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Beginner Guide to become DOGE Miner. What Is the Fastest Blockchain?

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If you are going to try cryptocurrency but are afraid of trading it or investing in it, you can try mining cryptocurrency. DOGE Mining such coins as Bitcoin and Ethereum is pretty demanding and requires a lot of energy. Moreover, now, their value is very high. 

However, there is no reason to be upset. There are pretty promising coins whose value can surge in the nearest future. DOGE is one of such coins, and if you find the best DOGE miner, you can benefit from the mining activities, indeed.

The best DOGE mining pools

DOGE is a meme coin. It was launched as a joke at the hype caused by cryptocurrencies. However, it has become popular very fast, and its price has surged. And when Elon Musk started supporting it, the DOGE price started growing constantly, and the coin has moved to the top based on the market capitalization.

Therefore, mining DOGE can be a profitable activity. The project utilizes a proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Therefore, equipment for DOGE mining shall be powerful enough, such as ASIC, for example. However, ASICs utilized for Bitcoin mining cannot be used for DOGE because the latter runs on the algorithm called Scrypt. The same algorithm is used by Litecoin. 

Therefore, DOGE can be mined with the same equipment as is used for LTC mining. 

However, it happens very rarely that Litecoin mining equipment is used to mine DOGE because the latter one is much cheaper. Another option is to mine LTC and get DOGE as a secondary product. And of course, it is better to mine DOGE in a pool rather than solo.

How to choose a mining pool?

You need to pay attention to several main features such as:

  • The safety level: the pool shall apply all the possible measures to protect its users and their earnings.
  • The fees charged by a pool: the lower you pay the more you get.
  • Payouts and earning distribution: normally, rewards are distributed based on your contribution to the pool. It is better to select a pool with low payouts.
  • The hashing power: the higher the hashing power is, the more coins the pool mines, and therefore, the more miners earn.
  • The location of the servers: it is better if the pool is not limited geographically. Its servers shall be located in as many locations as possible to enable users from different locations to join the pool and earn.

The best pools for DOGE mining are the following:


It is one of the most popular DOGE mining pool. The main reason for the popularity is that you can mine DogeCoin but get rewards payouts in other coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency you might select.

The mining awards are distributed based on the miners’ contributions. The fee is 4.99% which is pretty high but this is the only drawback of Prohashing. 


AikaPool is among the most popular pools for beginners because of its easy-to-use interface. Another reason is an incredibly low fee of just 1%. This pool is of medium size, and it’s hashing rate can hardly compete with the major pools. But still, it is pretty much used. 


Multipool is popular because of many reasons. First of all, along with the mentioned cryptocurrency, you can mine many other coins of your choice. Several mining algorithms are supported. And there is no withdrawal fee at all. 


iCoinpool is of average size, it offers payouts based on your contribution, and the payouts are paid automatically to the user’s connected wallet. 

If you believe now that you might want to try to invest in some promising projects, you can also have a look at Cardano price prediction 2025 and make the right investment choice.

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