What are onlycans games and Thirst Date in 2021?

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What are the features of onlycans? This game tells about the sexual themes, insects, seductive costumes, gambling, BDSM, clowns, and smoking.

In this onlycans game, players assume the job of an erotic photographer, spraying soft drink cans in various seductive costumes and photographing them using the suggestions supplied. There are 29 cans to play through in the main game, with a new can unlocking after completing the previous one. Each of these cans has a distinct personality, as seen by their biographies and personalities.

ShizeTM LLC, the corporation behind the cans, and the Shize Family, the driving force behind it, will be explained to players. Cans are introduced in the manner of a dating profile, with a summary of their personalities, likes, and dislikes. A small note on the can’s place in ShizeTM history is also included.

In Free To Play, You Can Now Thirst Over Sexy Beverages

Yes, it is true. OnlyCans is a free game that is a parody of OnlyFans, with the goal being the object of your affections: in this case, a variety of pleasant yet passionate fizzy beverages. Shize, the game’s fictitious corporation, provides sessions with their complete entourage of flavors; and the player must successfully court the can to be introduced to the next drink. I’ve played OnlyCans, and the best way I can describe it is as a rhythm game. The player is a photographer, and to satisfy the beverage’s demands during their sexual shoot with the can, they must hit well-timed left and right clicks.

 The left-click takes a picture of the can, rendered in a gorgeous high definition shine; and the right click causes it to fizz and spray a bit. If you’re a master of the detonator, the can will bubble with excitement with each correct click. Your performance is graded to the coveted, and the can will explode its contents everywhere at the end of the session. Furthermore, each can is spoken so that it will reward your clicks. I didn’t have headphones on last night when I played OnlyCans; so I went upstairs to save everyone from second-hand shame.

 Is it safe to use it?

The game is entirely safe to stream on Twitch and YouTube. While the material is bubbly, fizzy, and all-around tantalizing, our candid can photography game is safe for streaming – and you’re sure to have a wonderful time with your viewers as you piece together ShizeTM’s tale and unveil every one of our gorgeous sodas.

What are the features of onlycans?


Cans of unnecessarily high quality.

All colors, sizes, tastes, and accessories are available.

Tasty and appealing canned drink erotica.

Corporate saga. It’s a family tragedy. Unfathomable Horrors.

Love. Greed. Photography is my passion.

One-Handed Gameplay is now available.

1 to 2 hours of playtime unless you require more time with our cans.

How was the gameplay of onlycans?

Each level gives the player a new can. The round is timed, with 30 seconds being the standard time. The round timer may be seen in the upper middle of the screen. A ring-pull symbol slides back and forth along a bar. When this symbol coincides with the randomly positioned cloud prompt, the player must click the left or right mouse button. Successful clicks will accelerate the ring movement. Pull’s Unsuccessful clicks will return the speed to its default setting. The grade meter in the bottom-left corner measures performance. Successive accurate inputs will raise the player’s grade and increase the pace of the beating heart symbol. This rating will be reduced if there are several erroneous inputs or no input at all. The progression is straightforward; finishing a can with an E grade or above unlocks the next one on the list. Everyone can have the same gameplay.

Thirst Date of Onlycans

When you hear the name, the first thing that comes to mind is an adult website. When you check out the name onlycans: Thirst Date, you’ll find that it’s an independent game that was free to download and play on Steam. It feels more like a spoof based on a game centered on hot models rather than fizzy beverages known as Shize; so think of Coca-Cola or Pepsi on the brands and flavors they offer in shops globally. You take on the job of a photographer and will only be performing two things: spraying on the can for the cold, refreshing flavor that makes you want to drink that particular drink and shooting pictures of the can.

You’ll have a ring pull traveling left and right at a random speed. You have to get it in the white cloud bubble to get a combination and an excellent rank to complete each level which you can accomplish using the left click of the mouse or the left and right directional keys at the bottom of the center screen. You’ll only have 45 seconds every stage, so make those photographs and combinations count to advance to the next round. On each Shize can, there will be a distinct flavor and a brand with a brief explanation; covering the history and how well known the brand is and what they like and dislike.

Thirst Date and Gaming:

It has some solid visuals for a simple indie game, and how much imagination can be added to each can include their voice and how they would react when taking snaps and sprays; it may feel like you are playing an adult game, but you are not; it’s just based on fizzy drinks with a twist and a bit of clothing here and there.

The designs and images are pleasing to the eye, as is the amount of detail that went into each of the cans; featuring distinct themes and appearances. When you first start the game, there is a plot centered around the business Shize; but I don’t want to give too much away because this is one of those games where you should have no idea what to anticipate.

It’s a short game, but it’s an entertaining one, and it made me thirsty for a can of anything nice to drink. There is plenty of replay value, especially for a free game, and you’ll know you’ll get enough material out of it as you strive to obtain a better rank for each of the stages, of which there are over a good 30 to get through.

OnlyCans: Thirst Date is one of those games that will catch you off guard, and you may never look at cold cans the same way again after playing it. It makes you question whether there will be more games like this in the future; regardless of what they are, from famous cuisines to just about anything.

OnlyCans Is An Erotic Indie Game About Thirsting For Canned Drinks


We’re confident that Only Fans wasn’t originally intended to become the main employee website, but there’s no denying that’s what happened. Suppose you haven’t heard of the platform. In that case, Only Fans is a subscription-based internet service where you pay to gain access to a person’s private library of photographs, videos, and whatever else they believe is worth the cost of entry. It’s similar to paying to obtain access to someone’s Instagram, except that because it’s paywalled. 

In OnlyCans, you take on the role of a subscriber to the titular OnlyCans; a subscription service for those who are obsessed with canned soft drinks. It has become a kind of a chant on social media for sex workers; OnlyCans takes that theme and turns it into something new. It’s essentially a rhythm game with some dating sim components thrown in for good measure. You’ll get the ideal shot and a score multiplier if you click at the right time. The session ends after 45 seconds, and depending on how well you performed; you may get access to the following can on OnlyCans.

It appears to be relatively innocuous, but the cans are all entirely spoken and make incredibly sexual noises as you continue to take photographs; ending in a climactic crack that causes the contents of the cans to pour all over the hotel room floor. OnlyCans is a single-player game with basic mouse controls that do not require installation.

The entire game is under half a GB and may be downloaded in a zip file. It is entirely free. At that price, there’s no excuse not to get OnlyCans and chuckle at the notion of sexy can photography.

OnlyCans is a thirst-quenching game about attractive sodas.

If it wasn’t clear before, the game is a parody of the site OnlyFans; which has become well-known for its usage by sex workers. OnlyCans casts you as the primary photographer for each drink. It doesn’t have the most in-depth gameplay because it is a type of rhythm game/light dating sim mix. A well-timed mouse or button command will either take a seductive shot of the soda you’re presently wooing or cause their can to splash with excitement softly.

If you get the cans all fizzed up, you’ll be rewarded with a gratifying click before the contents spray all over the place. The game has no right to be as polished as it is, and the comedy radiates through its different characters. 

There are 29 different cans here, each with its own story and set of likes and dislikes;—Lemon Party adores mornings and champagne sorbet but despises motorbikes and jeans. Each can is even entirely spoken, making for an immersive and shockingly delicious experience. OnlyCans is free and produced with great care, with each drink having it’s own aesthetic—from Cherry Pop’s lace lingerie to Juicy Melon’s Harajuku street style.

The theme of the main menu is likewise a bop, with a seductive jazz piano that wouldn’t sound out of place in a similarly sexual game like Catherine. I’ll never again look at cans the same way.

OnlyCans Is A Video Game About Soft Drinks For Thirsty Gamers.


What happens when you turn the popular sex worker site OnlyFans’ name into a fizzy pop pun? Then make it into a video game? You will receive OnlyCans: Thirst Date, of course; is a game in which you may take obscene photographs with aluminum cans while wearing underpants. This spoof puts you in the position of a photographer, shooting sensual photographs of various soft beverages. What was the result? A rhythm game turned dating sim that will leave you puzzled. OnlyCans has 29 cans, each with its unique narrative and personality peculiarities. We’re talking about a smutty soda-pop game here. This is a real thing.

This game, created by Sean “Oxy” Oxspring, appears strange, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Sure, it’s based on an apparent pun, but the end effect is fantastic. Consider what would happen if your mother walked in on you playing this game. Consider attempting to explain yourself at a family intervention. The game is available for download through Oxspring’s account and will soon be available on Steam.

The game will also receive a ‘Hot & Steamy’ version, available only on Steam. OnlyCans is a free game, so there’s no need to feel bad about watching Cherry Pop. In all seriousness, this game will undoubtedly be popular among YouTubers and streamers. Even though the game features softcore soft beverages, there is no explicit material.

Is it Hot and Steamy?

OnlyCans: Hot and Steamy was the first downloadable content for the primary game. It added ten additional cans to play through and expanded on the lore established by earlier DLC. Welcome to the Shize Hot ‘n Steamy Collection. A tribute to the incredible ShizeTM ShizeheadsTM may be found worldwide, loving our goods; penning love notes to our beautiful cans, and experiencing the fizz inside them. For this momentous occasion, we’d like to showcase some of our favorite cans; as well as comments from you, our devoted Shizeheads. Remember that ShizeTM LLC loves you whenever you feel lonely. You are important to us.

Game description of Stem

ShizeTM LLC puts our hearts and souls into every product. We’re thrilled to introduce the new Heritage 2020 Collection in honor of the Shize family. We’ve been bringing back every flavor since our first in 1744. It’s time to stock up on Cherry Pop, Gamer Energy, Pineapple Pizza; and a slew of other tasty treats from your neighborhood supermarket. We can have plenty of character, and you’re bound to discover a favorite.

Thirst Date, The World’s First (and Last) Erotic Can Photography Experience; is now available for free in the brand new and ultra-shiny Hot & Steamy Edition. OnlyCans is a game that used to be on steam, but I’m not sure where it has gone. According to the description, OnlyCans was the only pornographic game about cans. OnlyCans has you spraying water on pop cans until they pop open and spill the contents inside.

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