How To Take Care Of Your Earbuds?

Just got your new earbuds, and you are treating them like it is your child?

You are not the only one. In Fact, this is the case when it comes to many who love electronics and have recently purchased earbuds. There are pros and cons related to the matter, but if we weigh out the cons, we see the pros overruled.

This is one of the reasons why we need to make some of the best

Earbuds Need Affection

Yes, these are expansion headsets that you are investing upon, but at the same time, they will need care. This means starting from the case to the earbuds themselves; they will need cleaning and maintenance.

Here is how you can take proper care of these expensive electronics and make the most of your investment.

What You Should Do

Here is a list of things you should do in order to keep your earbuds longevity. A to-do list, if you may.

– Always keep your headphones in a case. They are meant to be there. Not lying around in places that are not meant to be.

– Turn off the Bluetooth and keep it in its case when not in use.

– Have a sleeve for your case so that you can protect it from dirt.

 Clean the case and the earbuds regularly. Use warm water and a cue tip for cleaning all the residual earwax and dirt. Yes, it sounds gross, but if you want it to last, you have to.

– Take care of the charging wire as well.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Here are the mandatory don’ts of having earpods. Maybe these are the root cause of you ruining your previous headphones or earbuds.

– Do not share with someone else. Yes, it is easy with two separate earbuds, but still. That can carry bacterias that you might not like.

– Do not overcharge your earbuds. Let it drop to at least a 10 percent charge before you charge the case again.

– Do not sleep with your earpods. The friction can cause damage to the device, plus it is damaging to your ears as well.

– Don’t put it in your pocket directly. You have to first place it in the case.

– Don’t wear it near any water source. Open it and place it aside before going to the wash basin or your shower. Yes, the water will eventually move out of your device, but before that, it will cause damage.

– Do not use too much water to clean your earbuds. It is better if you use dipped warm water to rub it or rubbing alcohol to even get rid of the bacteria.

– Do not keep it in spaces where it can retain moisture inside. Try using a silica gel pack to dry out the moisture.

– Do keep cleaning for the last moment. By that, the damage has already been done. So the moment you see gunk on your earbuds, accumulating from earwax, oily fingers, or dirt sticking to the surface, immediately clean them. This includes the case as well.

They Will Last Longer!

With the increasing inflammation of such electronics, it is safe to say that you are not buying expensive earbuds just to dispose of them a few months later. You at least expect them to last more than a year, if not a few. However, the sad reality is electronics, when used vigorously, will wear out.

So, it is time that you follow every item suggested in the excerpt above to the ‘t.’ If you are a fan of electronics, there is no harm in investing your hard-earned dollars in getting the latest earbuds.

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