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Jaden Newman Biography 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Age & Fun Facts

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Jaden Newman is a very famous and sharp player of basketball and she is also the younger sister of the famous Julian Newman.

Introduction of Jaden Newman:

In this article, we are going to share all the related information about a very famous but amateur young and teenage talented basketball player. Then you are at the right place to read more information about her and also her life goals and achievements. If one of us is very obsessed to watch football matches and also we are a great fan of the basketball team then we must know about her and also her personality. 

Jaden is a very sensational and talented female basketball player. She has a passion for playing basketball for her team and also for her country. Jaden is an American but amateur basketball player and she originally belongs to Orlando, Florida, USA.

 When we are talking about a basketball prodigy, then we come to know that she is famous for having an average of 30.5 points and she had over 7 assists matches for her varsity high school team at a very young age. She is only 9 years old when she wins many matches for her school team. Although, when she was only 9 years old, then Jaden was a famous and popular recruiting target of an NCAA Division I basketball program and the competition.

And she played many matches for her town’s University team and the name was the University of Miami. Although, she is also a big part of her high school team at Downey Christian School in Orlando. She is also playing many matches along with her elder brother Julian Newman. And he is also known as a famous basketball prodigy and player.

Hello, Newman’s show on social media:

They are also famous as a Newman family on various social media platforms. And she is appearing with her parents and they all are a part of a famous reality TV show which has the name Hello Newman’s. And this reality show is presented by Overtime media and its group on different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. 

Jaden Newman and her age gossip on the internet: 

She is only a 16-year-old Basketball player. And both sister and brother are proving a proud moment for their parents when they both appeared in a basketball match. They are both siblings who become the youngest male and female athletes to surpass 1000 points at a varsity prep level on a basketball match. 

Her father is also very worked hard for basketball matches. When her father coached them properly. And they played their matches very well. The whole family is also associating a very famous part of the sports and its equipment’s apparel brand and its name are Prodigy.

Jaden Newman biography:

Her full name is Jaden Newman. And Newman is her family and surname. She was born on June 13, 2004. And her birthplace is Orlando, Florida, United States. She has the nationality of American. And she gets her education from Downey Christian School, Orlando, Florida. Also, her horoscope is Gemini.

And her father’s name is Jamie Gonzalez and her mother’s name is Vivian Gonzalez. She has an elder brother and his name is Julian Newman. She is only a 17-year-old basketball player. And her height is 5 feet 3 inches/162 cm. 

Height and weight measurements:

Jaden Newman

And her weight is approximately 60 kg/132 lb. Jaden has the profession of Amateur basketball player, TV personality, and an Instagram star. Her Net Worth is about $200K. She is a single young girl and has no relationship with anyone. Jaden has no ex or any children. 

Social media handles:

She is mostly active on these social media platforms Instagram and Twitter. She has a sports brand which has included different things like shoes and accessories. Moreover, she last updated his all accounts and handles on April 2022.

Jaden Newman | Her Early Life || Family || education:

Jaden is known as the beast on the court and she was born on June 13, 2004, in Orlando, Florida. She is only 17 years old young and talented player in the USA, and Jaden’s zodiac sign is Gemini.

Some religions about:

Jaden and Julian have Jewish and Puerto Rican descent. And their father, Jamie played for his school in music class, then he was assigned to the Colonial High School in Orlando as a point guard. Then Jaden’s father became a history teacher and basketball head coach of their children’s school, and the name of the school is the Downey Christian School. And her mommy is a Puerto Rican.

Professions of her parents:

Her mother Vivian was also playing basketball at University High School in Orlando, Florida and her father is working as a point guard in Orlando and then he served four years in the navy forces before working at the United States Postal Service of USA. The Newman family is residing in a very lavish and very beautiful house in Orlando, Florida.

NCAA Division and University of Miami (FL):

When she was only 9 years then she was admitted into the NCAA Division I program and the University Of Miami (FL). And after reportedly recruiting Jaden. But she is not sharing her class rank with her followers and subscribers.

Jaden Newman and her brother || Julian Newman:

The Newman family has not only one gem but they have two in number. One is Jaden and the second one is Julian. And we are telling you all that, Jaden is also famous as an amateur basketball player. And he was born on September 6, 2001, and he will turn 20 years old this year. 

A child prodigy and Downey Christian School:

Both stars have come into the limelight and also got attention when their basketball highlights and skills were uploaded on a YouTube channel. Julian was playing varsity basketball for his school and his school name is Downey Christian School this school has given the name Julian as “child prodigy.”

Jaden Newman is following a very hard daily workout and training routine and he focuses on improving his basketball playing for many skills. He is a basketball player and he is always available on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

Julian is also known and famous among many young people, and he almost 768k people on his all social media accounts and then he follows by many people.

Jaden Newman professional career:

Jaden Newman

She is an aspiring and famous player of basketball. And she started playing basketball with her elder brother Julian from her high school. 

She began her professional career in the third grade in her school. She is also playing for the varsity team for her high school team. Also, She dressed up for her Downey Christian School’s varsity famous team when she was only eight years old. Although, when her team needed a new point guard, then her father, Jamie also came to the ground and also did the responsibility of point guard for their kid’s school’s team. 

And the time is flies and she made a good place for her school team as well. And she enrolled herself as a local and older player at the local YMCA.

Her Football career:

Early on in Jaden’s career, she was not confident about her profession as well she did not know what she want to be? But soon, she becomes a very famous and popular short stature on the Football team. And she recorded many short and high scores for her national school team.

National record of 17:

In 2018, she has scored 70 points in a single football game and she was in the process of tying a national record of 17 three-pointers at that time.

Jaden Newman football player and her achievements:

Jaden Newman debut her nationwide attention, and then she even appeared in the famous series and its name is “The Queen Latifah Show.”

Although, she has always wished for playing on her school team and her dream has come true when she played in her debut match in the NCAA Division I program and also for the University of Miami. And he started so many recruiting programs like the young star in the hope of making so many commits to the program and diplomas.

UConn Huskies || University of Connecticut (UConn), Storrs, Connecticut:

Moreover, she has always wanted to play for the University of Connecticut (UConn), Storrs, Connecticut, and also played a big supporter of the UConn Huskies supporter.

She has become a young athlete and a very famous media personality these days. And she has also appeared in a footlocker commercial on many TV and web series.

Stephen Curry:

 Jaden Newman has also become familiar with a professional basketball player named Stephen Curry. And she has gone face to face against for many matches as the Curry in a 3-point shooting contest too.

R&B artist Chandler Broom:

In the year 2019, she made her entry into the music industry and she compose a famous song with her debut single and her song name was “I Run It”.And this song was featuring and based on Orlando, Florida-based R&B artist Chandler Broom.

Jaden Newman relationships and boyfriend:

Jaden Newman

When anyone of us, like her, becomes a famous personality and a celebrity then we have also come into social media gossip and we can say we have come to some notorious rumors. Then she is also like a big celebrity in Florida in the USA. And she is no any kind of relationship nor interested to have any boyfriend. Jaden is only 16 years old girl and she has many decisions left to make her life easier and more professional. 

Jaden Newman Net Worth and income details:

Although Jaden is a very young and rich athlete and football player and she has won so many football matches and many big competitions. She has also done acting and modeling for many TV ads and web series for young girls and boys Jaden has become a very prominent celebrity and Influencer in her locality. 

And she is not sharing her all net worth and income detail with the media and other sources. She is hiding this information but we are estimating this figure as $200 thousand. Also, She is promoting some famous sports brands and also doing her services for big sports companies. 

She is not employed by any company or any organizations etc. However, Jaden is selling or having her brand of sports goods and apparel. Jaden is also earning from a reality TV show Hello Newmans, and this show is presented by the sports network Overtime on various social media platforms. 

Jaden Newman social media accounts:

She has been using various social media accounts for in touch with her fans and followers. Also, She is been active, especially on Instagram and her YouTube channel. She is an apple of the eye of some social media platforms.

Jaden is feeling very confident on camera and she has a beautiful grace with attitude. And we can easily find her under the user name @ JadenNewmanOfficial.

Moreover, she has a verified account on her Instagram account and there she has 943 thousand followers and subscribers.

She is also available and active on Snapchat, under the username is @Jadennewman01. 

And she is also available and active on TikTok, under the username @Jadennewman. 

And there she has gained a Twitter account followers in numbers are 4492.

Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is Jaden Newman’s Jersey or shirt number?

Ans: Her jersey or shirt number is #1. 

2: Has Jaden Newman received some scholarship offers from Kentucky?

Ans: We did not know about this news and offer from Kentucky.

3: Which game she is playing?

Ans: Jaden is playing a football game.

4: What is the name of her elder brother?

Ans: Jaden’s elder brother’s name is Julian Newman and he is also a famous football for his national team.

5: What is the name of her parents?

Ans: The name of her parents is Jamie Gonzalez and her mother’s name is Vivian Gonzalez.

6: Which school is she playing for a football match?

Ans: She played a football match for her high school team at Downey Christian School in Orlando.

7: What is her age now?

Ans: Jaden is only 17 years old young and talented footballer.

The final words:

Jaden Newman is very famous due to her football playing skills and also for matches. She becomes a younger football player in Orland, USA. Jaden has an elder brother who is also a famous footballer and athlete. 

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