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Transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Bitcoin (BTC)

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Suppose you must transfer from Visa and MasterCard to Bitcoin (BTC). In that case, it’s better not to waste time choosing the right way to conclude a deal but immediately focus on cooperation with electronic exchangers. Working with such services, it will be possible to identify some significant advantages:

  • low commissions for conducting transactions, making them accessible to the maximum number of users;
  • the ability to exchange small and large amounts of dollars;
  • fast transactions – in most situations, the procedure takes about an hour;
  • maximum ease of exchange – even a user who performs such a procedure for the first time will understand the process for its implementation.

There is no need to worry about the security of financial transactions. To conclude a risk-free deal, it is enough to use the information provided by the monitoring portal. It offers a list of famous exchange rates that have passed full-fledged checks for the honesty of their work and have proven the transparency of their activities. Choose any service provider, being sure of a successful exchange.

How to find the right offer

It will not be challenging to choose an offer to convert assets in the direction you are interested in. It is enough to specify the source and target currency in the menu of the monitoring portal. Further, all offers for exchanging USD from Credit Card to Bitcoin will be displayed on the page.

If, at the moment, there are no current offers for exchanging USD from a payment or credit card, you can use an alternative solution. We are talking about a double exchange using a transit currency.

Another option is to use the notification service by setting the interest criteria for selecting a deal. As soon as a corresponding offer appears on the site, a notification will be sent to your mail about the possibility of an exchange.

You can use a particular browser and extension to make it easier to use to calculate live currency. This will give you quick access to the monitoring portal pages.

How to exchange currency

Currency exchange through an electronic exchanger is not tricky. Once you have identified a suitable service provider, you need to go to their website and follow these steps:

  • Read the rules carefully. The document contains a lot of helpful information that will be useful for concluding a successful transaction.
  • Fill out an application. Provide only up-to-date information. Check the information for typos and errors. This will minimize the likelihood of hitches during the exchange operation.
  • Confirm application. Transfer the amount indicated in it from the Credit Card USD. Be sure to have time to pay the application within the time allotted for this procedure.

After transferring funds to the balance of the exchange service, you will soon receive the equivalent in BitCoin cryptocurrency in your wallet.

As you can see, exchanging assets in this way is not difficult. The main thing is to be extremely careful to follow the rules established by the performer.

If you have questions, immediately contact the exchange office staff for clarification and assistance. Service managers will do their best to fix any problems.

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