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What Interactive Methods Will Assist Your Kid in Learning Math?

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Here’s a fun fact that you’ve probably never heard about. In 2014, a group of researchers began to study census data back to 1990. According to the data, the US dropout rate rose to a new high of 11.4% when students were required to take six math and science courses. A similar study in 2013 also showed that the dropout rate in mathematics is up to 47%.

This begs the question: why do so many kids struggle to learn math? Although modern students now have numerous websites to learn math, there’s still an anxiety pandemic within the academic community. Fortunately, this guide will explore some efficient interactive methods to help any kid learn math. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Why Do Kids Struggle to Learn Math?

Does your kid struggle to grasp math concepts? You aren’t alone. Math can seem difficult to many kids for several reasons.

For starters, math is a cumulative subject. Each new concept builds upon the previous one. Think of it as a precarious flight of stairs. If you miss one step, chances are you’ll never make it to the next one. In the same vein, kids need to understand one concept before they move on to the next one. For instance, if they don’t understand addition, they’ll find multiplication even harder. So, if your child is struggling to learn math, it might be worthwhile to look into their foundation, as there might be a learning gap lurking somewhere.

Math anxiety is another reason your child might struggle to learn math. With this phenomenon affecting up to 93% of adult US Americans, it’s essential to watch out for signs of math anxiety in your kid. If they experience panic attacks or begin to avoid math situations, they may be suffering from math anxiety.

Finally, if your child struggles to learn math, it might be time to amp up the entertainment. Using the age-old traditional teaching method may seem like the only way to learn math. However, it’s not. When you integrate interactive learning strategies into each lesson, you’ll certainly increase your child’s motivation to learn math.

Which Interactive Methods Will Help Your Kid Learn Math?

So, we’ve established that an interactive teaching method is the go-to hack for helping kids learn math. But what interactive methods actually do the trick? If you’re in doubt, try out these three methods:

Physical activities

What do your child’s math lessons look like? Picture this scenario: it’s a math class, and all the kids are seated at their desks, listening to the math teacher drone on. What could be wrong with this picture? It’s simple: the class is boring.

When kids are forced to sit in one spot for over thirty minutes or an hour, they’ll get restless. Consequently, they’ll be unable to take in anything the tutor says. Thus, to keep them engaged and open to learning, it’s advisable to throw in a few physical math activities.

For instance, you could organize a scavenger hunt where you and your kid search for geometric shapes and patterns. 

Math as a part of their daily lives

As adults, we use math daily, whether or not we know it. If you’re trying to help your kid learn math, a great way to start is by showing them how it can be used in their daily lives. However, it’s not enough to simply show them; they’ll need to act it out as well. So, how do you pull this off? 

It’s quite simple. When you go grocery shopping, you could help them practice math by asking them to calculate the total cost of all the items in your shopping cart. They could also practice math with the items on sale. For instance, if an item worth $35 is on sale for 25% off, you coils ask them to calculate the sale price. 

This way, math isn’t just an abstract subject to them but, instead, a core part of their life with which they interact daily.

Math Games

Math games are also an excellent interactive teaching method designed to help any struggling student. Wondering why math games are a killer idea? For starters, they help to boost motivation. When math concepts are presented through games and missions, kids will be more willing to learn.

In the same vein, several studies have shown that game-based learning allows for easier knowledge acquisition and retention. This explains why many math websites now integrate educational games into their curriculum.

What Are the Best Sites to Learn Math?

If you’ll like your kid to learn math online, you’ll have to choose a website with a standard curriculum and interactive teaching methods. Let’s take a quick look at the best ones of the lot, shall we?


If you’re looking for a learning platform with interactive teaching methods, Brighterly.com is easily the best place to learn math. With a standard-aligned curriculum and game-based teaching strategy, this platform offers you the best of both worlds. With Brighterly, your kid will get to learn math through a combination of interactive resources such as games, videos, and worksheets. It also offers one-on-one tutor interaction, ensuring your child gets all the academic attention they need. This way, the tutor can easily spot any learning gaps and fix them immediately.

Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is a close alternative to Brighterly for parents who want something different. This fantasy-based game teaches kids math concepts by sending them on fun missions. Kids compete in math duels against characters or other learners in this game. They can win the duel by answering a series of questions correctly.

Prodigy is an excellent choice because it covers a wide range of content while providing learners with the right amount of interaction they need to grasp concepts.

Have Fun With Math Today

Are you ready to transform your kid into a math guru? Sign them up for math games and lessons today! With comprehensive websites like Brighterly, you’re in for a very fulfilling ride.

Good luck!

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