Guide On Doing Boys Haircuts

Most toddlers are likely to fear the encounter of shaving tools such as scissors and calipers. As a parent, you can always know what puts your toddler at ease for a haircut. Learning how to do boys haircuts helps parents save money and, at the same time, helps deal with the toddlers’ fear.

Doing your boys haircut does not always require a visit to the barbershop. You can always do your toddler’s haircut at home as long as you know how to handle him to make him comfortable and fearless. The following are ways how to easily do boys haircuts at home.

Ensure you ease the fear

Every parent understands how to put their toddler at ease on occasions of fear. Use the method that works for your boy and ensure that you don’t mention a cut; instead, use the word trim. This is important because toddlers think of pain when they hear the word cut, which might scare them away.

One way of easing the fear is that you can get a doll with plastic hair and take turns cutting the hair with that of your toddler alternatively. This helps show the kid that a haircut does not hurt.

If the father is available, you can make your little man watch as he gets a haircut first. Later, when it is his turn, he will have nothing to fear because he watched his father and will have the idea that it does not hurt.

Boys Haircuts

Work with the pros

For example, you can use an environment for boys haircuts where everything is fascinating to the boy. You can use a chair that resembles a car and all types of toys. The cutting tools can also be designed like toys to prevent the boy from fearing the normal tools.

Creating an environment for your little guy that is friendly gives the boy comfort and distractions such that he won’t even notice he is getting the haircut. The boy might not be sitting still for the haircut, but that is better than having the boy cry and refuse to get the haircut.

Get tricky

If your boy hates haircuts and there is nothing you can do to make him comfortably get one, you can get tricky. This involves cutting his hair while asleep by doing one side and later flipping him to do the other side.

Sometimes the buzzing sound of the clippers might be what is bothering your boy. You can get tricky by finding a way to cover his ears to prevent him from hearing the noise.

Other toddlers just want company during the process. Sitting alone in that chair with someone cutting their hair could be dangerous to toddlers. To avoid such situations, you can have someone familiar with the boy, such as his father or sister, hold him on their lap as he gets the haircut.

Boys Haircuts

Make the deal sweet

Sometimes you can bribe your toddler with his favorite snack. For example, you can practice giving candy to the boy only when he is getting a haircut. This way, he will always associate haircut time with candy time and be excited about it every time.

The lollipops attached to a ring work as magic on many boys as they get boys haircuts. You can also have the boy watch his favorite show while you do his haircut. That way, he will concentrate on the show and will barely realize he is having his hair cut.

Have patience

If your toddler is having a hard time, you can make it easier by doing it in phases. Do the haircut when he is excited about it, and if he loses the mood somewhere in between, don’t force things on him as it will make it worst. Consider taking a break and continuing with the process later when he is comfortable.

Try the tough love

If you have tried all the tricks and the boys won’t accept the boys haircuts, you can just force them to get the haircut no matter how they feel. At some point, they will have to get over it and discover it is their responsibility to get a haircut. 

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