The Use Of Mascots And VIBA Connect To Promote Your Brand

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A perfect business associate for producing efficient and fruitful marketing

When formulating any kind of communication activity in the field of marketing, it is very necessary to separate oneself from the competition. This is a well-established truth. Your message’s receivers are almost definitely quite busy, so if you want them to give you the gift of their attention, you’ll need to find a way to distinguish oneself from the ambient noise in some way.

As a consequence of this, you have been successful in convincing a sizable number of individuals to pause what they were doing and focus their attention on your company for a period of time that is not insignificant.

Developing long-lasting connections with others

It is one thing to be known, to draw attention, to turn heads, and even why not, to generate sales; but it is an entirely other thing to develop a connection that will last for a long time. You may agree with this statement.

One kind of communication that is always going to be more successful than any other is one that appeals directly to an individual’s feelings and develops emotional connections with them. In addition, it has been shown that the majority of the choices you make are influenced by emotional factors; despite the fact that you are often unwilling to think of it in that light.

We can always use virtual mascots to serve as brand ambassadors in this next iteration of the marketing plan, we can only hope.

Advantages to Be Obtained from Utilizing Virtual Mascots

One of the most effective ways to build a strong brand and promote your product or service is to utilize an ambassador of this kind. Virtual mascots, like the Virtual Interactive Brand Ambassador used by VIBA, can help you promote your brand.

To summarize, there are a number of distinct advantages to pursuing this technique, including the following:

Better communication

In most cases, pets serve as an effective mediator between the customer and the company’s brand, product; or service, supplying the sentimental component of a good energy environment.

Complete and utter adaptability

Experience has shown that a well-designed and widely distributed mascot may operate just as well; if not better, as an ambassador as a well-known figure can. A mascot is capable of taking on an infinite variety of personas and demeanors and may put in any circumstance that can be conceived of.

Quick identification

The processing capabilities of the human brain are primarily geared toward the identification; and storage of tangible shapes and pictures, rather than words and phrases. With their humanized appearances or behaviors, pets take advantage of this and encourage it.

Integrity of the image 

The usage of a mascot throughout numerous campaigns and communication activities; on diverse formats and supports, ensures homogeneity and prevents brand, product, or service dilution.

Reinforcement of one’s identity 

Mascots are an efficient tool for communicating a company’s vision, purpose; and core values within the context of a brand strategy ( & Development – Video & Lesson Transcript |; all one has to do is take a cursory glance at their outward appearance, mannerisms, and actions.

When creating a mascot, it is important to take the following into consideration:

Parameters like form and color, which have such a significant psychological impact on our feelings; are of course perfectly appropriate in this scenario, just as they are in the context of corporate identification.

In addition to this, you will need to analyze other factors such as the individual’s attire; their ability to operate items, and so on. On the other hand, it is possible to change your mascot’s appearance in order to take advantage of particular marketing opportunities throughout the year (Christmas, for example), as well as various sales times.

It is a common saying that one communicates the most via their facial expressions. Therefore, our mascot must be capable of doing at least the most basic facial expressions such as speaking; moving the brows (if applicable), and opening and closing the eyes in various ways.

All of this will be significantly influenced by the face’s morphology; therefore it’s important to understand the expressions you want your mascot to make. All of this is given a heightened level of significance in the face motion of the mascot; which, in the case of 3D figures; is realized via the use of something called “blend-shapes.”

A great deal of thought should go into how your mascot can move and express themselves physically. Because the task of defining the character’s facial expressions and bodily positions has already been completed; the “character’s bible” will soon be in hand.

In order to effectively communicate, you design (or modify) your mascot

Creating a successful marketing-oriented mascot takes an in-depth understanding of the complete creative arc; including color psychology, character design, animation, and the brand or product or service you’re trying to advertise.

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