Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment 

A set of stainless steel restaurant equipment should correspond to the profile of the main production. A large number of items in this category is due to the need to use auxiliary items and devices for many technological operations. Therefore, when developing a specification, the format of the enterprise, the scale, the existing and future menu, a set of products, semi-finished products, and cooking technology are taken into account. 

What Range of Equipment For Restaurant is Supplied? 

In addition to heating, refrigeration and other types of basic equipment, the kitchen requires a lot of auxiliary items, without which a full-fledged cooking process is impossible. Neutral catering equipment is made mainly of stainless steel, durable, resistant to detergents and safe for health. There is quite a wide range of stainless steel kitchen equipment on the market — work tables, stands for equipment, cabinets, shelving, shelves for dishes, serving trolleys and trolleys for collecting dishes, ventilation hoods and parts for ventilation systems, etc.

Stainless steel is the best material for this type of equipment. Its because of it that neutral equipment for public catering facilities (including restaurants) distinguished not only by hygiene, but also by extremely high corrosion resistance. It is very convenient and practical. Some products made only partially from metal, while others made entirely from this type of stainless material.  

Why Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment 

The bigger the restaurant, the more units of additional stainless steel kitchen equipment will required. For restaurants and canteens, where the flow of customers is large, dish drying racks, racks, carts, tables and ventilation umbrellas will be required. Also, Proper selection of equipment guarantees cleanliness in the kitchen, and this is one of the important conditions that must be observed in food production. Among the advantages are:

  • The equipment is certified.
  • A wide selection of standard sizes will allow you to choose the equipment that is right for your space. Production of products according to your sizes is possible.
  • 100% stainless steel.
  • Variety of equipment.
  • Neutral equipment is convenient for transportation. The equipment delivered unassembled (except carts, cabinets and exhaust hoods).
  • Proven quality. The stainless steel restaurant equipment meets all sanitary and technological standards.
  • Legs adjustable in height. Avoids installation problems on uneven floors
  • Edge hem. The edges of the products bent and processed in such a way; as to maximize the safety of work on the equipment.
  • Reinforced durability.
  • Working kit. 

Also, kitchen cabinets and hairpins are made from metal, on which kitchen utensils are also loaded. The reason for this is due to the constant use by restaurant staff, these items must be strong; as well as durable, because they are quite expensive.

It is difficult to imagine that these items made of any other material than the notorious stainless steel. These items used daily, moreover, when employees put dishes on them; they do not think about how to do it carefully. This factor also a good reason for these items to made entirely of metal and not some other material.

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