Every James Bond Actor from Worst to Best

James Bond is one classic franchise of all time. It pays to look back and see the Bonds who have made one of the world’s highest-grossing films.

Indeed character development was one major push towards the film’s popularity. However, everyone seems to have their own favorite characters in Bond.

Below, we look at each character and rank them from the worst to the best.  Our list contains the 6 men from George Lazenby to Sean Connery who participated in the 007. 

Here we go!

6. George Lazenby

George was the 2nd actor who portrayed the James Bond series in the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service film. He had the shortest tenure, having participated in his first and only movie.

The deal started when they met with Albert (James Bond producer) in a barbershop, who soon developed the feeling that he would become a perfect Bond. And when he was offered an audition, Albert was impressed.

Having no prior experience in the acting industry, he enthralled some due to his unbeatable role on the screen-test fight skills, how he performed on the interviews, and more so the audition footage by Albert.

But all this would turn into waste after he refrained from taking on another role in The Man with the Golden Gun. He complained of being taken lightly on his suggestions on Bond. A move that made Sean Connery think negatively of him. Claiming he would have taken his time to learn more. George proved to be the least popular of all James Bond movies. Unfortunately, very few people took him seriously for the role.

5. Timothy Dalton

Timothy was supposed to participate in one more James Bond film. But due to the legal disputes that lasted for five years, he chose to leave.

When Timothy was handed the license to kill, everything seemed to come to a halt. He no longer wanted to be associated with Moore. Everyone in the series felt his departure. Dalton had a clear picture of what he wanted Bond to be. His menace of violence would send anyone thinking he was stubborn. But it’s one way that added spices to his sense of romance.

His commitment was a clear indication of the many personal exploits he was involved in. And though all seemed to move well, he failed to set out the box office right, which later forced the series into a slum of problems. But all went fine after Bond emerged again in Pierce Brosnan

4. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce participated in four installments. He is praised for reviving the series after its interruption by legal issues. Pierce stepped in soon after Roger Moore retired and got the chance to participate in the GoldenEye (1995).

The media had a feeling that he would not reprise his role again, but fans felt he would still make it. This brought in a mixed reaction as some believed he was fired from the role to allow fresh actors in the game, which the EON Productions denied, though he excused himself and left the franchise.

3. Roger Moore

Moore was a perfect selection for James Bond with a record of participating in 7 films.. He managed to appear in seven feature films. He was one talented guy with exceptions skilled in unarmed combat, womanizing, smoking, and gambling. Also, He knew he would get into the match after Sean declared he was no longer interested in Bond.

He was the older actor to remain in the role, forcing him to leave James Bond. His decision to leave the series was ignited by the fact that he was much older than the Bond girls.

2. Daniel Craig

While some argue Craig may not be a hit for Bond, a significant percentage can tell of his works. Some argued that his height would not match that of the dark-haired Bond, among other evident features in Bond’s previous actors. And in fact, the statement was weakened by other actors who said that the decision made by the producers was paramount. 

They all spoke to his defense. Craig gave Bond a smooth beginning and would also oversee its end. He was an intelligent actor who was not swayed off by unnecessary details.

He was the first to bring out James Bond after Ian Fleming’s death.  From Casino Royale to No Time To Die, Craig not only accepted to take part in the Bond, but he immensely took control of everything. For instance, he would spend time getting the best costumes tailored.

With a license to kill but suffering from frequent injuries, he managed to show up in the five installments, some of which earned him a nomination.

1. Sean Connery

Sean Connery left his role in James Bond in 1968 and was soon replaced by George Lazenby. And if James Bond can boast of its characters, Sean takes the first seat. The only reason that would make him retreat from taking another Bond role is the fact that they would cross paths when it came to remuneration packages.

The truth is, he had a style and a charisma that was evident on the screen and will continue for years.

According to Craig, Sean will be remembered for his role as Bond; he helped come up with a modern blockbuster. If you love James Bond movies, I bet you fell in love with one of the shortest series in Bond that he featured in; From Russia With Love, a film that introduced fans to a world of romance. It showed Connery as one memorable villain who could not present his role better than he did.

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