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Questions to Ask When Looking for the Best Video Production Company

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An effective video marketing campaign requires top-notch video content, and for that, you need the right video production company. However, there are plenty of great choices out there – so how can you be sure that you’re picking the best one? If you were looking for an animation-based video, you’d want to find a production studio that specializes in that niche. If you were looking for branded content, you could go with an agency like Charter & Co for your video production needs. Regardless of what type of video content you require, though, the following questions should help you find the best production studio for the job.

Are they asking you questions about the project?

At the beginning stages of finding a video production company, it’s typical for most of the questions to come from the prospective client. After all, they’re the ones who want to make sure that their project is in safe hands. However, at some point the production team should have some questions of their own. 

No matter what type of video you’re hoping to get produced, that video should accurately reflect your brand’s voice and image. You’ll be able to present a lot of pertinent information in the initial brief, but any production team that’s worth their salt will want to dive deeper into the details to ensure that they’re on the right track. If you’re talking with a production company that seems happy with simply accepting your payment and getting started without further discussion, they probably aren’t very motivated to understand the brand they’re supposed to be depicting.

Will they be able to meet deadlines?

If you have a deadline for your video project, it’s important to find a production company that can make that happen. It could be that you’ve found a great team, but they’re just too busy to meet the deadline; or, they’re a boutique firm, and don’t have the resources for a quick turnaround time. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, so make sure you know what you’re dealing with beforehand.

Will they respect the budget?

Video production can involve quite a hefty price tag; if the budget doesn’t include much wiggle room; it’s important to ensure that the team you’re working with knows this as well. One good way to establish clarity is to ask for a detailed breakdown of each quote. Do their production services include script writing? Are they willing to collaborate with an in-house team to develop the “story” of the video; and how would that affect the price? Will the production company have to rent specialized equipment, and will that cost be passed onto the client? Video production involves many different elements; and just a few surprise additions to the final invoice could seriously rack up expenses.

What degree of collaboration are they comfortable with?

In some cases, a company could prefer to simply throw a project brief at a production team and say “do your thing”. In most cases, though, some degree of client involvement is required. However, In fact, some companies are surprised to find out that a video production company doesn’t take care of details like script-writing, or doing voice-overs. These are details that should be discussed from the earliest stages, so that everyone knows what’s expected of them. Many production companies encourage client collaboration, but some of them don’t. Which one do you prefer? Whatever your answer is, make sure you find a production company who feels the same.

Will their style be appealing to your audience?

One good way to determine this is to ask if the production company has worked with similar brands before. You may already understand your target audience, but a potential production company may not. For example, do they respond better to videos that seem emotionally authentic, or videos that are simply entertaining? Most production companies will have a certain style; and it’s best if you find one whose style is compatible with your brand message.

Do they have an exciting portfolio?

Looking at a video production company’s portfolio will tell you a lot about the quality of their work. Past performance is a great predictor of future success (or failure!); so the smart decision is to examine every candidate’s portfolio before making your decision.

This will also help you figure out the overall quality of the equipment they use. Crisp images and crystal-clear audio should be non-negotiable, and anything less than that doesn’t say good things about a production company’s standards.

Do they contribute something new?

Video content is everywhere, and it’s getting increasingly hard to stand out from the competition. When viewing various companies’ portfolios, ask yourself if they’re mainly offering formulaic content; or if something about their videos genuinely stands out to you.

Will their team be a good fit with yours?

Even if collaboration is kept to a minimum; the production team will still have to work with your internal team at some level. As you get to know different production companies, pay attention to their overall culture; and think about how they could work with yours. Do they seem to encourage innovation, or do they focus on following the chain of command? Finding a compatible production company might not affect the final result; but it will definitely improve the production experience for everyone involved.

Can they share reviews from former clients?

Client reviews will give you valuable insights into how well a production company delivers on their promises. You could find out that a company you’re considering regularly goes above and beyond, or that they’re difficult to work with. Whatever these referrals reveal, it’ll be valuable information that’ll help you make the smart choice.

The takeaway

Regardless of your requirements or budget, you deserve a video production company that will walk the walk, not just talk the talk. By asking the questions above, you can be more confident in choosing the best production company; – one that’ll tell your story, engage your audience, and ultimately boost profits thanks to their expertly made video content.

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