Do you need a Labour Hire License in 2022? 

The labour hire agency is an integral element of the market economy system. It regulates the volume of demand and supply of the labor force, and its distribution between sectors of the economy, and contributes to increasing the professional and geographical mobility of the labor force. Australia is a country that puts forward considerable requirements for candidates for certain positions, so to get a good job you should be highly qualified. It doesn’t take much work to get an unskilled job. But still, there are times when you need to get a labor-hire license.

The labor hire license in South Australia is mandatory for all services that provide hiring. Users of labor recruitment services may only use a licensed labor recruitment service provider. If you provide a worker or workers to another business or other person to carry out work; you should consider whether you are operating as a labor supplier and whether you have a license. To receive a license is necessary to do through a legal labor hire agency. 

Which Industry Requires A License? 

It is quite difficult to get a good well-paid job in Australia since the country’s policy is focused on the employment, first of all, of its citizens. In addition, the applicant for some professions will have to obtain a labor hire license. Note that there can be a slight difference in obtaining a license in Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia. You, as a provider of employment services, must obtain a work license without fail if your company’s activity is related to

  • gardening;
  • processing of meat or seafood, as well as fish;
  • cleaning services.

Significant penalties apply if you do not provide license information to either the agent or the receiving party.

Once you have obtained your labor hire license in Victoria, you, as owners, must complete an annual report. This is what any company in any corner of the world does. Within 28 days of the start of the reporting period, you must file your annual return with the relevant authorities; the fiscal year includes 12 months from the date the license was first issued.  

The same industries should obtain a labor hire license in South Australia. Businesses that, for one reason or another, have fallen under the scope of license laws should review the company activities; seek advice from specialists and, if necessary, contact a legal company as soon as possible to obtain a particular license. 

Information released by the government suggests that a partial refund may be available for businesses that no longer need a license. To understand the situation better, it is always advised to get in touch with the responsible people. You can google ‘labor hire near me agencies’ and appoint a meeting in order to avoid problems with the authorities in the future. 

For registration:

For registration, you will need to prepare a package of papers; which should include a document that indicates current information about who the person submitting the application is; what business line will be opened, what services and products will be provided as part of the business; and so on.

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