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5 Reasons Why Startups Need Venture Builders by Ruslan Tymofieiev, the Founder of CLUST

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Ruslan Tymofieiev is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, founder, and managing partner of the venture fund Adventures Lab and the founder of the venture builder CLUST. In a recent article, Ruslan Tymofieiev set an exemplary notion point about how startup businesses use venture builders to increase their chances of success.

Do you know that only 10% of startups can survive the cruel beginning shenanigans? Compare that to the amount of receding resources, and you don’t even stand a chance to fight the battle alone! However, as Ruslan notes, there is a business model that allows for avoiding stereotypical mistakes and increasing the chances of success. This is a partnership with a venture builder.

Let’s learn more about the venture studios and how they can contribute to your business success and scale it up to 3 times the current rates!

What are Venture Builders?

In the article, Ruslan Tymofieiev explains the true essence of venture builders in detail. 

Venture builder studios like CLUST are a new breed of business model that works like rewriting the business script but with a better success rate (almost three times higher). 

The professionals working as venture builders are designated entrepreneurial champions in the industry with fantastic management skills and profound experience,

What Do They Do For You?

They MANAGE! Venture builders are investors, but they don’t invest money. Instead, they invest time, effort, and experience to help you manage your investments. They manage your initial resources and use their expertise to support you whenever you need them. 

They’re the co-founding pillars that create the foundation for your new startup business venture. They are always ready to turn the tables around and make your ordinary startups extraordinary.

To make your business thrive, you need venture builders like CLUST who can turn your startup dream into a living, breathing reality. It’s time to opt for less struggle and more hustle. Build a professional network, and take control to redefine your entrepreneurial journey!

5 Reasons Why Startups Need Venture Builders like CLUST

Launching a startup can be intimidating, but it’s all the better with venture builders. 

Here are five reasons why startups need venture builders like CLUST to propel their venture towards success:

Funding and Resource Powerhouse:

Venture builders come equipped with the financial muscle and diverse resources you need to bring your ideas to life. Their funding helps cover development costs, while the vast network they offer unlocks access to crucial tools, technologies, and talent. 

Your business can access huge investors, legal support, and development infrastructure readily available.

Expertise on Tap:

Ditch the learning curve and harness the wisdom of seasoned professionals. Venture builders assemble teams with experience in product development, marketing, fundraising, and more. 

Whether you need strategic guidance or operational know-how, their expertise becomes your competitive edge, putting you ahead.

Lightning-Fast Development:

Venture builders manage even the tiniest details and streamline the development process. Leveraging their experience and skills, they design a unique infrastructure for your business to accelerate product creation and market launch. 

This way, your business can outpace the competition and capitalize on fleeting opportunities before anybody else.

Networking Supercharger:

Expanding your network can be a daunting task for a young startup. Venture builders boast extensive connections with investors, industry leaders, and potential partners. 

You can get instant access to a network that opens doors to funding, collaboration, market expansion, and whatnot.

Shared Risk and Reward:

Unlike traditional investors, venture builders often take an equity stake in your company, aligning their interests with yours. This creates a true partnership where they actively share the risks and rewards of your venture. This unique incentive ensures they go the extra mile to see your idea flourish.

Cracking the Startup Code: A Step-by-Step Guide to Venture Builder Partnerships

The world of venture builders holds immense potential for aspiring entrepreneurs. But how do these partnerships work? Let’s delve into the key stages that turn innovative ideas into thriving startups:

Stage # 1: Idea Ignition

Venture builders receive a pool of proposals from innovators and teams. Through rigorous analysis, they identify ideas with high growth potential, market competitiveness, and a touch of ingenuity.

Stage # 2: Development Forge —Blueprinting the Future

The chosen ideas embark on a transformation. Business models are meticulously crafted, market research conducted, and comprehensive development plans formulated. Venture builders act as your navigators, guiding you through the complexities of launching and scaling a business.

Stage # 3: Investment Powerhouse

To fuel the journey ahead, the venture builders invest in capital. Investments are made from both their own and external sources to boost your business vision. This trust leads to becoming true partners in your success.

Stage # 4: Mentorship & Support

Maximizing networking is an asset to succeeding in your startup business. With venture builders, you not only get access to their experience but also gain access to a network of experienced mentors and consultants. This covers all the critical sectors, including marketing, finance, strategy, and management.

Stage # 5: Scaling Up the Business

With venture builders by your side, you can implement your business plans with much more confidence in the outcomes. With multiple scaling operations, you get more chances to achieve sustainable growth. This is a joint effort where your dedication meets their expertise, leading your business venture toward its full potential.

As Ruslan Tymofieiev says:

“The main goal of a venture builder is to create an MVP as quickly as possible and test the product for viability.”

Venture builder vs Venture fund, Accelerator, Incubator—Understanding the Key Difference!

Let’s distinguish the venture builders from Venture Funds, accelerators, and Incubators. People often misunderstand their separate roles.

S. No.FeaturesVenture BuilderVenture FundAcceleratorIncubator
1.Target StageIdea & Early ValidationEstablished with tractionGrowth & Investment ReadinessEarly Development & Validation
2.Collaboration DurationFlexible, based on needOngoing relationshipShort (3-6 months)Moderate (6-18 months)
3.Resources ProvidedFunding, Expertise, Team Building, NetworkFunding, Industry Expertise1Funding, Mentorship, Training, NetworkWorkspace, Mentorship, Funding, Network
4.Investment FocusHigh-Growth Potential, Idea StageHigh-Growth PotentialFuture InvestorsFuture Investors or Stable Operations
5.Level of Ideal StartupsDeep, CollaborativeLimited, Performance-BasedGuidance & PreparationCoaching & Support
6.Ideal StartupsEarly-stage ideas with strong founding teamProven track record and strong growthScalable ventures with demonstrated tractionNovel ideas with market potential

As Ruslan Tymofieiev says:

“Venture builder is a full-fledged partner of a startup.”


Joining hands with venture builders is a great way to overcome hurdles with expert guidance. You can refine your plans and navigate the intricacies of growing your business with expert help.

By partnering with a venture builder, you’re gaining financial backing and a team of experts dedicated to your success. Remember, while they aren’t miracle workers, they significantly increase your chances of thriving in the ever-evolving startup landscape. So, step into the future, armed with the proper guidance and support, and turn your dream into a reality.

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