Lenovo ideapad 330-15

Lenovo ideapad 330-15 Review 2023: Specifications, Features, & Prices

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If we are on the hunt for a new laptop or any gaming station, then we may be wondering if this laptop is 330-15 AMD. And this is the right choice for you and every gamer. In this article, we are going to provide us with all the useful information. And we are also going to share an in-depth look at the features, performance, and design of these laptops 330-15 AMD to help us. Plus, we are deciding if it is the right laptop for all our needs. Then we will know how long these laptops last. So, let’s discover more information about these Lenovo ideapad 330-15 AMD here.

What is Lenovo ideapad 330-15?

The Lenovo ideapad 330-15 is a midrange laptop. And they are the perfect technology for everyday use. They are providing fast and reliable performance along with AMD processors. We can easily know and can buy a new laptop which can be tricky because there are multiple options in the market as well. But how can we are choosing the right laptop with a good processor at a reasonable price that needs our attention? 

In this article, we are taking you all deeper into the features and specifications of the Lenovo IdeaPad AMD. It will help us to understand the product well, so we will feel it is worth buying it overall.

The budget-friendly laptops:

The Lenovo ideapad 330-15 has a big screen and they are budget-friendly laptops. And they are delivering a bright 15.6-inch display, also a comfortable keyboard, and enough horsepower for daily production work. And they are also providing even bit more features.

Reasonable range and perfect screen sizes:

These Lenovo ideapad 330-15 are available in a reasonable range. And they are also available in three screen-size variants (14, 15.6, and 17.3 inches). They are giving us the flexibility to configure one based on our needs and wishes. Whatever version we may choose, we’re getting a budget-friendly system with a stylish, and premium design and also have some excellent connectivity options.

In this Lenovo 330 article, we’re looking and going at the 15.6-inch model and have featured an 8th generation with an Intel Core i3-8130U processor. They are also offering 8GB RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and there is an Intel UHD Graphics 620.

That specs sheet looks like what we had found on a typical budget-friendly notebook, but it has a durable design and coupled with class-leading productivity or performance count for a lot. These laptops are also available with a Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and also 1TB solid-state drive for a little more money. 

Lenovo ideapad 330-15 and its stylish design:

They are measuring 0.9 by 10.2 by 14.9 inches. And they are also weighing (HWD). And they are weighing around about 4.85 pounds. These laptops 330 are looking small and lightweight and they can be easily carried around. They have light and more portable than some of their competition.

They have Acer Aspire E15 (E5-576-392H) and we have our top Pick for our budget laptops. Also, They almost weigh 5.27 pounds and are 1.19 inches thick.

These idea pads have a sleek platinum gray frame and they feel reasonably sturdy. They easily pass for an aluminum build, which isn’t any difficult case. We are also seeing metallic constructions in the ultra-books category. Plus, they are high-end notebooks.

These laptops have a platinum gray profile which is used in more premium Lenovo systems as well. It does pick up some dirty marks and stains just like other notebooks and idea pads bearing the same material.

Lenovo ideapad 330-15 and its stunning features:

Lenovo ideapad 330-15

The display system:

The display system has 15.6 inches and also has a 720p screen on these Lenovo idea pads. They are perhaps the only feature that we might not like on this laptop system, but they are still bright and legible for budget-friendly laptops. 

While when we are talking other competitors like the Acer Aspire E5-576-392H (see review here) readily offer a full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, then Lenovo opted for a lower-res (1366 x 768) TN panel. We can explain the low price we are paying for this super laptop.

We may not readily realize the low resolution. But it has better than other budget notebooks or idea pads with washed-out displays in the same category or system. At first, we’ll do some angling before we get a spot that doesn’t wash out. It is not great, but not the worst, we may accept it for the lowest price.

Though, these idea pads do add an anti-glare coating on the screen, which eliminates the reason for reflections. And they are making it the perfect choice for sub-HD media machines. They are providing and we can view the screen from the right angle.

Keyboard and Touchpad of Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

The Lenovo ideapad 330-15 AMD is equipped with a non-backlit, 6-row chiclet keyboard with nicely spaced keys and also with a good grip. The arrow keys are well-positioned there, and the number pad on the right is a good inclusion and also a good system. Moreover, the keys have short travel, and we can easily get a noticeable pressure point. We can quickly type our way around, and even fast typers will find the keys quite reliable and steady.

The touchpad of these idea pads has the same color as the rest of the device. They are positioned slightly towards the left, but they are suitable for inputs via gesture control. The touchpad of these laptop gestures can be individually configured with the setup menu of these pads. They have responded very well to Windows 10 gestures and then register physical inputs precisely.

Lenovo ideapad 330-15 and its ports and storage system:

They are offering some Excellent I/O port options round up and the Lenovo ideapad 330-15 specs. They even include a Type-C port, which is quite rare in the budget-friendly laptop category. 

Overall, there are two USB 3.0 ports, a single USB 3.0 Type-C port, and also has an HDMI port. There is an SD slot. The SD card is an excellent way to extend the system storage & capacity and they can transfer media to SD cards.

Other laptops include a headphone jack, an Ethernet port, and a DVD drive. But they have wireless connectivity and come with 802.11AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1.

The system of these idea pads comes with a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive, which means we won’t need to extend the storage unless we have lots of files to store. But they have convenient to have this option. However, this capacity is far more than we’d find in most budget chrome books. Plus, we have the option of configuring the system to include an SSD for storage as we place our order.

AMD Processor of Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

They are offering a budget laptop that is equipped with an AMD processor. These are a good choice for those who are looking for a basic laptop for everyday use and daily lifestyle. However, they are offering such as browsing the internet, checking email, and working on documents as well.

The AMD processor in these Lenovo has a quad-core processor. And they also come with 4GB of RAM, which is enough for basic tasks but they may not be sufficient for more demanding tasks such as video editing or gaming etc. Overall, these Lenovo Idea pads are a decent budget laptop that can be suitable for everyday use and purpose.

USB-C Ports of Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

The Lenovo has come with USB-C ports. They have USB-C means a universal serial bus (USB) and they can be a connector that is used to connect devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to other devices.

One more thing about USB-C is that it is reversible, which is meaning we can plug it into our device in either direction. This can be convenient when we’re in a hurry or a low-light environment. Also, the USB-C ports on these laptops 330-15 can transfer data and charge other devices faster than traditional USB ports as well. 

The USB-C ports on the Lenovo AMD are super beneficial and they can make it easier to connect and transfer data with other devices overall. 

Lenovo ideapad 330-15 and its performance:

This repetition of the Lenovo ideaPad AMD is equipped with AMD Quad-Core Ryzen 5 2500U CPU. And they have 8GB of RAM with 256GB SSD storage. They have integrated with Intel HD 620 graphics card. Also, They have Ryzen 5 is a quad-core chip designed for mainstream notebooks and chrome books as well. They can be delivering slightly better performance than the AMD A12-9700P chips. As earlier mentioned, the system of these laptops is fully customizable, meaning we can opt for a better CPU, graphics card, RAM size, and even screen size as we place our order.

Both of these chips are not meant for significant workloads but they can deliver good performance for a typical office. They have web applications that can also suffice for light multitasking. Also, They are integrating with Intel HD 620 graphics card is a better version of its predecessor. They are allowing us to play most of 2015/2016 smoothly at low settings.

Battery Life of Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

Battery life is always a strong point for basic laptops and systems. But these Lenovo laptop fails to excel. This particular 330 isn’t efficient, and they are exhibiting a disappointing short battery life. They are offering around 3 hours 20 minutes on a single charge on typical use, which is quite low for a modern and advanced machine. They are offering an Aspire E 15 (E5-576-392H) delivers which can impressive 10 hours 51 minutes of battery life on a single charge.

Why Should We Buy Lenovo ideapad 330-15?

Lenovo ideapad 330-15

If we are here to know whether we should buy Lenovo ideapad 330-15 AMD, then we should check out the mentioned reasons and benefits of the laptop below here. 


The Lenovo laptops have affordable IdeaPad ever. 


They are designed and also powered by an AMD processor, which is providing super-fast and reliable performance. 


They have slim and lightweight. They can be easy to carry wherever we go. 


They can easily build to last, and also have a durable design that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. 

Additional information about Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

Lenovo ideapad 330-15

This Lenovo ideapad 330-15 is built entirely out of plastic. And they have to keep both the weight and the cost down. But they are not cheap-feeling as well. They won’t scratch easily. They also have well balanced. Also, They are not a huge strain to briefly use only one-handed. Moreover, they have the bottom of the laptop resting on my forearm. Overall, they are also not awful to carry in a backpack.

There are about 15 screws and they are keeping the back panel attached. We can unscrew those and then they can run a flathead screwdriver or spudger along with the panel seam. They will be off in no time. Inside, we can see the 2.5-inch hard drive, battery, and single SODIMM slot for RAM.

This laptop also includes 4GB of RAM soldered onto the board, and they are allowing for a maximum of 20GB if we want to expand it. The DVD drive comes off with the back panel, and then it can be replaced with a Blu-ray drive (opens in a new tab). They have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card is located in the middle. And they can be replaced with any m.2 network card as well.

Finally, we can see there’s a bit of extra room around the battery. At this time IdeaPad does not sell larger batteries that we can install for their laptop.

They have full-sized HDMI, and they have USB-A and Ethernet ports, so we won’t need a dongle. Unfortunately, the USB-C port only works for data transfers, and they did not display or charge. We can say we should love to have full-sized ports to be able present materials in meetings. But they are frustrated that Lenovo crippled the USB-C port.

The built-in microphones are very serviceable for video calls. Alas! The webcam is bad. There they have not done too much of a surprise given the price point.

Pros of Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

They are easy to upgrade the internals. And they have a big display.

They have a Great keyboard. They have Full sized Ethernet, USB-A, and HDMI ports.

Cons of Lenovo ideapad 330-15:

They have a Poor webcam. Moreover, they have no Precision trackpad. They have a limited USB-C port. Also, They have a slow-stock HDD. They have stock battery is very small.

Although, if we have a desire to best buy this laptop then it has on sale regularly. They cost about $530 right now, but we are picking them up for $439 a week ago. And even also, they are adding $100 for an SSD, either of those prices is a bargain for every laptop with the i5-8250U and 8GB of RAM. If we don’t mind the effort it takes to install the SSD, we can find a way to manage the battery life. They are hard not to like this laptop despite its faults and difficulties.

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is Lenovo ideapad 330-15?

Ans: This ideapad 330-15 is a laptop with an AMD processor.

2: Is the Lenovo ideapad 330 expensive?

Ans: Lenovo is a budget-friendly laptop suitable for everyone.

3: Which USB port does the Lenovo 330 AMD have?

Ans: They have a USB-C port.

4: Is there a better alternative to the Lenovo ideapad 330?

Ans: When we are talking about The Acer Aspire 5 A515-54-51DJ and its body which is a solid alternative to the ideapad 330. They are offering a Full HD (1920 X 1080) resolution, an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8265U processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD. Plus, they are offering a smaller chassis that’s not heavyweight itself, and it is adding a backlit keyboard.

If we fancy a 2-in-1 convertible, then this Lenovo Flex 14 81SS0005US is an excellent buy. And they are offering an FHD touchscreen including a Stylus Pen, and AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card. Moreover, they are offering an AMD Ryzen 5 processor. They are offering light, and the touchscreen adds more functionality and longer battery life for college and business users.

5: Should we buy the Lenovo ideaPad 330?

Ans: Yes. With the Lenovo IdeaPad 330, we are getting the most affordable, stylish, and functional full-size laptop possible in our daily life. For college and office use, they are one of the best choices around. Otherwise, with a little more money, we can carry either of the two choices above, and we’ll get better performance, a Full HD display, and significantly longer battery life as well.

The Final Words:

Lenovo ideapad 330-15 are these kinds of laptops that are pretty terrible to use because of their slow HDD and also have low battery life. However, they have an inexpensive way to get great performance, if we don’t mind installing an SSD then maybe they get a larger battery, and if they become easily available.

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