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Top 9 game art studios 2022

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The gaming industry is growing at a fantastic rate. Every year we see a new trend surface and a new market opening up. The industry has also experienced explosive growth, with billions of dollars earned in revenue. This requires and rewards studios to be top of the game when it comes to graphic design, animation, audio production, or programming. Below you can find the Top 9 game animation outsource studios, which will be the leading experts in their field.


However, Headquartered in Mexico City, N-IX Game and VR Studio is a multi-platform games studio that creates AAA titles for mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms, focusing on creating high-quality, immersive games that seamlessly convey the narrative of the player. Their team has developed several AAA titles for mobile and has been featured by Apple’s UVD.

Regarding VR, N-IX has also been recognized by Google and Samsung for their contributions to optimizing VR’s drag & drop functionality on Android. N-IX has since worked with Google and Samsung to optimize the performance of the technology; and is now one of the few studios worldwide that have successfully optimized VR apps for both platforms.


Although, Based out of Los Angeles, California, Rocket Games Entertainment is a leading game development studio specializing in creating interactive entertainment content across various platforms, from mobile to console applications. Their team is dedicated to providing a AAA caliber consumer experience through exceptional game design and artistry.

Rocket Games was founded in 2016 by industry veterans with extensive experience in all aspects of the interactive entertainment space, including design, marketing, and content production. Also, Their team leverages this experience to produce high-quality games for mobile devices that players can enjoy for years.


However, Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Kemco is a leading game development studio focused on creating high-quality games across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, PC and Mac computers, and video game consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita. The company was founded in 1986 and has worked with over 90 partners worldwide by developing more than 150 titles that reach audiences worldwide.


Founded in 2012 by experts in mobile and social games; EJAW is a leader in developing high-quality games for smart devices. Also, EJAW offers a fully integrated solution with optimized game design, development, artistry; and marketing to ensure players receive the ultimate gaming experience. The team at EJAW has had extensive experience working with big-name clients from around the world; including Samsung, Zynga, and Ubisoft. Also, Their mission is to continue innovating with new technologies and creating dynamic content for the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry.


Based out of Barcelona, Spain, Bon Art Studio is a game development studio focusing on AAA-quality games for mobile and console platforms. Also, They are part of the Toptal Talent Network which has helped hundreds of companies to find the best talent for their projects. Their team is made up of top gamers who IGN; and other industry magazines have recognized as elite teams in the gaming industry.


Founded in 2009, Black Studios is a live-action film and interactive media company based out of London that creates high-quality videos, games, and applications emphasizing interactivity. Also, This is one of the premier game studios in the industry and offers a casting service for those interested in working on their production.


Based out of Portland, Oregon, Commander Games is a leading games studio focusing on AAA titles for mobile and PC platforms. Also, The company was founded by Jon Radoff, known for being one of the pioneers of the action gaming industry; where he has worked on some of the most popular franchise titles, such as Call of Duty and Halo. For nearly 30 years, they have produced high-quality games while working with some of the world’s highest-profile clients; including Activision and Electronic Arts.

This game art studio is known for providing high-quality games and maintaining a highly responsive team. They have a strong network of partners that help to create referral opportunities for their artists. Commander Games have also been featured in interviews with industry magazines such as Game Developer magazine and Game Informer.


Based out of Los Angeles, California, Zenimai Studios is a leading game development company developing high-quality mobile; and console titles for local and global audiences. Also, The studio has nearly 50 employees who focus on creating fun and interactive games with innovative features. This game art studio has published more than 10 titles globally and has been featured at events like E3, Pax, and Gamescom.


Based out of Toulouse, France, Game Molecules is a game development studio focused on creating original games for multiple platforms; including mobile and console systems. Also, Their team has experience working with clients, including Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, with a commitment to top-quality AAA-level games designed to deliver a comprehensive player experience with innovative technology that makes it easy for players to connect with the game on multiple platforms, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Outsource Animation Services

Since the gaming industry is all about competition, having a team to work with comes in handy. However, By working with a game development company, there is an assurance that they will be able to create a game that will keep up with current trends and industry standards. With their years of experience and expertise in creating games; it gets easier for you to successfully deliver your end of the bargain.

There are several proven practices followed by professional studios which help them stand out as one of the best. Since we know that it is not easy for newbies to find their feet easily in this industry; a studio can help them get going at the start and make sure that they do not lag.

It is common knowledge that creating a game requires skills and knowledge that do not come to you overnight. This will also depend on the type of game you are developing, whether for mobile, for the PC; for online gaming, or if you want to create an Augmented Reality Game. Each of these types has its own skills and knowledge that must be followed to succeed. 

Since the gaming industry is all about competition, having a team to work with comes in handy. Also, By working with a game development company, there is an assurance that they will be able to create a game that will keep up with current trends and industry standards.


In conclusion, With the proper outsourcing animation services, you can deliver your end of the bargain successfully; making you stand out as a unique player. Having a studio to work with ensures you stay caught up, putting you in a favorable position in the industry.

Hiring an experienced team makes it easier for them to give it their all on your behalf, giving you the best possible solution and thus uncovering your opportunities for success in this industry.

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