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How to Leverage Advertising in a Populous City

If you are looking to advertise in a populous city like New York, LA, Chicago, Boston, or Tulsa, then you have a myriad of marketing techniques and options at your fingertips. In rural or suburban areas, advertising is limited to large billboards on major highways. Some rural areas with a small population are ad-free since the number of potential impressions would be insufficient for a return on investment. Fortunately, business owners are almost certain to receive a return on investment when advertising in a large city. There are plenty of unique advertising formats and locations in an urban space, but some locations are more advantageous than others. 


In urban spaces, the cost of an advertisement varies depending on the size and the number of impressions it might generate. Areas with more foot traffic tend to cost more. Tulsa billboards, for instance, will be more expensive in areas with a lot of tourists. These include Tulsa Zoo, Oklahoma Aquarium, Center of the Universe, Blue Whale of Catoosa, and Woodward Park. Most Tulsa billboards are placed strategically along Interstate 44, Interstate 244, U.S. Route 75, and U.S. Route 169. The placement of Tulsa billboards along major highways is optimal for a general audience or employees around Oklahoma who travel into the city for work. 

Depending on your audience, you may also want to advertise using billboards placed near sports stadiums, universities, or airports. Tulsa billboards placed in sports stadiums tend to target sports fans and families while Tulsa billboards near universities target students and young adults. If your target audience consists of tourists or busy travelers, the airport is an obvious choice. If you are seeking a more affordable advertising option, mobile billboards and airport ads can be great alternatives to the large billboards on major highways. 


Billboards are some of the most impactful and commonly found forms of advertising in cities. While the classic billboard can generate valuable impressions, it’s not the only option for a business owner. In advertising, there are multiple types of posters and displays that are classified as “billboards.” These include static, mobile, and digital billboards.

Billboards usually portray eye-catching images and slogans or messages with minimal wording. Whether they are traveling by car or on foot, your intended audience won’t have much time to read a lengthy billboard. It’s best to raise awareness of your brand or promotion in a memorable, creative way rather than attempting to convey more intricate details or points of contact. If an intended consumer remembers your billboard, they are likely to research your company or promotion online later.

Mobile billboards can be found on trucks, bicycles, or taxis, and when presented in a digital format, they are 97% more effective than ordinary billboards. These digital billboards often contain video and even animated elements in order to capture viewers’ attention. Digital billboards may also rotate through multiple ads in addition to yours; making them cheaper than other types of static advertising. You can also rotate through multiple types of ads from your own campaign in order to better target different markets. Our world is already constantly aware of digital media on our phones, so incorporating video into OOH advertising is a continuation of the content that we already consume.

Wait Marketing

Populous cities offer even more locations for ads on high-rise buildings and public transportation. Wait marketing is a technique used by advertisers to target consumers during moments of downtime or transition. When traveling by bus, plane, or car, commuters in the city may be more likely to look at ads if they have nothing else to do. While at-home advertising in the form of TV or social media ads is also effective; wait marketing allows advertisers to seize those moments in which busy city people are idle.

Street Furniture

In addition to bus stop and transit ads, you may also see ads plastered on “street furniture” around the city. Street furniture can be anything from benches and trash cans to planters and lampposts. Street furniture tends to blend in with an ordinary urban environment and assumes a less intrusive appearance. If you’re looking for a less expensive form of advertising that targets a niche audience; street furniture might be right for your campaign. Street furniture and wildposting ads are especially effective when they include stylized graphics or sayings familiar to an urban audience.


It can initially be overwhelming to advertise in a populous city. How do you cut through the clutter of flashing lights and other advertisements in order to reach your target audience? Fortunately, there are many types of urban advertising that you can use to your advantage. If your target audience frequents a certain location, you might choose to place a billboard there. You might also choose airport advertising or street furniture if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to advertise. Since populous cities can generate impressions in the millions; however, it does seem worthwhile to invest in a strategic location and format for your ad campaign.

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