Ten Common Mistakes When Purchasing Bathtub Cushion And Bath Pillow

When purchasing bathtub cushion and bath pillow, many people make the same mistakes over and over again, preventing them from getting the most out of their investment. Before you buy your next bathtub cushion or bath pillow, make sure you’re not falling prey to these ten common mistakes! This list of common mistakes when purchasing bathtub cushions and bath pillows will help you avoid common pitfalls and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and bathroom design.

Failing to Compare Options

If you’re buying a bath pillow, make sure to consider whether a bathtub cushion is better for your needs. If you have small children or elderly relatives who use your tub regularly, it’s probably worth it to purchase an additional tubside cushioned seat with safety straps. A regular bath pillow will only go so far in preventing injuries—and if you already own one that meets your current needs, you should probably just skip out on purchasing another one.

Choosing Inferior Materials

Choosing cheaper bathtub cushions or pillows can make for a quick purchase, but remember: you get what you pay for. Cheap materials may not hold up to a long shower or infrequent cleaning. You’ll end up needing to replace these items sooner than if you had purchased better quality products to begin with.

Underestimating Maintenance Needs

If you’re purchasing your bath pillow or bathtub cushion online, be sure to read reviews to get a sense of how durable it is. While it might seem like a good deal, pillows that fall apart after just one use aren’t worth buying. This goes for cushions as well; more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. It can actually end up costing you money if you have to keep purchasing new bath pillow/cushion sets each year.

Buying Too Large

Buying bath pillows or cushions that are too large for your tub can be inconvenient. You’ll have to deal with moving them around while getting in and out of your tub, they can get in your way, and they may even tip over when you lean against them, which is dangerous. If you want comfort from a bath pillow or cushion, make sure it fits nicely inside your tub so you can enjoy everything it has to offer.

Ignoring Expertise

At first glance, you might think all bath tub cushions are created equal. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. These pillows—which cushion your body in your bathtub while you bathe—have features that vary wildly depending on their design. While it may seem like a small thing, that’s part of what makes these differences important: A pillow that doesn’t fit your particular needs can make bathing uncomfortable or even impossible.

Worrying About Trends

We can all agree that in some areas of our lives, following a trend or style is not only helpful but enjoyable. However, when it comes to items that are going to be used for an extended period of time, like bathtub cushions or pillows (which can last for years), you should think about what’s going to be best for your budget over time. 

Skipping Diving Deeper into Designs

Most people don’t have a strong sense of their style, so they default to generic designs. Before ordering bathtub cushions or bath pillows, it’s helpful to spend time looking at a range of design options. After all, you’ll be using these products in your bathroom every day—the last thing you want is to regret your decision after they arrive.

Focusing Solely on Looks

While it’s important to pick out a bath pillow or cushion that you enjoy, there are many other factors that will help you make an informed decision. It is often smart to invest in quality bath supplies rather than buying something cheaper that won’t last as long—which is why you should be looking at more than just a design when making your final choice. It may also be wise to check how easy it is to clean certain products before purchasing them if cleaning regularly will be required on your part.

Not Taking Measurements Beforehand

It’s hard to find cushions that fit perfectly unless you know how large your tub is. To make sure you’re getting a bath pillow or cushion that will fit properly, measure your tub first. Measure both lengthwise and widthwise to ensure you get an accurate number of inches. Then, head out shopping with a tape measure in hand! 

Asking the Wrong Questions

If you’re wondering how to choose bathtub cushions, it can be easy to become confused by all of your options. You’ll first want to determine if you want a cushion or a pillow; both serve different purposes, although pillows are typically less expensive.

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