Perfecting the Same Game Parlay

Sports news never seems to stop, and a large portion of that sports news is now related to sports betting in some form of fashion. Even if the actual news story has nothing to do with betting, you can still find a way to spin it to have that angle. The sports betting industry just continues to grow, and that includes new betting options popping up all of the time. The same game parlay is one of those new options, and this can be a very profitable bet to make.

The same game parlay involves combining a number of bets from the same game into one large bet. The bet gets harder to win with each bet that is added, but the potential payout goes up as well.

There are some tips that can help you get better at creating the same game parlay, and these tips should help you win some additional money. 

Determine the Final Outcome

You are going to be blown away with all of the betting options available to you with a same game parlay, and the urge is to start looking at those options right away. This is actually the wrong way to approach this type of bet, because you won’t have a good place to start.

Even if you don’t intend to make a bet on the spread, moneyline, or total, you at least need to make a prediction on how that game is going to play out. You entire same game parlay should be based on that prediction and it will actually help you choose the legs that should be added. 

It’s not a bad idea to throw in at least one of the bets mentioned above, as you can usually get pretty good value on those wagers. 

Look at Team Props

Most people simply scroll by the team props when making a same game parlay, because they believe that player props are the most valuable. While there is plenty of value with player props, you can also get some good betting options when look at team props.

These team props should align with what your overall prediction for the game is going to be, and you have to be looking for value. You don’t just want to add a bet because you believe it is a sure thing as it might end up costing you in the end. 

2-3 Player Props

One of the biggest reasons that people tend to lose when betting same game parlays is the fact that they always try to make the bet too large. This is the same thing that happens when putting together a traditional parlay as bettors love to see how big of a payout they can generate.

It’s hard to predict how each player is going to do in a certain game, and you need to limit yourself to just 2-3 player prop options. Just like with team props, you should be looking for value in these props as well, instead of just looking for “easy” wins.

Another good tip is to include at least one player prop from each team in your same game parlay. Again, you should have a good idea of how a game will play out based on your predictions, and make sure the player props align with that thought. 

Do Your Research

If you are going to create a winning same game parlay then you are going to have to do plenty of research. This is true when betting on sports in general, but there is more to account for with a same game parlay.

Watching the games does not count as research either, even though that can be a good way to start out. If you aren’t doing research before making a same game parlay then you are simply donating to the sportsbook. 

Fade the Public

Another important general tip to remember when betting on sports is to fade the public most of the time. It’s easy to follow an “expert” and believe that they say, but that person is no bigger of an expert than the next person

This can be especially true when looking to make a same game parlay, because most of the experts are only going to focus on the big names. Dig deep when putting together your bet and make sure that you find the most value. 

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