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Airikacal is commonly known as Airikacal. And she is a famous Tiktoker and also known as a digital creator of her various social media accounts. She belongs to Los Angeles, California United States of America. She has so many social media fans and followers. And she is the best and most cute content creator and digital creator. She has various followers on her special social media accounts. She is doing many special skits and acts on her social media account. Also, She is doing memes and lip-synced tunes, and she is doing many comedy videos on her account. In this article, we are going to share all the information about her lifestyle, biography, and also her career. We are also going to share every little information about her essential information.

Who is Airikacal?

As we all know, she is the best model and social media influencer on the internet. And she is equally famous on her all social media accounts. She is a very famous model and TV actress on her. She is also a business model with so many famous brands. Also, She is very famous for her various reality TV shows and reels. Her show is becoming very famous among all the American people. Her show and videos are doing best and are popular due to her viral broadcast on her social media networks.

Before entering the industry of modeling and acting, she was working in many modeling and acting industries. She was wanting to get rid of her previous job because her relationship status is not good in public view. She becomes a great phenomenon that has emerged on her social media platform TikTok. 

Airikacal biography:


Her age of her is only 22 years old, and she has a total height of around 5 feet and 4 inches. She is a cute but kind person. She has short stature due to her gained and prominence performances on her all social media accounts.

Airikacal is a very beautiful girl and she has blonde hair and she has brown colored eyes. She has so many friends and family and she is describing her all-kind gesture in her videos. She is a good dancer and she is singing well in all her kind and humble individual activities. Also, She has a very charming personality.

Airikacal Family information:

She has brought up by wonderful parents, and her parents are also from Los Angeles, and they have American nationality. Her mother’s name is not known. And her father’s name is not confirmed. She has some younger siblings. And her brother and sister’s names are not confirmed. But we did not confirm her elder sister’s name and did not know her profession too. And we did not know about her parent’s professions and their way of earning too.

Airikacal siblings:

She is not sharing her sibling’s information and their names and also their professions on her social media and other networks. She is a private personality and also known as a celebrity, and she is a very famous celebrity on her Instagram, OnlyFans, and Twitch platforms as well.

Her early education and schooling:

She did her schooling at a public high school in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. As she is an intelligent student in her school. She also learned some famous styles of ballet dancing from her high school. And she is also becoming a strong part of the cheerleader squad in her high school time. Airikacal has a school name Public School in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Her college or university name is not known to anyone.

Airikacal Wikipedia & Net Worth exploration:

She does not have a Wikipedia page or website of such kind. She has an estimated net worth of around $300,000. However, She is accumulating all her fortune through her various job as she is a social media content and digital creator. She is earning from her all various brand and their endorsements and sponsorship deals and payments. Also, She is earning from her all Onlyfans account and id.

She has not disclosed any information about her parents and family life. She is liking to remain all her private information about her personal life and social life.

Airikacal on her TikTok platform:

TikTok becomes has created a big platform for all users to generate a good type of material for profit. She is a big entertainment. 

Airikacal and her Reddit and Twitter leaked videos:

Although, she is a famous TikTok and content creator from Los Angeles, California. Her photos and videos are available on Reddit and Twitter social media accounts.

She has over 923.7k fans and followers on her TikTok and Reddit accounts. And almost she crossed over 10.8 million likes on her social media account. She does so many lip-sync videos and dancing videos on her TikTok and Reddit accounts.

She also has an onlyfans account under the user name @airikacal and she has crossed over 246.8k likes and views on her all social media platforms.

Meet Airikacal on her Instagram account:

She is active on her Instagram under the username @airikacal. And she has crossed over 137k fans and followers on her Instagram handle.

She is regularly posting about her all outfits and lifestyle videos and photos. She is not hesitating to show folks all her fashion choices and brands. 

Airikacal height and weight measurements:


Airikacal has the ideal and best physical appearance. And as well as, her skin is so shiny and bright, and she has shiny hair. She becomes very slim, and her waist is so slim and active. Moreover, airi has a magnificent body & she has an attractive appearance on her all social media accounts. Even if we are talking about her lifestyle then we should discuss all the most important things then she should become a health-conscious and fitness freak. And she is about good and wellness about her health and fitness. And she is very healthy in all manners.

She is taking fantastic care of her health and mental health. Airikacal does physical fitness with some of her exercise and yoga workouts to maintain her healthMoreover, she is doing many shots of many big brands and lingeries.

And also, for this, she maintains her workout routine and house activities regularly. But she is doing yoga exercises to keep her active. However, she becomes a diet regimen. She is powerful and she has a solid body for her fans and followers. She is 5 feet and 2 inches high, and her weight is 52Kg. And also, she has Golden-blonde hair with Dark Blue eyes and sometimes she does make up for herself as tinted eyes.

Airikacal age:

As we all know, she is a very talented and fashionable model with a shining star and a popular Influencer. And she belongs to the United States of America. Although, she is a very young and stylish model in the American film industry. She is only 25 years old. She was born in Washington, USA. Her date of birth is July 4, 1997. She is famous for her amazing and sexy pictures with great captions on different social media platforms.

Airikacal Onlyfans career and modeling journey:

She is a well-known Instagram and Onlyfans celebrity and Influencer and she got a great deal of popularity by uploading her all images with inspiring subtitles and sexy reels on her Onlyfans account and handling under her username as well. She is preferring on Onlyfans account. Which are the most prominent picture and video clips shared on her all social networks and platforms? Moreover, she is keeping her all modeling shoots in bikinis and other stylish clothes with style poses. She was very famous due to her incredible performance on her live video and reels on the Onlyfans account.

According to March 2022, she has more than 650K followers and subscribers on her Onlyfans account under her user name as @Airikacal. She is an Instagram superstar and sensational young artist from Los Angeles and Washington, USA. Also, She has done her graduation degree from Washington in the USA. She is starting her modeling career early at a very young age. And she becomes a social media influencer and a social media star and celebrity as well.

Airikacal Twitch and Instagram (IG) and Twitter accounts:


As we earlier described, she is a famous American model, artist, content creator, social media personality, and a well-known celebrity and Influencer as well. And she has various numbers of fans and followers on all her social media accounts, especially on Twitch and Twitter platforms. 

And she has hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers online through all her Instagram and other social media accounts. She has 2.5 million subscribers and followers on her OnlyFans and Twitch channels. 

She is active on her Twitch and Twitter accounts. And she does some of her online classes of videos and tutorials there. She is uploading many sexy pictures and sizzling videos of her traveling here and there.

She is fond of eating with her many fellows and friends as well and thus she becomes a social media star on many social media accounts. 

Her Instagram account:

However, she did not want to say anything about her siblings on the media and other platforms. But she has a great love for them a lot. We did not know about her brother’s name or also her sister’s name due to her privacy and security restrictions. And we did not learn about their siblings’ professions too. And she is keeping all her family and private life out of all her social media platforms. 

Airikacal parents:

She is a very famous social media personality and influencer. And she is not telling any truth about her family and relatives’ life to her fans and followers. She hides her secrets from social media. Although, we are trying to give all the viewers for her an excellent impression to research her parent’s information. But she did not describe them. Also, we did not know her parents’ names and also did not know her profession. She loves to eat mangoes and Pasta. She loves to eat so many chocolates and shakes with friends.

Airikacal Husband or Boyfriend:

As we all know, she is an actor and a fantastic photographer. She does many shots and reels of nature and around the globe and her boyfriend’s name is not known to us. She is a very famous personality and a renowned model and influencer. And she loves all her fans and followers very much. She fell in love with them many times, and they are making her career fantastic also. But we are telling you all that she did not pay any attention to marrying and any relationship plus she is currently focusing on her modeling and acting careers. And she will never be getting married on near dates. And she has a plan to get quickly engaging in the coming future.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Airikacal

1: Who is Airikacal?

Ans: She is a celebrity, social media influencer, and personality. She becomes popular on all her social media platforms.

2: What is her profession?

Ans: She is a famous social media celebrity and personality and she did many modeling shots for many brand endorsements.

3: Is she has any boyfriend or married?

Ans: No, she has no boyfriend or she is not getting married in near future.

4: What is her boyfriend’s name?

Ans: Her boyfriend’s name is not known to anyone.

5: What is her parent’s name?

Ans: we did not know her parents’ name and also did not know about her profession.

6: Why she is viral on the Onlyfans account?

Ans: she is viral all her leaked videos and reels on her Onlyfans account.

The Final Words: 

Airikacal is very famous due to her killer looks and stunning outfits. She did not pay any attention to getting attached to anyone. She becomes very popular due to her fancy shots and modeling projects.

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