Design Ideas For Living Room

Your living room can be designed in many ways. But just like any room in the house, you only have limited space to put furniture and other decors. You may want to put a rattan lampshade or a minimalist tall open lamp. You may opt for a huge sofa bed or a small cushion chair. Do you like to put a painting or Lighting Users Manuals or, a huge mirror on one side of the living room? You can read more to find out the best designs that you can use for your living space.

Ways to Design Your Living Room

Conceptualize your living room

You have to plan ahead. Although spur-of-the-moment ideas are not neglected, you should still have to conceptualize the look of your living room. This room is one of the spaces in the house that can have expensive furniture. You cannot just dispose of or resell any item in it if you do not feel like using it. So you should really plan what your living room will look like.

Do you want to have a minimalist design? Do you like a cabin-feel living room? Will your room have a fireplace? Do you think that your living room needs a big-screen television? Are you the one who prefers a carpeted living room? Do you like a chandelier at the center of your room? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself for the conceptualization of the theme of your living room.

Choose the color

The design of a living room nowadays starts with the color of the ceiling, walls, and flooring. It is recommended that you do not use one color in the whole room. You can use hues with light to dark shades. You can even use contrasting colors based on the color harmony chart. They are the ones that complement each other.

Pick the furniture

After the color of the room, the next step that you do is to pick the right couch. This furniture should also blend well with the overall theme of the room. Be sure to invest in a high-quality couch that can stand the test of time. Some prefer metal frames while others choose a couch with wooden accents.

Select the right lighting

A living room is only as good as the lighting that you use. The colors of the room will not stand out unless people see them with ample lighting. You should install ceiling lights that cover the whole room. It is preferred that you use pin lights in the corners of the ceiling so that all of the areas are lighted. You can also use lamps to create a certain mood in the room. A rattan lamp shade with a yellowish light bulb is great to have a cozier and relaxed mood. A metal standing lamp with a white bulb can show a more accepting mood for family time and bonding.

Think about decorations

Mirrors visually make the room wider. If you have limited space in your room, you can put mirrors on the walls.

Paintings and other wall decorations tend to break the monotony of wall color. You should choose wall decors wisely so that it will not be a distraction to people. They should also match the color of the room.


The living room is one of the areas that is most used especially when accommodating guests like family and friends. You have to set it up in a way that is most convenient for the people and aesthetically pleasing to them. Choose the right furniture for the space. Have enough lighting by placing a rattan lamp shade or chandelier. Put decorations such as paintings or mirrors to maximize the walls and use different colors to make the area cozier and more acceptable to guests. 

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