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How to Make Money as a Digital Artist in 2022 

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Being a successful digital artist doesn’t necessarily mean selling your work for millions of dollars. There are more opportunities for creatives to build profitable careers in the digital art world than ever before. Here are a few opportunities for digital artists to make money in 2022. 

Become an Art Influencer 

Creating a website or other digital blog can be a great way to gain a following and become an influencer in the art world. Also, An online portfolio of work along with a blog about the industry can help you gain footing in the digital art community. However, Use social media to share your work and interact with other artists and followers. As an art influencer, you can get sponsorships from brands or other artists or open an eCommerce shop to sell your work. Art influencers are essential for successful digital marketing in creative industries.  

Sell NFTs 

The digital art market has become more lucrative than ever with the use of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to authenticate and protect the rights to digital artwork online. NFTs are stored on blockchain networks and can be bought and sold through an NFT marketplace. NFT marketplaces such as FTX make it easy and convenient for artists and collectors who may not know how to buy and sell NFTs. With blockchain technology, your NFT can send you a royalty payment each time it is resold in the future. You can easily open a digital wallet and start minting your NFTs today through any NFT marketplace.  

Teach an Online Course 

If you’re not ready to sell your own work, you can still make money by teaching an online course to art students. Offer a unique online class by sharing your personal experience in the industry; and help young artists learn how to create and market their own work. In-demand skills such as how to use specific design software, utilize NFT marketplaces; or build an online portfolio are just a few topics you could consider teaching.  

Freelance Design Work 

With the pandemic bringing more workers online than ever before, there is plenty of demand for freelance graphic design work. Dynamic and creative content is highly valued in the digital marketing industry; and there are many opportunities for contracted branding work directly with SMBs. Be sure to charge a reasonable rate for your work; and always try to build your network to find additional opportunities. As a freelancer, you will need to be responsible for charging a fair price and managing your time across multiple projects. Freelance work can offer flexibility to artists looking to build work experience in the industry. 

UX Design 

User experience has a lot to do with the design and dynamics of digital platforms. If you’re familiar with UX design, you can make a lot of money by consulting or working for companies building mobile apps or websites. Learning about user experience and how to design for specific audiences can make you an asset to many businesses. There are many online courses to learn the basics of UX design; and how digital artists can become successful digital marketers. 

Benefit from Money-Making Apps

As a digital artist, you most likely spend the majority of your time on your computer or a tablet. This is a perfect opportunity to benefit from money-making apps and make some extra money, while working on your usual artistic tasks. 

Money-making apps are usually pretty straightforward, you need to do some micro tasks and earn money that way. The tasks can be from watching ads to playing games. It is a good idea to use these apps when you have some free time, and make a couple of bucks. 

However, there is also an option to earn money passively. The app that offers this option is Honeygain. This app works by taking your unused internet connection and paying you in exchange. It is perfect for those that work on the computer since the app doesn’t require your attention and runs in the background. All you have to do is download the app and register. 

There are many opportunities for digital artist to make money in 2022. Being a digital artist doesn’t have to be a struggle. Get online, start sharing your work and discover what opportunities are available to you as a creative.  

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