Games That Are More Than Our Hobby

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  There are many interesting fantastic games all over the world like Skyrim. New gaming studios are creating them with the desire to conquer a place in our hearts. Many fans help the creators to change the game in a better way. It is a marvelous gaming world in that everyone is involved. After a hard-working day, you are willing to eat and chill. However, We recommend you to rest and chill with the online casino, which you can join via our link Play fair and have fun! Here is the latest interesting news from the gaming world. 

 Final Fantasy 16

     Various gaming publications were able to play through a small, specially prepared fragment of Final Fantasy 16 and publish their reviews. Most of them agree that it is this game that deviates most from the usual canon of the series, emphasizing gloom and action.

   And even big fans of the old parts admitted that it looks promising. The journalists were given a run in a relatively small part of the game, almost limited to one fairly typical castle. Much more emphasis in this fragment was made on the action than on the story; so it was necessary to first deal with the crowds of soldiers, and then fight in three different boss fights.

     The first battle was in the format of a man against a man; the second was a man against an incredibly giant monster; and finally, the final battle was the battle of two incredibly giant monsters. Also, All these stages were praised as extremely interesting, challenging, and dynamic. In the fencing segments, many have noted the influence of Ryota Suzuki; who worked on the staging of fights in Devil May Cry 5. Separately, it is worth mentioning that classic fights are interrupted by mini-cutscenes that make the battle more cinematic and cool.

     In these scenes, the player must press the QTE. Reviewers were neutral or even positive about this; pointing out that this decision allows players to stay involved in the process, and not just watch the cutscene. However, the moment may not be to everyone’s taste.

   Although the presented fragment was noted by some as very beautiful; it all boiled down to the fact that there was not much to explore here. It remains to be hoped that in the game itself, it will be better with this.

Mods For Skyrim

     At the end of last year, the legendary The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim celebrated its eleventh birthday. Despite its venerable age, the game still does not lose popularity. Moreover, the interest of modders and gamers in the title is only growing.

     According to Nexus Mods statistics, in January 2023; the number of downloads of mods for Special Edition for the first time in the history of the site exceeded 100 million; and stopped at 113 million. Add to this another 3-4 million downloads that fall on the original version of Skyrim.

     The number of mods downloaded is also growing. Every month, the Nexus Mods collection is replenished with a total of two thousand modifications. This is a fantastic result, especially considering that Nexus Mods is not the only Skyrim mod portal. And yet another proof that many years ago Todd Howard made a brilliant decision by betting on the modding community.

     The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is available on all possible platforms, including smart speakers and toilets.

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