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Filly Fantasy 6 Release, Cast, Plot, Story, and Characters

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Filly Fantasy 6 is the best Game for Online and Offline players. It is also known as the “My little pony fantasy 6”. It has consisted of about 16-bits classics games.


Filly fantasy is the best game for online and offline players. It is also known as the “My little pony fantasy 6”. It has consisted of about 16-bits classics games. This filly fantasy is designed for the Super Nintendo (SNES) console playing games.

When the player wishes to play online this game “My little pony fantasy 6” in his browser for free and this is no required any kind of downloading game. But the most important thing which is filly fantasy 6 is required to have compatible devices like which is very compatible with HTML 5, JavaScript, and Flash Emulator Online with very compatible devices.

For the lovers of this game, this is great news when you wish to play this kind of game on your devices but must have compatible devices you should require hacks rooms. This hacks room are provided the experience of playing the original games in the ROMs and the hacked ROMs. These types of games are also released for the Super Nintendo (super Famicon) which is playing online over the internet. The user should require just a button of Start.

This is the game in which it can change the cast from the characters. This game is created from the most of big names of making the video games in the market just like Filmfiction, user DrakeyC. The drake is also known as the Drake Clawfang. RydelFox is also contributing to making this game.

History of Filly Fantasy 6 game:

Filly Fantasy 6

This is about 1000 years ago tale, once two sisters were playing the games differently. Both sisters were playing the king Sombra and then they were defeated in a conflict battle which is normally called the Crystal War. The crystal wars are also known as the espers. But over time, this game has been disappeared from the world of games. This game is originally presented on the media on the date of the 13th of October.

Filly Fantasy 6 about premises:

This filly fantasy 6 is inspired and guided by her mentor name is princess Celestia. This game is specially designed for the player who wants to play the games with playing together or in a group. From this game, the players can learn the friendship with another player who belongs to the pony Ville town. In this game when the player is starting playing the game then twilight and her friend dragon have become fast friends with the 5 ponies in the town of Ponyville. Then twilight and dragon and her assistant spike become friends. The names of five puppies are Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and the Pinkie pie. The 5 ponies are also known as the Elements of Harmony. Then their friendship and friends become fast friends and they altogether do many of fun and adventures.

The casting and the characters of Filly Fantasy 6:

There are many casting and characters involved in this game which makes the game more fantastic and adventurous. Some famous casts and characters are mentioned in this article here:

Tara Strong:

Tara Strong Filly Fantasy 6

It is the famous character which is known as Tara Strong. It is the unicorn in the game. This unicorn is playing the character of Twilight Sparkle and this unicorn is specially designed of the awkward unicorn for the Filly Fantasy 6 game. But when it is playing the game then it is making the initial friends very hardly.

Ashleigh Ball:

Ashleigh Ball

It is also the best-fitted cast in this game. This is actually like the Applejack. This is just like the pony who is very hardworking in the game and it is also living like to the play in the game filly Fantasy 6 game. This kind of pony also loves to enjoy living in the game. This unicorn is love to read but first of all, it is on his farm and a rainbow Dash. This unicorn has also fearless and energetic powers.

Andrea Libman:

Andrea Libman

This type of unicorn is flutter shy and it is like a timid kind of pony. This Andrea Libmanis loves to play with pinkie pie and with the other animals. And this kind of ponies who are love to enjoy the most of parties with other friends.

Tabitha St. German:

Tabitha St. German

It is that kind of pony Rarity and it is like a glamorous and glitter kind of ponies. This is a small type of unicorn who is running his clothing brand or store.

Cathy Weseluck:

Cathy Weseluck Filly Fantasy 6

Cathy weseluck is that kind of spike and a small kind of dragon. And he is like twilight’s assistant in the game of filly fantasy 6.

Themes of Filly Fantasy 6 game:

The main theme of this game is Filly Fantasy 6 is about friendship and working together. When the game is starting, and at the starting and initial of episodes, twilight writing the letters to the princess Celestia. And they both are trying to learning about more friendship and living together. This series is consisting of other and different personalities and many other friends.

The story is also consisting of different orcs. This series of games is also pretending the story and the themes about frightening to the viewers and the children. This game is involving many kinds of dragons and many types of Unicorns. Season 3 is consisting the magical mystery cure. The fourth season has involved some kind of collected boxes and the keys with locked keys. And these types of games are involved and connected with princess twilight sparkle.

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The final words:

The Filly Fantasy 6 is a video game that allows the user and the player to play the game online or as well offline. This game is also known as “My little pony”. This game has many seasons and has 222 episodes are produced and broadcast over the internet. It has many kinds of characters. This game involving many kinds of unicorns and dragons as well. The Tabitha St.German has run its clothing brand in the game. This is animated television game series for children as well.

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