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100% Match: 5 Rules of Communication in a Dating App

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Thanks to modern technologies, people no longer have to leave home to make a new acquaintance – it is enough just to register in the dating application. However, in order for the acquaintance to be successful on Dating App, it is worth following certain rules, which we will discuss in this article.

Social norms and individual goals

Analysts of the popular dating app have been studying user behavior for many years, as well as the most successful and popular accounts. As a result, they came to a conclusion – social networks impose their own standards on people, forcing them to adapt to fictitious norms. People forget about their individuality and make wrong decisions that do not bring the desired result. Thus, having registered on, men begin to search for sexy Russian girls instead of also thinking about the personal qualities and values they wish to see in their potential partner. 

Dating App

According to research, people consider it harder to find a match if they don’t set clear goals for themselves. After all, in order to find a life partner or just go on a date to relax your mind, you need to figure out what goals you are pursuing and how to communicate correctly, based on the desired result. We have compiled a list of five simple rules that will help you to remain yourself and at the same time interest the interlocutor.

Use your sense of humor

As a rule, serious relationships begin with something simple. To succeed, and to initiate at least the first date, you need to start a dialogue; and it is nice to use your sense of humor. Therefore, do not be shy on Dating App – the funnier your first message is, the better. It can be a joke you like or an unusual meme; causing the interlocutor to immediately smile on the other side of the screen. By the way, this is also a good way to check the candidate for an adequate sense of humor, which is also important.

Look for common topics

An essential reason for getting closer is the fact of having common topics, interests, or hobbies; so before starting a dialogue, you should conduct an analysis of the interlocutor’s social networks. If not, then you should at least carefully look at the photos in the profile and search for something in common. In this way you will be able to get the initial idea of a person and have common topics for conversation; so none of you will have to look for some tricky ways to maintain a dialogue.

Don’t overdo with detailed answers

At the beginning of your acquaintance, it is better to remain a bit detached; not to load the interlocutor with a stream of too detailed answers. Too detailed and voluminous messages can scare off your potential companion – they may get the impression that you are too passionate about yourself, and this is not very pleasant. Try to follow the rule of 10 steps – each of the partners takes one step towards the other; thus evenly developing the relationship. However, if the balance is lost on Dating App, and one of the partners takes several steps at once; while the other stands still, this is a reason to stop and think if it is worth continuing communication.

Dating App

Participate in the conversation

The previous advice does not exclude your active participation in the dialogue. It’s crucial to be a good listener – it’s always engaging. Try to be involved in the dialogue, ask questions, and show your interest, but do not go too far. It is important to maintain a balance here – most often it occurs naturally; provided that you are interested in the current conversation. It is also worth monitoring the reaction of the interlocutor; if a person asks more questions and tries to develop the topic, this is a good sign. 

Give an unusual compliment

If nevertheless, an online conversation on Dating App has grown into a first date, it should also be taken responsibly. At a meeting, you can make some non-standard compliments. For example, you can say how beautiful fingers are (why not?). It’s cute, funny, and memorable, moreover; such compliments help to defuse the tense atmosphere that inevitably arises on a first date.

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