Why Everyone Should Wear Bulletproof Vests To Protect Themselves

AGShield Bulletproof Vests are 100% concealable and You can wear them anywhere like you can go to work, attend a party and run your day-to-day chores.

Introduction to Bulletproof vests:

Bulletproof vests are the new trend. In making protection a part of fashion and style, people always have thought of best bulletproof vests and jackets as an item of noble fancy that is utterly unnecessary and a thing to show off. Still, the idea they do not catch here is that these show off things save us from danger out there in public. Many have only seen such jackets and vests in thriller films and war movies. But with changing times, we can safely say that people are turning their heads and changing their perspective towards it.

But what if I tell you that these bulletproof vests can be of daily use and you can wear them to anywhere you take pleasure in.

Are these concealable?

Yes, you read that right. Don’t believe us, let me tell you that these jackets and vests are 100% concealable and You can wear them anywhere like you can go to work, attend a party and run your day-to-day chores and nobody will ever know that you have something like a protective shield beneath your clothes.

But before you think of them as a style statement or fancy apparel, let us only sop you there. No, don’t confuse it with a fancy item to wear off. It is for your safety and protection and builds to last and take the pressure of up to 300lbs.

You are interested, but don’t know where to buy them?

Well, AGShield is the right platform for you.

The company offers the world’s first concealable ultra-weight bulletproof vests. It comes in all sizes or shapes and for every gender and yes for kids too, manufactured in the US. These vests are made keeping the mindset of protection and not fashion or style.

These bulletproof vests are made up of anti-ballistic material and tested with NIJ IIIA standards. Many people may think it will be a visible item and find it uncomfortable to wear daily. 

No, that’s not the case. These bulletproof vests can withstand and neutralize the pressure up to 300lb. These vests come with adjustable straps to wear with comfort and ease and eliminate the problem of bulging; and yes, they are highly concealable and portable.

Best option for protection and safety :

These vests are superbly inexpensive, and one must think of them as a good investment towards their protection and safety.

These vests give confidence to people to go out anywhere at any time without thinking of empty roads or deserted streets and infuse the thinking that you are no longer dependent on other factors for your safety and protection. Thousands of people suffer every day and struggle to go out because of safety issues, poor locality, and late-night timings. But with these bulletproof vests and jackets, all your worries will vanish for sure.

These bulletproof vests are a blessing for those who live alone and always like to have their guards. Guess what? You may wear it to bed and sleep in it; yes, they are that comfortable, there are not only durable and lightweight and do not hinder your day-to-day work and life.

You can gift these bulletproof vests to your family members as it is all of our duty to take care of our family and loved ones.

It is about being ready and prepared for anything that comes your way. These bulletproof vests are for everyday use, and who knows, a simple step today may help and inspire others to buy them and solve the safety issues they might be facing in their daily lives.


Make the smart and the right move today and set an example for others to follow; its time we recognize and acknowledge the importance of safety and protecting yourself and others.


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