The Beginner’s Guide to Organic SEO

In today’s modern world, unprecedented access to information for the average consumer has created some unique challenges for businesses when it comes to marketing. While there is still a valid and important place for more traditional methods of marketing that focus on television, ads; and even printed media, the internet has introduced new changes. What is Organic SEO?

The main change that has challenged marketing techniques has been accessing to mammoth search engines like Google. Never before has the average consumer had so much information that is only one Google search away. This means that a good or service they could be in the market for they now have unparalleled access to. The average consumer can with one Google search find suppliers for any need they may have all over the world. 

So how do businesses in today’s current market make themselves known and acquire the recognition they need to be successful and attract new customers? The challenge here lies in the sheer volume of information that a simple Google inquiry can produce. If you have ever typed a query into Google’s search engine; then you know what it’s like to see literally millions of results populate. 

For most people, the concept of actually combing these millions of possibilities is completely out of the question. Even if they wanted to; the sheer volume of options that come up in a Google search makes it virtually impossible. 

The challenge that businesses have is in getting their website to show up in a higher ranking on Google’s search results in related queries. This is an effective and powerful way that has been proven time; and again to attract customers and increase a website’s traffic. The more visible your business is on Google, the better chances you have at attracting new customers. 

The Power of SEO

One of the most powerful tools for getting a better ranking on Google’s search engine results is called SEO; which stands for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, this is a method of creating or enhancing already created; content that is optimized for Google’s search engine. The idea behind this is simple, SEO content in a nutshell is designed to specifically integrate with Google’s algorithms to make Google view the content as valuable. 

The more valuable Google sees your website content; the higher ranking it will give it in a search engine results page. That being said, while the concept behind SEO is simple; the process is an in-depth one that takes a lot of commitment, time, and quality. 

Are There Different Types of SEO Content?

When it comes to SEO, there are different kinds of SEO content and methods of creating SEO content to choose from. There is local SEO, organic SEO, and technical SEO. Organic SEO, as its name implies, is the most holistic and organic way of growing your web content’s natural value in the Google algorithm. Organic SEO is one of the most popular and powerful ways of truly optimizing your online presence with content that will perform well on Google search engine results.

What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is comprised of three main pillars, content writing, on-page optimization, and using meta tags and backlinks. Let’s take a quick look at what each of these offers.

Organic SEO Written Content

This is one of the most important facets of organic SEO and what sets it apart from other forms. Organic SEO is well-written, blog-style content that lives on your website. The reason it’s called ‘organic’ is that these written pieces will cover topics that are organically related to your product or servcies. Not only that, but because the writing quality is high; customers who stumble upon this content through related Google searches will be drawn to your website. 

This is a unique chance for businesses to expand their brand and win over potential clients’ respect by writing powerful; high-quality content that answers questions they have and relates to issues they care about.

On-Page Optimization  

This is where a website’s content can be enhanced with proper keywords and powerful backlinks to make content that already exists more appealing to Google’s algorithms. This is a powerful way to optimize brand setting content that already exists. 

Lastly, the SEO content that is both created, and content that is enhanced; will use specific meta tags, keywords, and powerful backlinking to enhance its value. The correct keywords that correspond to the most popular related google searches allow consumers to find the content organically. 


The reason that brands want to go organic SEO is that it simply is the best option for growing their brand; winning customer trust with high-quality content, and improving their ranking on Google’s search engine results. This method takes a lot of hard work, and it takes creating content that your existing and potential customers want; however, it has huge payoffs and is well worth the time and effort.

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