can roughly distinguish different kinds of piracy. In general, online piracy is when people download and distribute work that is not legally owned by them. The work that they distribute can either be a product, but it can just as well be information about employees or companies. Although this might sound as a small problem, online piracy has caused enormous problems, such as economic loss. On a more positive note: piracy has also been a huge motivator for developing anti piracy software and innovating techniques.

What about film piracy?

Ever wondered how a new movie suddenly turns up on the internet? A film is produced first in the form of a cassette. It hardly ever happens that a film is already up for downloading at the premiere of a movie. That is because mostly moviemakers start selling them a few weeks after the release. At this point cassettes will start to spread to different countries and companies and sometimes left unattended.

How to protect your brand or company?

Sometimes people are motivated for piracy because they have the desire to create free access to products, films, or data for all. Other people just want to access stuff for free and don’t have any philosophical reasons for that. The most common form of piracy is peer-to-peer piracy. In that case people spread stuff to each other from one computer to another. Think of MP3 formats that are downloadable. Do you think your company is at high risk for online pirating, or do you find yourself worried about these scam practices? Anti piracy software is essential for avoiding online pirating and keeping your docs private. There are different types of anti piracy packages available, as each situation is different. Either way, with trustworthy software you can eventually increase your sales, improve your images and get your valuable time back.

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