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How to Find a Top-Tier Coworking Space

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The demand for coworking space has exploded. Currently, 5.1 million people across the globe work from shared office spaces.

It’s easy to see why. An increasing number of businesses are embracing the fully remote or hybrid work system, and a growing number of individuals, exhausted by working for others, are starting their own companies. In other cases, while many cherish the flexibility and freedom that working from home offers, some feel a little isolated working alone, and others have found that working from home hinders their productivity. 

You may have considered joining a coworking space if you fall into these demographics. If so, read on for tips on how to find a first-class Coworking Space that inspires your creativity and keeps you motivated.

Consider the Location

It seems obvious to start here; yes, you’ll surely consider the location when creating a short list of spaces.

But you need to really consider it. How easy will the office be to get to in a snowstorm? Is public transit readily available, and is there parking nearby should you choose to drive — and how much is parking, if that’s your only option? Are there lots of spaces available?

Inquire About Their Emergency Plan

Does the Coworking Space have a thoroughly considered and approved emergency response plan? And are there tools in place to keep visiting clients safe? For example, evacuation stair chairs are used to transport individuals safely and comfortably with mobility challenges to safety during an emergency. If you’ve found an amazing place that doesn’t have tools like these yet, consider approaching them with ideas and suggestions. You could even send them links to evacuation chair prices. You may find that they’re open to the investment ethically, and it may even keep them on the right side of local legislation.

How Flexible Are They?

Flexibility might be necessary if your work is seasonal or your day-to-day hours fluctuate. Inquire about the shared office space’s hours of operation, ensuring they’re consistent throughout the year. See about their membership packages: for example, can you do one or six months versus a full year?

Is Security Taken Seriously?

Personal safety is paramount. Secondary is the protection of your assets — an important consideration if you’re bringing expensive laptops and other devices to the space.

Ask how people gain entry to the office. Does everyone have a fob or an entry code, and are there cameras in shared rooms? It’s also worth asking how the owners navigate instances of theft.

Are There Extra Amenities?

If you foresee yourself hosting in-person client events or virtual meetings, see if there are amenities that can cater, such as private rooms and booths for calls, for example. If there are, how easy are they to reserve, and is there a fee for doing so?

And if you prize multiple cups of coffee throughout the day, do they have coffee machines on-site? Or is there a locker where you can store a press and grinds?

Create a list of important amenities until you find a spot that ticks every box.

Think About the Vibe

You’ll likely know if you’ve found the right Coworking Space. Sit for a while and observe the flow of the area. Are people noisy? Does the ding of the elevator echo across the room?

If it’s a mild irritant in one brief visit, it’s only likely to grow.

Test the Wi-Fi Speed

We all know at this point the importance of strong bandwidth when we’re on a Zoom call or trying to send large files. Ask other users when you’re touring potential spaces for their feedback on the Wi-Fi, and run a test if you can.

The Takeaway

There’s an abundance of pros for the coworking (or shared) office space; it gets you out of the house and provides networking opportunities. If you’ve been considering finding a coworking office this fall, keep this handy checklist in mind. You’re sure to find a top-tier space if you do.

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