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Yun Nam is a popular China-made drink that has been around for more than a century. It contains over 100 herbal ingredients. Yun Nam treatment can cure acne.


Yun Nam is a popular China-made drink that has been around for more than a century. It contains over 100 herbal ingredients and is said to heal many different health problems. The manufacturers of Yun Nam have recently struck a deal with the FDA and claim the drink is safer than your average fruit juice but does this claim hold weight? Let’s review some information about Yun Nam treatment to give you an idea.

Yun Nam was first created in mainland China in the 1900s by a herbalist named Yuan Yuhua. It was first prescribed by Yuan himself as it contained 98% herbs and only 2% of other ingredients like sugar or honey. Yun Nam treatment review that the original Yun Nam drink didn’t contain any corn syrup; but rather was made of honey, sugar, and fruit juices.

1. Yun Nam strengthens the spleen and stomach.

This is one of the reasons why Yun Nam was said to strengthen the body and soothe pain from colds and flu. One study, conducted by two Chinese doctors; showed that those who consumed Yun Nam were able to absorb nutrients more effectively. In terms of treating food poisoning, this too may be true. For example, a Chinese study showed that patients who took Yun Nam had slightly less severe diarrhea; than those who did not take it.

2. Yun Nam treats night sweats

This is another one of the reasons why people have been trusting Yun Nam with their health for so many years. Night-time sweats are very common in those who suffer from glandular fever or hypothyroidism; but what people don’t know is that Yun Nam can be used to treat night sweats from other conditions as well. One study found that a group of women with frequent night sweats were able to reduce the number of episodes by over 50% after taking Yun Nam for a period of time. The same study showed that the women experienced significantly less pain as well.

Yun Nam treatment

3. Yun Nam can make you warmer

Chinese researchers even went so far as to prove that Yun Nam could keep the body much warmer than the average person without any extra clothing beyond socks and gloves. The study found that people who drank Yun Nam could comfortably go without wearing their underwear even while they were sleeping. The researchers reported that the average person loses 2-6 degrees of heat when they are sleeping; but those who did not drink the Yun Nam had a loss in heat of nearly 8 degrees!

4. You can cure acne

While Yun Nam is not sold as an acne treatment; it has been shown to be helpful in treating skin rashes and inflammation caused by many types of dermatological disorders. A Chinese study showed that a woman with mild acne was able to reduce her number of pimples; by over 50% after drinking just 10 ounces of Yun Nam every day for three weeks.

5. Yun Nam can cure constipation

Many people take Yun Nam with the hope that the drink will help them with their constipation problems; and there are several studies to back this up. For example, a study found that 82% of people who took Yun Nam were able to fully relieve themselves of constipation within a week! The study also showed that many people were able to relieve themselves of constipation in two or three days [3]. When compared to an herbal laxative (which is known to work), Yun Nam turned out to be far more effective.

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