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Slipperyt belongs to My Ordinary Life and it is a beautifully animated, laugh-out-loud comedy series for the lovers of anime series. This is also known as Kyoto Animation’s best series. This is the best type of animated series and its name is My ordinary life and its real name is Nichijou.

Introduction of Slipperyt:

If you want to read or watch any comedy and the best kind of animated but fully slapstick comedy then you should watch or read out this slipperyt which is also known as My ordinary life

Then you should watch or read a prank by an amazing-looking author and his name is Nichijou. And he is a surreal slapstick comedy. This is the best way of making us laugh, and full of entertainment. This is the best way of doing the same thing.

Slipperyt and novel based story:

It is the best type of comedy and funny novel and it is followed by the daily lives of the eccentric people of Tokisadame. Despite all the good and fun things, this is the best and most large story and cast of this movie.

Slipperyt and part of movies:

This movie or we can say that this novel has been based on two parts. And this movie is divided into two main halves and it is also divided into two sets of point-of-view characters and stories. Both parts are very famous due to their fantastic story and theme.

Both parts are divided into some prominently featured stories and also on characters. The first part and we can say half of the problem is that Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, and Mai Minakami. They are three best and fast friends. The story is based on these best friends. They are also known as three dear friends and classmates from a high school. All three boys are always taking naps at each other during class time. And they are very jolly and fun-loving boys in their high school.

Helvetica Standard and Sakamoto-san:

The other portion of this story and this chapter has been driven by Nano Shinonome’s perspective. She is a very beautiful and charming robot girl and she is with a big key on the back of this story. Also, She lives with her creator type of robot and she is an eight-year-old girl. And she has a simple name of Hakase and she is talking like a cat Sakamoto-san.

Every episode of this show has the best characters and she becomes great progress of her friends, family, and other residents of that town through a series of segmenting characters drawn from the original manga series. And she belongs to the original Nichijou manga animated series.

Slipperyt and rising sun:

It is the best time for the rising Sun and then the writer has decided on the name of this story. And this story will give the best review of two years of making.

Nichijou and Slipperyt (My Ordinary Life)


Nichijou: The best character of this series:

He is the best character in this animated and comedy series and this story is based on a manga novel. The name of the television story is My Ordinary Life and it is a surreal slapstick series which has been created by Keiichi Awari this story was adapted to television by the famous production house and its name is Kyoto Animation. 

Funimation production:

Among all the best production teams and famous directors, the developing team has a large international fan base and followership. This is the best-animated show but this show failed due to breaking even in Japan. But after six years of this successful show and series, then this type of animation crashed and burned at home in Japan. Then the big name in production house Funimation has finally into the animation world and this company gave a new life to this comedy series. This movie has released initially as a cult classic in the United States of America.

Plotting of this story:

The series revolves around the daily lives of the three young boys who live in a standard city in Japan. Although, this animated series has two main parts and the story is also portioned screen-time and converges on the screen. So we can say that this series has been divided into two main and important portions. 

The first part is normally famous due to the female character and her name is Yuuko. She is an extremely unlucky girl. She meets badly accident in her entire character as well. And when we talk about Mio then we come to know that she is a hothead with some dirty tastes in the entire manga series. Mai is a very quiet and cool type of girl.

Best characters of this Slipperyt:

The sections of this animated series have portioned between two main themes. One is general and the other is over the top of the story. These portions are known as generally over-the-top and when any user or viewer has turned out things then they come to know that most people would find small or even stupid into the biggest deals in this animated world. Then these two sections will give Nichijou a new start-up and also a new life. My Ordinary Life becomes most praised by the animation crowd and world. 

The second group:

In the second group of this story and movie, the latest type has been introduced and the name and gender of that robot are girl and Nano. A young Professor whose name is Hakase and she condescending and talks with the cat Mr. Sakamoto. 

The second section of this movie is generally focusing on the calmer, and funniest part of the story and it has become more amazing when the Azumanga Daioh character has come and he is known for his style of humor with his cute and polite attire and behavior.

He is wanting to behave and use with their little touches on the weirdness of the main characters. The Nano is very cute and funny and also her acting is very fun to watch.

 But the creator of Nano and professor of this university Mr. Sakamoto, is wanting and insisting that Nano and Hakase should respect him as an elder but it is running as a fun gag.

Miss Kobayashi in My Ordinary life:


When we discuss and talk about all the funny and amazing characters then we must mention and discuss the most favorite character Miss Kobayashi and her Dragon. And her dragon name is Maid. This is the most difficult part of Nichijou in My Ordinary Life when the story comes to animation quality and standard.

In the first part of this story, the animation is full of fluid, snappy, and energetic portion. This is a series of over-the-top gags and exciting characters as well.

Funimation and Nichijou‘s production:

Bad luck, this Funimation has opted to release the entire series without any dub. But this series has many parts of Nichijou‘s and gags would be difficult and it is impossible to dub properly in every language for the rest of the world.

Slipperyt’s availability:

This famous comedy series My Ordinary Life is easily available in different formats and it is available on Blu-ray and DVD after six long years of waiting for this amazing manga series.

Adaption of series:

This series has been adopted from the gag manga by the famous writer Keiichi Arawi. And all the world is knowing and considers as My Ordinary Life and this is a surreal slapstick for comedy and fun that is making for the entire story. This mission has made all the people laugh, and blimey as well. This series does a brilliant business.

Episodes of Slipperyt:

This animated series has been divided into 26-episode and this series tells about the daily lives of the eccentric and amazing residents of the town of Tokisadame which is located in Japan.

And all the cast and characters have a large ensemble cast and crew. This is mainly split into two halves and portions between two sets of point-of-view characters and cast. They both are quite prominently featured in all characters.

The first portion of this anime is seen through the eyes of viewers and this part becomes the troublemaking trio of famous characters and their names are Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, and Mai Minakami.

They are three close friends and classmates. They all are very naughty and fun-loving boys. And the trio is forever taking jabs at each other in their class.

However, the second part of this series is more famous due to the appearance of Nano Shinonome and also her perspective.

She is a living robot and a girl. And she carries a giant key on her back. And she lives with her creator and she is also a girl. She is an eight-year-old girl and she was known as “Hakase” in her hometown. She is also a Professor of English subject in her university. And they are talking like cat Sakamoto-san. 

Each episode is showing both the antics and modern lifestyle of boys and girls. And the main characters are going on with their friends, family, and other residents of this town as well.

Kyoto Animation and Slipperyt storyline:


This is the best and most popular series in entire Japan. This is also known as animated and manga series. And this series has produced and filmed by a famous animation production and its name is Kyoto Animation. And this series has directed by Tatsuya Ishihara.

This is one of the studio’s shows and series which is selling not only in Japan. And this story has been underappreciated by many viewers and when this story is compared to a lot of other anime series then we would most appreciate it due to its best quality picture, animation, and voices.

The comedy series has started with a Lucky Star and it has a very simple template but it is a lot harder to get into this story.

This series has the best and most good quality sounds and it has also come with some great sound effects work under a perfect team. And it has an excellent soundtrack and is composed by Yuuji Nomi. The story is an opening theme and these series are provided by Hyadain and her real name is Kenichi Maeyamada. The story is the ending theme for the first 13 episodes and it follows “Zzz” by Sayaka Sasaki.

Voice over artists and talent:

This series has come with many amazing voice-over artists his name is Morgan Lauré and he is brilliant and provides her circle on Yuuko. And this is working with paired Mr. Leah Clark. And he also gives all the voices to Mio. 

However, Brittany Lauda is also given the job of matching with the voice of the deadpan voice and his name as Misuzu Togashi. And he is providing the voice for Mai.

I must say the Japanese people and cast could not beat anyone in this world. They are very strong and amazing people. And they also come to their exciting and joyful reactions.

Mariko Honda gives the fantastic voice of Yuuko and he brilliantly delivers the jokes, while he sees some impressive moments and memorable history from Mai Aizawa as Mio.

All the fans of Kyoto Animation would be recognized and they give some cross-over from a Lucky Star. And she is Shiraishi Minoru and he becomes more notorious for playing himself and singing a song for this super animated series.

And he is giving his brilliant voice to Sakamoto-san and Kaoru Mizuhara. Moreover, he gives the voice of Ayano Minegishi. He is a voicing science teacher of Kana Nakamura and even Aya Hirano. And he voiced Konata Izumi makes a comedy as the narrator in Episode 9.

Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Who is Nichijou?

Ans: He is a jolly and fun-loving boy. And he lives in the main city of Japan. He is also a student.

2: Who is Robot girl?

Ans: Nano Shinonomes She is a very beautiful and charming robot girl and she is with a big key on her back.

3: What niche is based on this slipperyt series?

Ans: This series is based on the funny and comedy niche.

4: What is the total number of episodes?

Ans: The total number of episodes is 26.

5: Which type of this series, My ordinary life?

Ans: This series, My ordinary life is belongs to the comedy and trio comic manga series.

The final words:

Slipperyt belongs to My Ordinary Life and it is a beautifully animated, laugh-out-loud comedy series for the lovers of anime series. This is also known as Kyoto Animation’s best series. 

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