Where to Watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the USA?

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is coming, and if you’re in the United States, you will need a way to watch it. Fortunately, streaming services like Hulu offer live coverage of all of the games. There are also several ways to watch the FIFA World Cup live streaming in other parts of the world. So, whether you’re in Qatar or anywhere else in the world, there’s a way for you to follow the action.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in the USA

If you live in the United States, there are a few ways to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022. One option is to purchase a streaming service like FuboTV or Sling TV. Alternatively, you can watch the World Cup on FOX or NBC. You can watch the tournament on ESPN or Univision if you don’t have cable. There are also live streams available on websites like YouTube and Twitch. Finally, if you are an international customer with a compatible streaming device, you can watch the World Cup on Daum TV (in Korea) or iQiyi (in China).

How to watch the World Cup in the USA on TV

There are a few ways to watch the World Cup in the United States this year. FOX Sports will have live coverage of all 64 matches, with a mix of pre- and post-match shows. NBCSN will also air live coverage, with primetime shows starting at 8 pm ET on weekdays and 10 pm ET on weekends. However, you’ll need a cable or satellite subscription if you want to follow along with all the live action. And if that’s not an option for you, several streaming services have World Cup content included as part of their packages.

For example, fuboTV offers a 7-day free trial, so you can check it out before making a decision. It has exclusive rights to all 64 matches and includes a cloud DVR, so you can rewind and watch any match as often as you like. If you don’t want to use a streaming service, the World Cup is also broadcast on Fox, ESPN2, and other smaller networks.

So whether you’re in the US or abroad, there’s probably a way to watch the World Cup this year!

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 online

If you are located in the United States and want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 online, there are a few different ways you can do this.

First, if you have an internet-connected device such as a computer, tablet, or phone, you can watch the World Cup live via online streaming services such as ESPN, FOX Sports GO, or NBC Sports Live. If you don’t have access to these services but still want to watch the World Cup, there are several different ways that you can catch the games without having to be connected to the internet.

For example, some areas of America have local broadcast stations that will air all of the World Cup games live. You can also purchase a pay-per-view option or watch certain portions of the World Cup on cable TV. Finally, if watching the games live isn’t your thing and/or you want to avoid paying for cable TV or satellite TV service, several options are available for free streaming of World Cup games. These include services like YouTube TV and fuboTV.

How to live stream FIFA World Cup 2022 in the USA

Like most Americans, you probably don’t have a cable subscription that includes access to the world’s biggest and most popular sports event: the FIFA World Cup. Fortunately, there are still ways to live stream the tournament in the United States. Here’s how:

The first step is to get a VPN service. This will allow you to spoof your location and make it seem like you’re in another country. This is important because many sites stream soccer World Cup games and require viewers to be in specific countries to watch matches. (For example, FOX Sports requires viewers in Canada.) You can bypass this requirement using a VPN and watch all the games from anywhere in the world.

Once you have a VPN service established, open up a web browser on your computer and go to one of the many streaming sites that offer World Cup streaming. (We recommend Fox Sports Go.) Enter your VPN’s address into the “Server Location” box and click “Connect.” You’ll now be able to watch all of the World Cup matches without any restrictions!


If you’re a football fan and want to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in America, there are a few things you’ll need to know. The first thing you’ll need is a VPN service, which will allow you to bypass geo-blocking restrictions on certain streaming platforms. Once you have your VPN account set up, you must sign into your account and select the country you wish to view the tournament. From there, just choose one of the available streaming services and enjoy the game!

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