How Can Offices Replicate The Co-working Space Experience?

According to a recent survey, co-working spaces have seen an unprecedented rise in popularity after 2020. People love the social aspect of coworking and prefer it over the traditional office environment. But what if you could replicate the same experience at your regular workplace?

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can turn your workspace into a lively and productive virtual office rental space environment.

Focus On The Set-Up Of The Office 

To recreate a co-working space environment in an office, start by taking away the desks. It may sound counterintuitive but it’s time to make things more open and free. Find spots for standing desks or try out convertible couches that can be converted into chairs. If you have room, add some comfy chairs with side tables for those moments when you need something comfortable to relax in.

Also, incorporate multipurpose furniture pieces like ottomans or accent benches that can double as seating or storage. This will help you maximize your real estate while creating different options for seating arrangements throughout the day.

Don’t forget plants! Plants are great for adding life and vibrancy to any room. Place them around the office to bring a sense of calmness throughout the space.

Don’t forget to add some fun elements as well! Consider putting up a dartboard or hanging up some hammocks. Anything that encourages collaboration and socialization can help foster an environment similar to co-working spaces.

Lastly, make sure everyone has access to comfortable and ergonomic furniture pieces during their work day. If each employee feels like they have freedom of movement and enough room for comfort in their workspace; this will contribute greatly to recreating a co-working space environment in your office.  Utilizing these tips will set you on the path to achieving success in creating a unique working environment for you and your team.

Embrace Flexible Hours 

Recreating the co-working space environment and experience at a traditional office can be an exciting way to combine the best of both worlds. With some thoughtful planning, you can foster collaboration, creativity, and freedom of time that is similar to a co-working space.

Start by setting up flexible hours for your team members. Letting employees come in when it works best for them — whether that’s early morning or late afternoon; — will help cultivate a sense of autonomy and give them more control over their own time. Encourage workers to take breaks during the day as needed; this could include things like walking meetings outside or taking five minutes here and there throughout the day to stretch or meditate.

The right workspace setup is also key. Rather than cubicles and individual workspaces, consider setting up designated project spaces that teams can use as needed. Make sure there is plenty of natural lighting, comfortable seating, and even a few cozy nooks for solo work.

Finally, don’t forget to create opportunities for collaboration and socializing in the office. This could include anything from team lunches or happy hours to scheduled brainstorming sessions or creative activities like painting or pottery classes. By providing access to these kinds of activities in a traditional office space; you can begin to mimic the freedom of time and flexible atmosphere found in a co-working space.

Recreating the co-working experience at your traditional office is possible with some thoughtful planning! With flexible hours, the right workspace setup, and plenty of collaboration opportunities; you can create an office space that fosters autonomy, creativity, and a sense of community.

Celebrate Your Staff’s Individuality 

One of the best ways to recreate the co-working space atmosphere; and experience in a traditional office setting is by celebrating staff uniqueness and individuality. This can be accomplished through encouraging open dialogue, recognizing contributions, and building relationships among employees. Many coworking franchise companies believe that in order to celebrate your staff members you need to get to know them better.

For starters, one way to create an environment that celebrates individuality is to create time for open dialogue between staff members. This could come in the form of weekly meetings or “brainstorming” sessions where everyone has a chance to share ideas and opinions freely. Inviting your team to voice their thoughts will not only make them feel included; but it will also help them understand each other better and build greater trust between colleagues.

Another great way to show appreciation for employees’ individual contributions; and elevate their sense of uniqueness is to recognize them for their hard work. Giving out rewards or bonuses not only emphasizes individual tasks but also reinforces the idea that everyone is valued in the office. This could be done through a simple “thank you” note or gift card to someone who has gone above and beyond expectations; or through awards given out on a monthly basis for high achievers.

Finally, it’s important to build relationships between staff members as this can help foster an environment where individuality is celebrated. Hosting social activities such as team lunches or game nights can give employees the chance to get to know each other better outside of a work context while adding a fun element to the workplace. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events can also help team members connect with each other.

Final Thoughts

Once you have taken into account the essential components of flexible hours; office space, and celebrating your staff’s individuality; it is time to create the perfect co-working environment in your traditional office. Consider taking inspiration from coworking franchise businesses by adding some creative touches like setting up mini lounge areas with couches and bean bags to encourage interaction between employees. You could also organize lunchtime activities such as team cooking competitions or interactive learning sessions where employees get to work together on something fun and educational. Finally, don’t forget to recognize the achievements of your staff members by offering rewards for their hard work and dedication; – this will boost morale and help instill a sense of camaraderie among them. With these simple tips & tricks in mind; you are sure to set up an inspiring co-working environment in your traditional office! 


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