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On-Site Brand Activations That Will Engage Customers This Holiday Season

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Brand activations will take your holiday campaign to the next level, and the best thing about them is that you can take them wherever you need to go. Also, Brand activations can be just as successful in-store as they can be at big events or as part of a sponsorship campaign. During the holidays, you have access to higher volumes of customers passing through your doors and now is a great time to connect with them.

However, These on-site brand activation ideas will help your brand engage with customers and create positive associations with your brand.

#1 In-Store Giveaways

The holidays can be an expensive time for shoppers. Giveaways give your customers’ wallets a break, and they can be great motivations to stop by your physical store. Ideas like promotions a day that change on a daily basis in the lead-up to the holidays, buy 1-get-1-free deals, and free gift cards with purchases can add value for customers and drive revenues.

#2 Interactive Kiosks

Lift-to-Learn displays are a strategic way to get people to learn more about a product line you want to introduce or promote for the holidays. When your store crowded, and the staff are busy with all of the customers, you can’t always rely on them having the time to push promotions or teach customers about a new product. With an interactive kiosk, all the customer has to do is lift the product and a digital display will show any message you want.

The advantage of interactive kiosks is that they give customers a chance to learn and discover on their own. Promotional messaging isn’t always well-received when you push it too hard. Interactive kiosks make it feel much more organic.

#3 Contests and Promotions

The holidays are the ideal time to capitalize on the high volumes of in-person shoppers. Contests and promotions help you engage with customers and give customers some real value. Activities like photo contests are a great way to encourage active participation; or you can use quizzes or surveys as a way to enter to find out more about what people think of your business.

One easy way to get customers engaged with contests and promotions is with QR code integration. All customers have to do to sign up is scan a QR code leading straight to your mobile site; opening up new avenues for you to follow up with customers throughout the season. Digital displays can show any promotional messaging you need to hook them; and a quick scan is all the customer needs to get involved. Digital displays can also help you integrate social media and other digital content to support your message.

#4 Portable Digital Billboards

Portable digital billboards can make any activation come to life. You need to make sure customers know about your promotions, contests, and products. Portable digital billboards can be deployed anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and they can display whatever you need; from promotional messaging to much more interactive content, such as games, social media content, or even Augmented Reality.

Portable digital billboards can support all kinds of activations, whether you need them for in-store events or on-site activations.

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