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Top 10 Features of the Intel Evo Platform

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So your old laptop has died and it is time to find a replacement, or perhaps you just want an upgrade. Whether you need the laptop for business or pleasure, look no further than the Intel Evo platform. This is not the name for a type of chip, rather it is a set of criteria that Intel Evo laptops must meet to enter a very elite club.  

Laptops need to meet many strict requirements to earn Evo certification, so you can be sure you are getting a top-quality product. For laptop manufacturers, earning this certification is a badge of honor. 

Keep reading for the top ten features of the Evo platform and why you should be excited.

1. Staggering Processing Power

All Intel Evo laptops must have an 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake processor. These processors are either Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i5.

These processors run at up to twice the speed of previous-gen processors, so picking up an Intel Evo Laptop gives you a serious boost in performance. They even have built-in artificial intelligence to optimize how tasks are processed. 

They also have integrated Intel Xe graphics, which are perfect for video and photo editing. Intel’s workflow analysis reveals that you can edit videos three times faster with an Evo laptop compared to a 2-year old laptop. 

Don’t forget that these graphics are good enough for HD gaming and HDR 4K video. An Evo laptop is powerful enough to be your go-to entertainment hub.

Overclocking features are available for gamers and editors looking to push their processors to the next level. This is not available on all models, so keep an eye out for one with an unlocked CPU if you are interested. 

2. Long Battery Life

With an Intel Evo laptop, you can count on over 9 hours of battery life under intense use. Intel’s estimate is based on the time taken for the battery to drain from 100% to a critical level in a typical work environment. That is, many local and cloud-based apps are being used, and numerous web pages are open. 

Choosing an Evo laptop means you can forget about scrabbling to find a plug socket. You can be on the go all day and still get the performance you need. An Evo laptop has the stamina to match your drive and your workload. 

The batteries also charge up very quickly. The Intel Evo certification requires the laptop to recharge four hours of battery life in under 30 minutes. Every aspect of the Evo laptop is designed to keep you moving. 

3. Breathtaking Touchscreen Display

Intel Evo laptops have a 12 to 15-inch display with a minimum resolution of 1080p. The display brings movies and games to life with colors that pop from the screen. It’s time for a laptop that will make Netflix shows look as good as movies on the big screen. 

All displays are touch-screen for your convenience. Combine this with full smart-pen support, and you have a laptop that you can use to take notes and sign documents with. This is particularly useful with the Evo laptops that you can flip into tablets.

The screen-to-body ratio on Evo laptops is very high, because the bezels around the screens are very thin. This efficient design is what keeps the laptop compact and sleek. Some Evo laptops don’t have any bezels at all, meaning they offer a beautiful and unique appearance. 

4. Lightweight and Thin

In keeping with the theme of a fast-paced lifestyle, all Intel Evo laptops must be very lightweight. All are under 1.5kg and many are lighter still. You won’t even notice the weight in your backpack when you are commuting or traveling. 

They are also brilliantly thin. All models are a mere 15mm thick at most, and many are thinner.

This means an Evo laptop is a fashion statement. It looks sleek and feels good in your hands. If you are going to be using your laptop every day for the foreseeable future, then you need to make sure it’s one you enjoy looking at.    

5. Fast WiFi Technology

All Evo laptops have ultra-fast Intel WiFi 6 technology. This is up to three times faster than standard WiFi, so it can work, call, and game at record speed. 

WiFi 6 offers more bandwidth with greater stability. It handles traffic much more efficiently than any other WiFi technology, so latency is reduced by up to 75%. With Intel Evo laptops, you get more from the internet. 

6. Biometric Security

The Intel Evo Certification also includes a requirement for biometric login options. This means you will be able to log in to your Evo laptop with a fingerprint reader or facial recognition. 

These technologies have been around for a while now. They are no longer cutting edge in the sense that you find them on many laptops and smart devices.

However, manufacturers of Evo laptops have refined their previous efforts to produce their best biometric technology yet for the Evo platform. With an Evo laptop, you get smoothness and convenience. No more waiting around for your face to be recognized. 

7. Silent Performance For Peace and Quiet

The Intel Evo certification requires the laptop to have fans no larger than 15mm or to have no fans at all. This means you get the monstrous performance provided by an 11th Gen Intel Core Processor with no disturbances. 

Imagine you are in an important meeting, or you are studying in a silent library. You need your laptop to keep cool and to keep quiet, for your sake and everyone else’s. Your Intel Evo laptop has you covered.

To offer such power with few or no fans requires innovative cooling solutions. This is yet another category in which Evo laptops are best in class.  

8. Ultra-Fast Responsiveness 

Many laptops are slow to wake up when they fall into sleep mode, and the ensuing wait is always very frustrating. However, all Intel Evo laptops must wake in less than 1 second, so there is no delay when you want to start work. This is achieved with Modern Connected Standby/Lucid Sleep functionality.

An Evo laptop will keep up with you no matter how fast you work, so the laptop will never be a drag on your productivity. Intel’s analysis shows that an Evo laptop is 40% more responsive than a 2-year old laptop. Think about how much a 40% boost to productivity would do for at work or at home.   

9. The Incredibly Functional Thunderbolt Port

Intel Evo laptops have a Thunderbolt 4 port, which is a form of USB Type-C port. It is perhaps the most versatile port ever created. 

It connects your laptop to a dock, output display, or data storage device, whilst also charging the laptop. Because of its unrivaled functionality, a single Thunderbolt port can replace all other USB-C ports on the device.  

It provides a 40 Gigabits per second connection for data and video, so you will not be waiting around for large files to transfer. It supports multiple monitors at a high resolution and refreshes rate, so you can use your laptop as the center of your gaming or office setup.

Any device with a Thunderbolt port must be subjected to stringent testing, so you know for sure that any accessory or peripheral you buy will work with your laptop. You can shop with confidence.

10. The Intel Evo Platform Offers Versatility 

When you combine lightning-fast processing power, lightweight portability, and long-lasting battery life, you have a laptop that can do almost anything. Juggling workplace tasks and intense gaming sessions are all in a day’s work for an Evo laptop. 

Take theĀ Lenovo Yoga Slim available. This is an Intel i7 laptop with immense power hidden away in its slim chassis. Its processing power makes it especially suited to gaming and video editing.

Its speakers create virtual surround sound, so you have your own little cinema built into your laptop. If you manage to drain the battery during the day, you can charge it to over 80% within an hour, so you can be on the move again in no time. 

This is a perfect example of how an Evo laptop is perfect for your personal and business life. No other laptop offers as much functionality in every area.

The Laptops for Everyone

The Intel Evo platform is great for us consumers. Manufacturers compete with each other and strive for Intel’s high standards. As a result, they produce outstanding laptops that suit pretty much every conceivable need.

To learn more about technology, make sure to check out the rest of our site for more great articles! 

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