Best Grenade spots dust 2

8 Best Grenade spots dust 2 To Knock Down Enemies

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Best Grenade spots dust 2. Dust 2 is a Video Game’s most Popular and Famous Map which is Available in the first-person Shooter Series Counter-Strike.


It is one of the most useful and helpful utilities in the game which helps the player and the user in the most useful way. There are many kinds of utilities available in this game. And these all utilities have different types of working experiences in this game. These all the available utilities are having the most of kinds of advantages in a player’s life in this game.

Best grenade spots dust 2 is the most popular and famous map which is available in this game. It has some kind of middle doors which have the benefits for the player as for the vintages points. Some of the players and gamers have done major kind of mistakes and they did not make any proper plans for making the game better and well organized.

When they make any plan to follow the available map then the player can get the full benefits in this game. Sometimes the player did not succeed during playing in the game. They face the worst kind of failure because they do not follow the proper plan map while playing in the game.  

 In this article, we are going to talk and write all the details of the best grenade spots dust 2.

Best and awesome grenade spots dust 2:

Best Grenade spots dust 2

Before I started my article which is about the best grenades spots dust 2 which is presents on google easily. The main lists are mentioned herein in detail. The information which I will describe in this article, the all information which is shared the famous YouTuber name is “The War Owl”. 

T spawn of best grenades spots dust 2:

The T spawn is the best place for helping all kinds of terrorists. And this place also has the establishment of a strong position from the A site. But there is more information which is related to site A. and there is a flash that is thrown from T-spawn from a long distance.

The walls of this place are having the high kind of walls in the T spawn. The terrorist can hide from behind the walls of T spawn. The player and terrorist can get the car and then they will stand on the car for a jump throw.

The skylight of best grenades spots dust 2:

This is the 2nd best grenade spots dust 2 when the player is walking out from the door. The player has used the skylight for a flash throw when they are walking through the wall. The player can be running and jumping throw with the middle one. From the skylight, the player can get the straight spot and better target from this area. The enemies have also used this same door for walking through purposes.

The cross of best grenades spots dust 2:

This is the 3rd kind of best grenade spots dust 2 and it is a very handy type. The player can get full control of long A, and the players can also do the smoke out of the cross. Some players and gamers think that they can make the perfect kind of smoke air in one trial from using the smoke grenade but they cannot make the proper smoke. The player can use the smoke grenades for creating smoke from the window or door for escaping the enemy. The group members and the team members can also create more smoke for filling all the empty gaps in the area.

The new car of best grenades spots dust 2:

The new car is the best option which is available in the spots dust 2. This car is becoming more popular within the game. The new car priorities over the Long A. the player can get the option for removing the chances of risks. This option allows the car for spreading the fire. And then they hide the enemy which is behind from the car.

From mid to short:

Best Grenade spots dust 2

This is the most crucial path for the mid to short in the game of dust 2. The player has done a big mistake and they will kill in a moment while playing the game. That is why the reason, the Xbox has given the best smoke. The player can easily create the smokescreen at A short location. 

The rush B of best grenades spots dust 2:

For using the rush B site, the players can get the best option of using the narrow pillar of the choke points, and then all players can throw the smoke grenades in the specific area. This will help the players and gamers rushing B from the faraway sniper.

Lower tunnels of best grenades spots dust 2:

In the lower tunnels, the player has the opportunity of throwing the flash which is over to the top of the wall, and then they become blind from anyone. The players can create the flash grenade at the top of the tower.

The B site of best grenades spots dust 2:

If the player is using the B site which is located on the map then the player can easily use the flash and bounce from the walls. This wall is presenting around both corners of the designated location or site. If the player is standing on the right corner of the right side then the players can easily get hit by the teammates.

The final words:

This article, these are mentioned all the best kinds of grenade spots dust 2 for CS: GO. The player can get all these kinds of best grenades and smoke grenades which are easily presented in this game. Also, The player can easily escape with the teammates. The player can easily create smoke in the area or location of the enemy and the players can also fill the gap with smoke grenades. The best examples of best grenade spot dust 2 are here: the skylight, the new car, rush B, and the Lower tunnels.

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