A Round-Up of the Best AutoHotkey Alternatives (2023)

AutoHotkey is a Windows-based tool allowing users to create a series of commands to automate some tasks when using the OS, such as auto-correction, auto-clicking, etc. 

Although AutoHotkey is a great tool, other alternatives are worth checking out. For instance, Mac users use Automator as an AutoHotkey alternative. The Automator application allows macOS users to build and run ahk scripts. 

Continue reading to find the top AutoHotkey alternatives to fulfill your specific requirements. 

UI.Vision RPA

UI.Vision RPA is an open-source test and task automation tool that can do desktop automation. The software is used for form filling, web automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and screen scraping. 

Some notable features of the software are:

  • The software works offline. 
  • It can quickly automate marketing activities and campaigns by automating workflows. 
  • Features command line interface
  • The software detects and resolves website performance issues proactively. 
  • The tool supports macros and scripts for customizing and automating tasks. 

Key Manager 

If you seek a simple substitute to AutoHotkey, Key Manager will suffice. The tool helps create macros and shortcuts according to mouse and keyboard inputs. 

Users can use several filters to create accurate macros that specifically replicate the actions they take daily, like opening programs, clicking, or anything that requires time to do. So even if it is the simplest of actions or tasks, you can automate them. 

Using Key Manager, you can save time and not have to keep going back and forth between the mouse and keyboard. Therefore, you can quickly perform tasks on the OS and specific programs and apps. 

Although Key Manager is not as advanced as AutoHotkey, the tool is user-friendly and convenient. In addition, it is one of the most straightforward tools to set up, and you don’t need coding knowledge. 


Almighty does not take a direct approach to script macros, but the tool offers customization options to enhance the workflow. 

Thanks to this tool, users can manage their Mac’s Dock to show active applications and even control system settings like screensavers, keyboard input, scheduled shutdowns, dark mode, and more, with granularity. 

The tool lets you find hidden files in Finder and access the most-used tools in the menu bar. 

Pulover’s Macro Creator 

Pulover’s Macro Creator is one of the best AutoKey alternatives, and it is user-friendly with an intuitive interface. Also, it brings more versatility to the user. 

Compared to AutoHotkey, this software helps users to make macros for Windows. Also, it can help you create macros for actions in a browser, pixel, or image search and loops. 

Since Pulover’s Macro Creator comes with an intuitive user interface with a comprehensive toolbar full of easy-to-use tools, it helps set macros in seconds. Users can set macros for devices, including keyboard and mouse macros, messages, operating system controls, and many variables. There are also functions, if-statement commands, and loops. 

Hence, the software allows users to make user-defined macros, and the process is much easier than AutoHotkey. Although it will take longer to know all the possibilities, the software makes for a better alternative. 

The software is a free tool and a valuable alternative that will fit your needs. 


EventGhost is thought of as an advanced version of AutoHotkey because it not only provides comprehensive features but is also proficient in doing Python scripting in real time. In addition, users can create shortcuts using this tool’s simple user interface. 

Similar to AutoHotkey, EventGhost operates with the help of plugins. The software features over three hundred plugins that help create events and shortcuts. These shortcuts will be implied automatically. 

Moreover, when users create these events, they can schedule them so that the tool’s shortcuts are automated correctly in real time or on the specified schedule. The tool also emulates mouse and keyboard movements so they can replicate tasks that save time and energy. Automating tasks will even eliminate errors and allow users to become more productive. 

EventGhost is a free AutoHotkey alternative and offers customer support. 


TeaCode is the correct application if you are adept at writing codes and want to set up a few shortcuts. It is a straightforward, minimal IDE for creating code snippets for use anywhere. The tool even comes with an auto-completion feature for code snippets so that users can generate faster without worrying about errors. The software plugs into Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime Text, and JetBrains. 


BetterTouchTool is a tool packed with features and allows users to configure several gestures for their Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and MacBook Trackpad. In addition, the tool supports scripting for automating tasks. 

The Bottom Line 

These are some top AutoHotkey alternatives for your Windows and Mac computer. You can install them on your system to create macros and scripting to automate tasks so that you can save time on mundane tasks. 

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