What Should You Know About Switching Energy Suppliers in the UK?

Switching energy and utility providers in the UK doesn’t have to turn into an ordeal for clients. In reality, utility providers intend to make the entire process as seamless as possible. Customers switching energy suppliers has increased dramatically in recent years. Moreover, an estimated 6.4 million UK homes changed their energy providers by 2020.

The fact that so many individuals are changing and conserving is excellent news. However, many other homes never switched. Consumers are concerned about how the system operates. 

This is among the primary reasons for not switching. 

Let’s explore some of the topmost facts you should know when switching energy suppliers.

No Need to Get in Touch with Old Suppliers

Many people think they will have to contact their old suppliers, go through a complex process of terminating the energy contract, and turn ugly. However, the reality is quite the opposite. You only have to send an official request to your old supplier regarding the switch. This is it. 

There is nothing more to it, and they will contact your new supplier to determine a switch-over date. The suppliers will handle everything by themselves, leaving the customer out of it.

No Need for Replacement for Switching Energy Suppliers

Some people are also concerned that they will have to get new meters, cables, and other items from their new suppliers. This will cost them additional charges, time and will drive up their total costs. However, this is not true. Everything is done through the internet.

 Your meter, as well as any cables or pipes, will not need to be replaced. As a result, there is no need for a house visit. The new provider will keep on using the previous equipment.

Moreover, the only changes will be regarding the new tariff costs and the utility bills. The new provider will not cut you off and will keep offering the same energy and gas down the previous pipes and cables.

No Double Billing if Switching Energy Suppliers

Some people also think that changing over to a new supplier will result in double billing, and they may have to pay twice for the same month. This is not true. 

The old supplier will only charge you for the electricity or utilities used until the switch-over date. The new supplier will also send you a bill that will cover your electricity or gas usage after the switch-over date. The overall cost should remain the same, and you will not be billed twice.

Change Your Mind Anytime

You can also change your mind anytime regarding the switch and inform the new supplier in time. Typically, they require a notice 14 days before the decided switch-over date. Similarly, a single notice will serve the purpose, and you will not have to get into any long arguments or meetings with the new supplier.

Why Should You Switch Your Utility Provider?

Many people have switched over their energy providers in the last decade. It is time for you to choose the best utility bidder online and find a new provider for your electricity and gas needs. 

Such bidders will offer the best tariffs and options in your area, and you can easily make the switch while saving your hard-earned money. Get started now for Switching Energy Suppliers!

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