5 Fabrics That Will Keep You Cool At Night

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There’s no better feeling than getting cozy in bed and managing a full night of sleep, especially if you’re in the midst of the warmest months of the year. If you don’t know where to begin, here are 5 fabrics that will keep you cool at night.

However, if you’re wearing the wrong kind of clothing at night, you will undoubtedly struggle with the scorching summer temperatures inside and outside your home, and you’ll find no refuge from the sticky heat. 

This may lead to excessive heat and sweating at night, resulting in an awful night of sleep. Fortunately, there is a solution: wear sleepwear that is made from a cooler fabric.


Gorgeous, practical, and stylish — silk is the perfect sleepwear material!

Silk is incredibly lightweight and flows gently over your skin whenever you wear it. This sort of luxurious feeling is a huge reason why so many pj sets for women are made from silk!

The soft fabric adjusts well to your body temperature and quickly evaporates moisture which makes it a great material to keep you cool in the summer and the winter.

One of the greatest elements of silk fabric is that it’s extremely breathable. This reduces the immediate risk of over-sweating throughout the night, all but guaranteeing a better night’s sleep.

Silk also offers versatile evening wear so you can wear a silk shirt or dress without worrying about sweat!


Cotton is an old favorite that makes for a staple in any summer wardrobe! In fact, there’s nothing like soft cotton to keep you feeling cool and refreshed on hot summer days and nights.

Not only is this natural fiber extremely easy to wash but it’s also very breathable. Air can easily circulate throughout the fabric, ensuring adequate airflow to different areas of the body.

A quality cotton garment will be light and airy enough to keep your body temperature regulated while everyone else struggles with the heat. 

The only downside to this fabric is that it can become heavy if it soaks up moisture. Opting for lighter cotton clothing will do wonders for keeping you cool.


You may not be as familiar with this fabric as others, but it has definitely earned a spot on this list!

Rayon is a man-made semi-synthetic fabric that is designed to prioritize the comfort of the wearer. It’s sourced from recycled wood pulp and plant material, making it lightweight and extremely practical.

The fabric is often blended with other fabrics like polyester or nylon to create stronger garments. However, it’s also pretty well known for imitating the look and texture of silk, wool, linen, and cotton.

Notably, Rayon repels excess moisture which will keep you cool at night. Rayon is, therefore, a brilliant fabric to wear at night — especially during the summer months.


Linen is lightweight and extremely chic, making it the perfect material for keeping cool at night!

Many people opt for linen garments when the weather hikes up because it is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable on your skin. During a hot day or night, linen will keep you refreshed at all times.

Linen is arguably the most comfortable fabric to keep you cool at night. It has lots more structure than other fabrics on this list – yet this isn’t a bad quality! It simply means that it stands away from the body, allowing air to circulate and regulate your temperature.

It’s pretty easy to wash but is more likely to crease than other fabrics.


This is another more unfamiliar material but it still deserves a place on this list.

Bamboo fabric has many amazing benefits when conditions are a little hotter. Not only is it completely breathable but it also protects against harsh UV rays if you venture outside during the day!

This sort of versatility is a huge benefit by itself, but that’s not all bamboo has to offer!

The bamboo fabric typically absorbs over 70% more moisture than cotton yet doesn’t retain any of the unpleasant odors. As a result of this, you’ll be left feeling so much fresher.

Even if you toss and turn, the bamboo fabric will regulate your temperature which will do wonders for reducing sweat and keeping you cool at night!


These are the 5 fabrics that will prove to be extremely effective at keeping you cool at night. A great part of all 5 fabrics is that you can wear just about any variation of sleepwear and still feel cool all night long.

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