Wpc16 Live Dashboard, Alternatives, Features, and login details 2022

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Wpc16 or sabong online has become a current craze and sensational game on the internet today. And this community is also getting huge attraction. And become more and more famous along with the sabong community. 

We may be interested in discovering why and how Wpc16 or sabong online would be the best game? And also have the best gaming experience for us. As a result, all the users are able to create some of the greatest and highest availability of Wpc16.

Every player who is interested in sabong games and cock fighting. And he can also utilize their all resources to discover how to play online sabong game?

Regardless, we can say that it is very difficult and challenging game. And this Sabong Online can become a challenging and time-consuming endeavor for all its players.

However, we are going to discuss every aspect of Wpc16 or Sabong online here. And we are also trying to give up and explained all its features and cons & pros as well. So, let’s start out this article today.

What Is Wpc16?

Wpc16 is an online platform where individual’s players from all around the world may participate and can watching cock fights. And they can take part as well in this rooster fight and also enjoy sabong competitions live. So we can say that, it is a competition in which participants bring their roosters or cocks to compete in a cockpit or fight. And there are presents many of spectators wager on the victor.

If the rooster or cock we bet on wins the game, then we will profit substantially. Moreover, it may also be considered as a form of gambling or game of gambling. Overall, it’s a fun game. And it is also fun to watch, and there is also huge money to be won.

WPC term used for:

The World Pitmasters Cup is a famous term that is used for this rooster fight. And this term has referred to cockfighting tournaments.

Wpc16 online platforms:

This is an online platform with a dashboard. And this platform also provides comprehensive information on upcoming cockfighting tournaments. And it is also allowing all the players to wager with confidence. This website has an abundance of information about rooster fights. And it is including registration details, registration policies, historical game results, and wpc16 com news. And it is also allowing a live trial calendar for wpc16, PC16 videos, and the player’s phone number.

Historically cockfighting

This article is concerned with the famous game known as Wpc16. Historically, rooster fights have played a prominent role in the formation of social bonding. So there is some kind of articulation of a game in which a few rounds of cockfighting titles are typically deemed to be great. 

As a result, many players are interested in cockfighting and they are also fond of this sport and spending attention on them.

What do you know about the best features of Wpc16?

Well, it is not betting. And it derives all the players from Cockfight games. There are various online platforms that are similar to this one. But this website is most of the above betting-based.

Therefore, this platform does not provide us with a genuine cockfight. However, this website is the only platform devoted to Cockfight or rooster fight games. And it is not a betting platform at all. It is not a website for use gambling purposes. It is also known as a site for cockfights.

Tournament-based website:

This is a tournament-based website. And it is based on cockfighting only. Initially, cockfighting was a local sport in the Philippines but this game has spread all over the world. However, this sport has made it possible to take it globally.

As said earlier, this is all about the big games or tournaments. Regarding the big name of this game. It is involving global games as well. Now, this is the time for the international playing game. Various individuals visit this platform every day and they can enjoy and take participate in this game.

How does this platform Wpc16 work?

For a cockfight or tournament to be successful, all options and sections, including Wpc, must draught rules and regulations.

Remember, if any player has intend to participate in this event, then he must adhere to the basic norms of management. So the first and foremost procedure is to take registration of yourself there. And registration is required for all the users to use the wpc16 dashboard.

A Cock fighting Day:

Once a player has to get registered, then this website will organize a Cock Fighting Day, time, and name of the teams. And there will be a crowd awaiting this event and whenever this event occurs.

There are many fans of cockfighting and online visitors can view this match live on this website.

Without any doubt, this website and its login are responsible for ensuring the safety and success of this event. Moreover, they are also making sure and every effort to do so.

How to register for the Wpc16 website?


If any player has the wish to participate in this tournament, then he must register on this website. Then he can also invest and play with their money as well. Additionally, there are alternative ways for viewing games and participating in this combat too.

Methods of registration in Wpc16:

There is a detailed method as follows here:

The users should register at www.wpc16.com/register. And then he should register on this website by clicking the register button. And then there is a registration form will appear.

Then the next step is, should provide his username, full name, password, Facebook profile, phone number, occupation, and income source.

And he should put his data in the fields and use accurate data to avoid blocking on this platform. The user should put a checkmark in the privacy statement and attest that he is older than 21.

The user should register and verify the registration process. And in this way, he can successfully register there.

How to log into the Wpc16 Dashboard?

We can easily log in by completing our registration process on this platform. And after registration, we should create a wpc16 dashboard account. And all the good procedures and their steps follow below here:

The user should follow up sign up on the website. And then he should select his sex on this website. Then he should check the calendar to see when the battles or fights will occur.

Then he can invest his money in order to play. And thus, he can participate in combat or a cockfight as well. Then he will receive prize money following the final match.

On this website, there are a huge variety of game and conflict types from which he can choose his favorite cock fight team and cock also.

If he wishes to win the game and then he receives a cash prize. Then he can also check the website daily fight. And the calendar to determine when the next game will be played? Moreover, if he wants to gain money by playing the rooster game, then he can invest his cash and wait for the final match as well. Following the conclusion of the fight, the player will receive the reward money he has earned.


There are mentioning some pros of this online platform.

The user should have the SSL certificate for this website. And this option is still good. This website is run by the Philippine Arcade & Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). And this website also has games licensed by the government of the Philippines (LGU)

All the settings and features of this website are very easy to use. And all settings are user-friendly too. The user can easily make an account or sign in to an existing one from there.

When any player signs in, then he will see a dashboard that’s made for his favorites based on what he likes.

All Sabong matches can be played by members of this website.


There are mentioning some cons of this online platform.

By the time, this website went live in 2020. And it would have been online for a short time too. From a user view and simply put, the design of this website is not good.

On this website, there is not enough information regarding any upcoming rooster fight event.

This webpage is not set up so that search engines can find it. This website has based on what has been said so far, it is safe to assume that this platform is real.

Top 21 best alternatives to Wpc16 in 2022:


Rooster fight has more than just on this platform. There are several choices that we can make. The best ones are SL618 Live and WPC15. Since PAGCOR has also given these websites licenses. And we won’t be doing anything wrong on the internet.

So, here is a long list of the 21 best alternatives following.

1. SL618.net

2. SL618.live

3. www.mbc2030.live

4. WPC15. com

5. WPCJournal.com

6. Pitmaster.live

7. WPC2021.live

8. WPC2022.live

9. WPC2025.live

10. SL618.com

11. Sw418.com

12. S888.live

13. WPC2026.live

14. SL418.com

15. WPC2026.live

16. www.wpc16q.live

17. The website sw346.live

18. wt765.com

19. one456.com

20. SL634.live

21. wpc18.com

How a user can play Wpc16 game?

There is a standard deck of 52 cards is used to play Wpc16.

And this website log-in is a competition between two or more players. And we can say that a fight between a dealer and up to eight players.

Every player gets two cards in their turnover, and then there is a round of betting conducted.

The betting for that round starts with the person who has the highest card showing at the time of login. And the betting goes around in a clockwise direction. And this is all done until all of the bets have been made by each player on this website.

When a player has made a bet, then the dealer puts three face-up cards in the middle of the table. Lastly, these cards decide how the crowd cards rank and where they go in their hand.

The user with the highest-ranking card takes the lead on this platform. And he was followed by others in turn according to his ranking. There is a new card is drawn for the new leader as well.

After every player has had a turn, then the first user shows his card to everyone. And he is including themselves too.

So, the player can decide what cards they have and plays them out in clockwise order.

After the first user plays his cards, then the other players can either play their hands or fold. And the next round goes to the user with the best hand.

How to access the control panel of Wpc16?

The control panel on this website allows all the users to administer their accounts and access various administrative tools. So, he can schedule maintenance or repairs or even get in touch with other members of his community as well. 

The control panel also includes all types of social media features. And it is also including to access the control panel. The user must first create an account. And then he will need to provide basic details, such as his first and last name, occupation, and source of income. 

After that, he set up an account, and he can then access this online dashboard.

Accessing the control panel of this website is straightforward. And the user is logging in and he will require that he have an account there. And he can create either through his official website or by using any social media handle.

Once he has set up an account, he can access the dashboard listing page and manage your game settings, wager money, and more. 

And he can even register for a newsletter to stay informed of the latest news from this platform.

How can we connect with other players via social media platforms?


For those players who want to stay connected with other players, then the official website of this rooster fight has allowed their users to use and connect with Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

We can set up a profile with our first and last names and then add a photo. Once we have a profile, so we can chat and send gifts to other players as well. Moreover, we can also check out news and articles from other members on this website.

To get started, a user can register for a free account on this website. Then he can simply sign up with his first and last name, occupation, and source of income. And he can even subscribe to their email or text updates there. This will keep him informed about any updates related to the game. And he is also useful for online marketing and connectivity.

Watch cockfights on Wpc16:

If any of us are fond of watching cockfights, then we can now do so on the internet. This website is home to various cockfighting tournaments and other fun competitions as well. 

For Android and iOS users:

This website is also offering us the opportunity to bet on matches. And also get updates about other cockfighting events. The website is also offering mobile applications for Android and iOS users. With these features, we can watch the matches from anywhere on our favorite device.

This online website is also offering comprehensive information about cockfighting tournaments and matches also. And this is also providing the best links to PC16 videos and historical game results.

However, this website Wpc16 has a high SSL certificate and a user-friendly interface. And it is also easy to register and sign in to the platform. We can also watch past games, or watch a live-streaming calendar of the cockfighting tournament as well there. This website also has a hotline for its users, so we can call them with any questions or concerns about tournaments.

Earn cash through Wpc16:

It is a website that offers all its members the opportunity to earn cash through various social media platforms. The user can register on the website using his Facebook or Instagram account. Then he can register there, and he may need to enter his first and last name, occupation, email address, and source of income. He can also opt to receive some kind of email and SMS updates about his progress.

He can also earn cash with this platform by playing some games. And he can submit projects, and much more. The user can also manage his account via the dashboard.

And thus he has links to other social media sites. After registering, he can start playing the games, and take part in discussions on forums. Moreover, he can join the cockfighting league there. 

Wpc16 or Sabong is a unique game?


There are two cocks, and they matched against one another. And they played in a duel to the death in this gambling game. Typically, all the users and wagers are placed on which cock will win the game and vice versa.

So, we can say, this is one of the unique and rare games that we can be played with two or three gamers. And thus, it is the wpc16 and sabong game. All features make it unique.

The fact about this game is that it is a game of chance and every user or gamer has an equal chance of winning on this dashboard. And this feature also makes this game unique. 

Many spectators could like playing this Sabong game because of its user-friendly interface and its simple menus and options as well. So, this is a simple approach for all of them to daily earn more money without having any hurdles tied to it.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Wpc16 (FAQs)

1: When was this website domain registered?

Ans: This website WPC16.com was registered on September 2, 2020, 481 days ago.

2: When will WPC16 be exhausted or expire?

Ans: This website’s domain will expire on September 5, 2020, after 248 days.

3: When was the WHOIS information for this rooster fight platform last updated?

Ans: The WHOIS entry was last updated on Wednesday, September 2020, 481 days ago.

4: Why is the Wpc16 dashboard different from other gaming sites?

Ans: In addition to all facts, this is a betting site where we can play and bet on the games of Cockfights or roosters.

5: What is the name of the server?

Ans: The DNS service for WPC16.com and the name of the server are supplied by coralline.ns.cloudflare.com and kirk.ns.cloudflare.com.

6: Who is the domain registered for this website?

Ans: The domain name was registered by GoDaddy.com LLC. And we are aware of how to access a registrar’s website via http://www.godaddy.com and whois.godaddy.com.

7: What IP addresses resolve to Wpc16?

Ans: Wpc16 resolves to the following IPv4 and IPv6 addresses:




8: What webserver software is utilized by Wpc16?

Ans: This is powered by the webserver “Cloudflare.”

9: What websites are comparable to Wpc16?

Ans: As a user established wpcjournal.com, a website that is similar to WPC16.com and WPC16 alternatives.


All the information about cruelty to birds and other animals is forbidden by us. We are not giving air on such types of games and websites. This is cruelty on birds and animals.

The Wpc16 is the online platform that is mainly used for rooster fights. And its control panel provides a variety of tools for keeping track of all type of rooster fights tournaments. 

Whether we are competing with a coworker or watching live transmission, the dashboard can provide us with the most recent news and updates of all fights and tournaments. 

This platform is also providing all access to various social media sites. So, that we may communicate with our competitors. We can also access the Wpc16’s YouTube channel from its dashboard to check the details of the most recent fight.

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