5 Ways To Maximize The use of a storage unit

So, you have searched for the safest storage units near me and have found some nice facilities. Now, you want to store your stuff. But do not rush it. Read this before you start packing your stuff and loading your unit. These are some of the ways you can maximize the use of a storage unit.

Pick the Right Size

First things first, you have to pick the right size storage unit from storage companies USA. If you don’t pick the right size then you will have trouble fitting all your belongings. Top self storage companies often work with clients to help them decide on the perfect size for them.

So, take your time before choosing a storage unit. Of course, you don’t want to pay for a large unit if all you are going to store are household items. Talk to the staff and experts and decide on the right size. This step is the most important. 

If you choose a small unit then you will have trouble fitting all your belongings. Doesn’t matter how hard you try you won’t be able to effectively pack everything. You just have to cram everything in an unorganized fashion since you don’t have enough space.

Focus on Packing Efficiently

Once you have a storage unit that’s the perfect size for your stuff you need to shift your attention to packing. Give yourself enough time to pack. Don’t do a rush job. To maximize your storage space you need to pack efficiently. That needs time and attention. 

You cannot expect the storage facility to provide all the support. There is a staff that can help you but self storage in USA means you have to do most of the work yourself. So, take your time. 

Pack everything in a systemized manner. If an item is hollow then fill it up with stuff. For example, if you are storing a chest of drawers or a closet or a desk with drawers try to use all the space. If possible use vacuum sealing methods to seal soft items like items of clothing or anything made of fabric. Things that can be squished without any damage, should be squished to maximize space. 

Use Correct Packaging

Also, invest in enough boxes and packaging supplies. Many of the largest self storage companies in USA offer packing supplies at the facility. Many even send them directly to your home if you rent a unit. Having the right packing supplies makes your job easier.

You still have to do a lot but having these supplies does help. When you have sufficient boxes and takes you can organize things much better. Use some form of covering for objects. Bubble wraps, newspapers, pieces of fabric etc. can be used to wrap multiple items before putting them in a box.

Also, when you are trying to put items in a box don’t just throw them in there randomly. Arrange them to maximize the use of the space. Treat each box like a storage unit. Maximize the number of items you can store in it. Focus on the shapes and sizes of items. Observe what can be put next to what to minimize unusable space.

Focus on Filling Vertical Space

Another good tip to get more out of the storage facilities is to use the vertical space of the unit. Storage units are generally 6 ft or more in height. Oftentimes we tend to forget that the units are three-dimensional. We mostly think based on floor space. 

But if you start optimizing the vertical space too then you can store more. When you start thinking about the vertical space as a storage real estate then you organize everything better because you want to pile things on top of each other in a way that makes sense and is stable. 

You know, ‘the bigger boxes go at the bottom’, stuff. So, don’t think two-dimensional. Organize the unit to use vertical space. Go for the best cheap self storage units. You get good height in most units and you can fill a bunch of stuff in there.

Map the Space of the Unit

The last step before actually storing in the unit should be to map out the storage space. Once you have packed everything efficiently it’s time to store them efficiently as well. Storing things effectively does not mean that you cram everything you want to. 

You should be able to get things out easily. The storage unit you are getting from a self storage facility is not to perpetually store your belongings. You want to access them at some point. So, think about how you are going to store everything.

 If you know something is going to be used less often then put it at the back. Things that you will need more frequently will be in front. Also, try to keep some space in the middle so you can fit in and pull things out without having to move everything out of the way.

One effective way to map the storage space is to use pen and paper and divide the unit into different spaces and then store the items.


So, these were some of the tips to get the most out of your storage unit. Whenever you choose a unit try to go for the best facilities. Some of the largest storage companies in US provide amazing options for units. The idea is to not rush it and to take your time while finding a unit. 

Even if you need it urgently, give yourself some time to figure things out. Finding the right storage facility is crucial. So, do some research and look through a bunch of storage facilities before picking one.

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