What is free love Tarot card reading?

Free love Tarot card reading is a whole art and, at the same time, a philosophy. The cards reflect the world system, while the drawings on them are imbued with deep meaning. The person has an opportunity to ask them both philosophical and everyday questions. They are able to help in acquiring and knowing yourself, as well as answer questions about relationships, love, the thoughts of another person and your own.

Rules of free love Tarot reading

In order to reach the best effect from reading, follow these rules:
  • Do not ask the same question twice during fortune-telling, even in different wordings. Only the first option will be true, and the second question will confuse you.
  • Before free love Tarot reading, try to tune into a meditative mode, throw out unnecessary thoughts from your head.
  • When asking a question, don’t think about your situation, especially if it affects your feelings deeply. Emotions can lead to the fact that the questioner won’t receive the truth in the answer.
  • When asking about a certain person, try to imagine his/her image as clearly as possible.
If you follow these recommendations, your free tarot reading love will be successful and you will discover many new things for yourself. Remember that the result of Tarot reading is not final, everything is in your hands.

Love Tarot spread free in practice

Tarot love reading is the most popular request of the clients. There is an example of free love Tarot card reading, which will help you find out whether a man treats you as a loved one, whether you should transfer the relationship to another stage or it is better to remain friends. You need to take nine cards from the deck one by one and arrange them in three vertical rows – the first three, the second three, and the last three, where:
  1. The first card will describe how your friend intends to act in the near future.
  2. The second will tell what feelings he really has for you.
  3. The third will tell if he is going to take the first step to make the relationship romantic.
  4. The fourth will describe what he likes most about you.
  5. The fifth – what annoys him about you.
  6. The sixth will tell what he expects from you.
  7. The seventh – whether it is possible that this friendship will turn into love.
  8. The eights – what not to count on.
  9. The last card will reveal how long your relationship will last.
Try to reveal important loving issues for you with the help of love Tarot spread free!

Why do you need free Tarot reading love?

When will I meet my love? How does he or she feel about me? What is the future of our relationship? Is it time to break up? These questions concern both men and women at any age. They can occur both at the initial stage of the relationship during the period of love, as well as when the couple is already married. In order to clear your thoughts, turn to free love Tarot card reading! In difficult or uncertain cases, it is easier to understand the state of affairs and make a decision if you look at the situation from the outside. In fact, Tarot cards provide such an opportunity. Free love Tarot reading will help you learn about the expectations of each partner, the person’s feelings and attitude towards you, prospects for the development of relationships and everything you are interested in!

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