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How do I fix my Dimmable LED Flash from flickering? Tips & Tricks (2023)

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Dimmable LED Flashlights have come a long way since their inception. Currently, with the introduction of this LED technology, then we have come to know that, they are more energy-efficient and also have longer-lasting alternatives. These Dimmable LED flash are increasingly popular nowadays. Because they are offering a large user area and have control over their lighting needs. 

In this article, we will explore and discuss everything about Dimmable LED Flash Fixing, Features, Buying Guide, Benefits & Types. We are also discussing here the causes of flashing and flickering LED lights. Hence, how can anyone fix them? We are also looking at the causes and solutions for flickering LED lights.

What are LED Flash Lights?

In past, we were using incandescent bulbs. They are being phased out due to the energy-efficient LED light bulbs. However, these incandescent bulbs were very simple and reliable at that time. These incandescent bulbs have a very thin tungsten (wolfram, W) filament. These bulbs have no electronics in them. LED bulbs, on the other hand, depend on the built-in electronic controller. They are using the technology of running Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

What is Dimmable LED Flash?

These LED flashlights are essential tools for every home. These lights are offering versatile illumination for different settings. With their adjustable brightness levels, the user can control the amount of light produced to suit his specific needs. In this article, you can explore everything of what you need to know about Dimmable LED flashlights, and also you can learn how they work. What are their benefits and features? How can we choose the best LED lights? So, we can say that dimmable lights are a type of flashlight that are using LED technology. They can be adjusted to produce varying levels of brightness. Unlike traditional flashlights, they are producing a constant and fixed amount of light. These Dimmable LED flashlights are also allowing to their users to adjust the light intensity based on their needs.

How Dimmable LED Flash work?

When the LED light switch is turned ON then the power flows to the bulb. The light bulb starts to produce light. Simple as that, in this light journey of incandescent and halogen lights, the dimmer bulb had a simple job. It limits the flow of electricity toward the light bulb. However, the new Dimmable LED Flash is currently known as an electronic device. They have proper operation and they depend entirely on the proper operation of the LED light built-in controller.

When the Dimmable LED Flash is connected to light dimmers intended for incandescent lights. Then this Dimmable LED Flash doesn’t work properly. They can be easily damaged by such dimmers for many reasons.

It is said to be like that, these Dimmable lights work by using a driver circuit. And they have to control the amount of current which is flowing through the LED. By controlling the current system, the flashlight can adjust the brightness of the LED bulbs. This procedure can be done by using a variable resistor. It has a pulse width modulation (PWM) circuit.

What are the benefits of Dimmable LED Flash?

One of the primary benefits of dimmable flashlights is that, they can control the amount of light they have produced. This is especially useful when we may need a flashlight in a dark environment. But they don’t want to disturb other people around us. By dimming the light, we can reduce the amount of glare as well. We can also create a more comfortable lighting environment around us.

There is another significant benefit of dimmable flashlights is that, they are energy efficient. LEDs are commonly known for their low power consumption and they have a long life span. This means that we can use our flashlights for an extended time. There is no worrying about running out of battery power for these LED flashes.

How can we choose the right Dimmable LED Flash?

Dimmable LED Flash

When we are choosing the best dimmable flashlight, then there are several factors to consider on them. These factors are brightness level, battery life, beam distance, and durability as well. All the factors are following here:

Brightness Level:

The brightness level of these LEDs can be measured in lumens. Usually, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. Hence, the brightness level that we may need depends on our intended use. For example, if we may need a flashlight for reading in bed, then we may lower the brightness level will suffice.

Battery Life:

The battery life of LEDs is an important topic. Especially if we are planning to use them for longer periods. Then there is such kind of flashlights that come with rechargeable batteries. While others are using disposable batteries. It is important to note that, how often we may plan to use the flashlight and choose them accordingly.

Beam Distance:

The beam distance of these LEDs can travel before it becomes too dim to see. Generally, this is measured in meters or feet. We can consider the distance we need to illuminate and how to choose a flashlight with a beam distance that suits our needs.


The durability of this flashlight is also very essential. It is especially if we plan to use them in rugged environments. We can look that, these flashlights have been made from high-quality materials. These flashlights have the following features such as waterproofing or impact resistance.

Best Dimmable LED Flash available in the Market:

There are many types of dimmable flashlights available in the market. But they not all are created equally. Here are some of the best dimmable LED Flash we can find:

Fenix PD36R

Olight S2R Baton II

Nitecore P12GTS

ThruNite TC12 V2

Streamlight ProTac HL-X

Importance of having Dimmable LED flash

Dimmable LED Flash

When we have a dimmable flashlight then we can be highly beneficial in various situations. Here are some of the best reasons why a dimmable LED flashlight can be important for us:

Adjusting brightness levels:

As we know, different situations may require different levels of brightness. For example, we may not need a very bright light when we are reading a book in a dark room. But on other hand, we may need maximum brightness when we are exploring a cave. With a dimmable light, we can adjust the brightness level according to our needs and circumstance. They can save battery life and prevent unnecessary glare from the environment.

Preserving night vision: 

If we are using a flashlight in the dark, then we may need to preserve our night vision in this situation. In this contrast, when we are stargazing or hunting, then we are using a dimmer setting on our flashlight, it can minimize the amount of light exposure and will help preserve our night vision.

Saving battery life:

A dimmable flashlight can help save battery life by allowing us to use the lowest possible brightness setting. It can be especially useful if we are in a situation where we may need to conserve battery power for an extended time.

Reducing eye strain: 

When we are using a high-powered flashlight for a long time. Then it can cause eye strain and discomfort in us. By using a dimmer setting, we can reduce the amount of strain on our eyes. We also make it more comfortable to use the flashlight for a longer period.

Overall, there is a dimmable flashlight that can be a highly useful tool in many situations such as providing greater flexibility and versatility in terms of brightness levels, battery life, night vision preservation, and eye strain reduction as well.

What is the science behind Dimmable LED Flash?

Dimmable LED flashlights work by adjusting the current flowing to the LED. It controls the brightness of the flashlight. The circuit that controls the current is typically operated by a switch or button on the flashlight, and there are different methods of dimming, including PWM and Analog Dimming.

Which technology is used in Dimmable LED Flash?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is a type of lighting technology. It works based on the principles of semiconductor physics. The key has the component of an LED. This is a semiconductor material. It is doped with impurities to create an electronic structure. It is also allowing the material to emit light when a voltage is applied.

When a voltage is applied to the LED, electrons, and holes (absence of electrons in the electronic structure) are injected into the semiconductor material.

What are the Reasons for Lights Flickering in Your Home

If one of us is experiencing dimming or flickering lights in our home, then we do not dismiss it as simply an annoyance.

When there are some situations like a loose connection and they are easy to fix, it could be a dangerously serious electrical issue that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible for us.

In this section, we are going to cover all the related topics of flickering or blinking lights. This is an easy solution and when it’s time to call an electrician before someone gets shocked. Hence, they are also caused to become electrical fires or break out.

Minor issues for Flickering Dimmable LED Flash | Check these possible causes and their solutions

Dimmable LED Flash

The Flicker of the lights is indicating a serious issue. These are simple & easy things to check that sometimes get overlooked in his home. There are so many reasons that can be happened in our homes. They are the following here:

1: Loose Bulb

If we may notice an occasional light flicker and this is happening with only one light or consistently. Then it may have happened with a large appliance kicking in. Thus, it may be a simple culprit. Light bulbs may be loose in their sockets. They will receive an inconsistent power supply, and it will cause the flicker.


We should turn off the light. We should wait for the bulb to cool down before touching the bulb. Then we should check to make sure the light bulb is screwed in tightly. Overall, it is the right kind of bulb for the fixture.

2: Type of Bulb

The flickering or blinking lights can be happened due to the type of bulb that we are using. There is a fluorescent bulb, for example, it tends to flicker and it is warming up soon.

3: Dimmer Switch Bulbs

If we are using a dimmer switch, then we should make sure that bulb is compliant. This might be as simple as loose bulbs or the wrong bulb type for our dimmer switches. These LED bulbs often flicker when they are used with a dimmer switch since they are incompatible with non-LED dimmers. 


We might even want to swap our bulb out for a smart bulb. It won’t need any physical dimmer switch. 

If this process doesn’t do well, then it could be a faulty light switch as well.

4: Loose Plug Connection

We should make sure that the bulb plug has not come loose from its outlet. If the prongs on the plug are bent, then it is simply unplugged and we should also make sure that pry the metal prongs open before plugging back in.

5: An Overloaded Circuit

If we may notice flickering in our house and when we turn on a large appliance, then we may be overloading the circuit. Then there are one or more circuits that may be experiencing an overload.

If the flickering is short and infrequent, then it is probably not too serious. However, if this problem happens all the time or lasts more than just a few seconds then we should make sure it’s time to look into the circuit overload.


We should never attempt to fix this issue by ourselves. We should always call in a professional electrician to make sure it is done safely and properly.

6: Utility Service

The utility issue we may refer the issue stems from the source where the main electricity is being serviced, from our electric company. This issue is especially a big problem if our homes nearby are sharing a transformer where our electrical supply is shared by their electrical loads as well.


We should simply put off the big appliance in our home, and if our neighbor is using a lot of electricity, then our lights may start flickering. If this problem happens, we should contact an electrician to determine this issue and if any repairs need to be done properly.

7: Voltage Fluctuating

Most homes are on a standard 120-volt circuit, so if our home has an electrical voltage. It should stay between 115 volts to 125 volts. We should check this by ourselves with a voltmeter. If the reading is more than 125 volts, then we may have a serious fault in the electrical system of the house.

8: Old or Loose Wires

Loose wiring is not a big deal. Although, it is often referred to as a dangerous issue. According to The National Fire Protection Association NFPA, there is almost 70% of houses get fires and they are caused by poor wiring issues. There are two of the most common electrical wiring culprits. They are loose and outdated wiring. It is said to be like that, old wiring may have been improperly installed in the house or it becomes corroded wire over time long before these lights start flickering.

How do I fix my Dimmable LED Flash from flickering?

Dimmable LED flash problem is very common nowadays. It is happen as the bulb gets old. Moreover, poor maintenance and non-compatible dimmers are also one of the main causes of dimmable LED problems. However, troubleshooting is simple if we may know the actual cause and the reasons to fix it. For instance, we should make sure to check the connection, ensure the proper electric supply, adjust the bulb holder, and many other things that can fix the dimmer lights and their issues.

Change an Incompatible Dimmer Switch

These LEDs don’t work like the old lights. LEDs are using electricity to produce heat and then it brightens the light. Then dimmer is a rotating device. Also, it controls the brightness of dimmable lights. 

So, every dimmer is not compatible with every dimmable led. We have to ensure that these switches are compatible with our selected LED blubs. If the switch is not compatible, then replace them. We should buy a new dimmer switch if our led dimmer flickers. We should bring our dimmable LED and match its features. 

Tighten the bulb:

These LEDs are starting losing to their connection with electric sockets. Moreover, these connection has developed dust and debris between the bulb and socket. As a result, poor current supply occurs in our appliances, and our light starts flashing or flickering. For this purpose,

First, we pull out the light from its electric socket and then reconnect the bulb and then check it. We should take a brush and then clean the socket as well. Hence, replace the led with dimmable led lights.


1: Why are Dimmable LED Flashing?

Ans: Many reasons vary for why an adjustable bulb flashes continuously. But, the most common cause is a damaging dimmer switch. Additionally, other reasons are also like loose cords, power outages, etc.

2: What is an LED dimmer flicker resistor?

Ans: Resistor is kind of a device that may raise the power supply to the bulb at the time when it’s flickering.

My Final Thoughts:

Dimmable LED flash are one of the best innovations for our homes. Well, if we did not want to face any problem of flickering or strobing then we should make the following steps:

We should change the incompatible dimmer switch and Tight the bulb and clean all debris and dust. Then carefully, check the circuit wiring. We should make sure our home is getting stable voltage. In the end, we should replace the LED light carefully.

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